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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

See you again, my friend

Well, I still remember the 1st time we met in Japan.

3 and half years ago...

It was in my "old lab", next to my recent lab now.

You walked into the lab suddenly, while I was doing my work.

"Yong is it?" You asked. The gentle smile.

"Yap. Ah~ you must be the new Malaysian student." I said.

We shook hands. The friendship started.

So, we finally met, after heard from my lab people you came to look for me for a few times.


Now, it has turned into the final time we met in Japan.

3 and a half days ago...

It was in my "new lab", next to my previous lab.

You walked into the lab suddenly again, while I was rushing my work.

"Nah~" You handed me a piece of paper, with Eddie's number on it. Still with the gentle smile, but with a stroke of tiredness on it.

"Ah~" I took it. "Getting ready?" I asked.

We only talked for a very short while. You were busy packing and saying farewell to a lot of people. I was very hectic in last minute rushing for dateline work.

Once again, we shook hand. Though I promised would eat dinner with you the night before you back to Malaysia for good, I didn't make it.

Sorry Patrick, I was overnight in my lab rushing for my work, forgot to even give you a call.

However, the friendship, will always remain...

So, you finally went home.

I see you come, I see you go.

Bless you all the best in chasing your new dream.

You can do it. I know.

See you in Malaysia... Chia me makan yah~ Tee hee hee.


At 8:25 PM, Blogger Wilson said...

aw~~so touching :```

At 6:29 AM, Blogger Patrick Leong said...

thanks. all the best in your presentation. good luck.

At 10:48 PM, Blogger Primrose said...

I hope to see Patrick soon too. :)

At 10:45 PM, Blogger Lrong said...

Porgib me if I am wrong, yah... this almost reads like a heart-tearing, eye-ripping farewell of two lovers who are parting ways against their will... no?

Only kidding... only kidding...

Am sure you two will 're-meet' again for that unrealized dinner... how romantic... waaaahhh...

I recall your story about Patrick's oyasan(?) in the shop, asking something like,

'okusan desu ka'?

IIIIEEEEEAAAA... chigai masu!

Ijo desu...

At 4:17 AM, Blogger fish fish said...

wilson : Terima kasih. ^_^

patrick leong : Arigatou!! Really need the luck.

primrose : I wanna hear it about the meeting later. ^_^

lrong : Haaa...面白かった!想像力がこんなに強いだ!!でも、残念だが、貴方の考えた通りじゃない。:P 単純な男と女の友情だけで。でも、もちろん今度是非Patrickと食事する。以上です。^_^


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