I eat so much until people call me Dr. Fish Fish.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I wanna KISS him!!

It is 1st day of 2nd month of 2006 today. Time is passing fast. I only have another 2 months in Japan. It is time for me to start doing countdown for going home, while rushing to finish my undone work within these short 2 months. Headache.

However, there is one really good medicine to cure my tense... This boy, who I've been loving so much. His pictures cure my stressed soul. Somehow, my anxiety kinda being relieved everytime I look at them.

I can't help but to kiss those pictures sometimes. Hehe...

Hohoho... today fish fish is being very generous to share him with you all. Here are 5 of the selected.

"Hi, everybody. ^_^ Do you still remember me? The little monkey. I am now 14 month-old. Everyday is great for me as I am learning new things."

*When I said bye bye to him last time, he couldn't even sit yet. Now, he is the eldest brother.

"I am starting to walk without holding anything. I like my Gong Gong* teaching me new words. All I have to do is point to the things, and he will tell me what are the name of those things."

*Gong Gong means grandfather in Hakka.

"There is only one thing that I will never point to. MONKEY! I don't know why, but somehow monkey reminds me of something very familiar. Can you please tell me why?"

*Heeee... everytime I see this expression of him, reminds me of my Kakak so much. The 2 of them look so alike with this expression. ;)

"Usually, I try to give sweet smile to my Gong Gong, Po Po, Ba Ba, Ma Ma and Gu Gu when I am hungry. I think I am a kuishinbo like my 2nd Gu Gu. That's why you see I am growing real fast. "

*My sister-in-law has been teaching him to recognize me in the pictures hanging on the wall. Heeee... he is really good in remembering things. Can't wait for him to recognize the real me. ^_^

"Finally, I want to wish everyone of you a very Happy Dog Year. Hope to see you again next year. I will bring my Mei Mei along next time. She is growing as fast as me."

"Tata~ everybody. ^_^ Chu~~~"

*This is my favorite picture of him. So sweet. Argh~ I wish I can KISS him deep deep now. *iish*

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Mos Burger vs McDonald's

So, what did fish fish do on 1st day of Chinese New Year?

:P You wouldn't believe it, but I did it.

I ate 2 prosperity burgers as my Chinese New Year meal!!! 1st time in my life.

Yes, I started to eat fast food burger after didn't touch any of them for 12 years. Geee... that means I stop eating burger from earlier dog year (12 years ago) until this year dog year. Whoops!!

Now, you all might be wondering, why do I have to choose burgers for a Chinese New Year?

Blame it on Huai Bin and Dr. Chen. One had a prosperity beef burger in Penang and another had a prosperity lamb burger in KLIA. Both reminded me for how long I didn't touch this thing that is called "Burger".

Hehe... doesn't matter if it really gonna bring me a prosperous year... I went for 2 "prosperity burger". Yes, TWO!! One for lunch, one for dinner. -_-"""

Here is my review. See... fish fish also know how to eat hamburger. :P

The 1st one I had was in Mos Burger, a chained Japanese Fast Food restaurant that started in 1972. It was interesting to read its history, realising that in year 2000, it already has more than 1500 stores in Japan.

The motto of this Mos Burger is "Making People Happy Through Food".

Mos Burger is well-known in Japan as the most expensive western fast food. It is also well-known as the most delicious among its rivals.

Hehe... I sound so silly while making my order, but managed to get what I want. Well you see, I've no idea with those creative name, so I have to ask which burger is what meat. I decided to order a more conventional Spicy Mos Cheese Burger instead of a rice burger which I planned to have earlier. Well, I wanna know what is the common taste of Mos Burger, so I thought normal hamburger would be a better 1st debut for me.

I paid 680yen for a Spicy Mos Cheese Burger set with a cup of minestrone and a pack of fried potato and onion ring. If you only order the burger alone, it would cost 360yen. So, I decided to go for a more value set choice.

The minestrone was good. Tasted nice. Very healthy. I love it. It was only 50kcal.

But the onipote (fried potato and onion ring) was nothing to brat about. Two onion rings and thick potato fries. It was so so. 195kcal.

After waited for 10 min, finally my Spicy Mos Cheese Burger was brought to my desk. Man~~~ it was tall. Hehe...

With generous portion of ingredients. Top and bottom were embryo bud added buns. In between them there were 8 layers of ingredients. From top till bottom : A thick slice of tomato, meat sauce, onion, Jalapeno, mayonnaise, cheese, hamburger patty, mustard. 440kcal with this single consumption. *gulp*

It was a good presentation. Kinda arousing your appetite with that high stack of combination.

I had to press it shorter in order to put into my mouth.


After my 1st bite. See how thick the patty was?

It was very soft, beef taste. Not bad in taste, but somehow I don't know why, I don't enjoy a hamburger as much as I did when I was a growing teenager.

Until this point, I still haven't make up my mind that it was a good burger. Still, I love the spicy sauce. It was good. Also, the buns, was another thing to give good credit. You could tell it is a good bun when you munched on it.

Well, definitely tasted very different from Kobe Beef. Hehe... (Hmm... I wonder how would a Kobe Beef Burger would taste like? :P )

So, I decided to do a comparison with another burger later that day.

I went to McDonald's. The service was good too.

Paid 100yen only and already got a Cheese Burger.

This was what I got, in less than 1 min.

The presentation and outlook was definitely incompatible with what I had at lunch.

This, was my after 1st bite look.

The buns was disappointing. The patty was tasteless and very thin.

Yes, in Japan, what you pay would mean what you get.

It is counted as price wise with the 100yen. However, in term of taste, I don't think I enjoyed it at all. I was forcing myself to finish the whole thing.

This, made me realised the one in Mos Burger was indeed a good one.

Well, I decided will try more from Mos Burger menu next time.

I've made up my mind on this one... Takumi Judan Burger (Pro 10 layers burger). Man~ it is gonna be 1000yen for one. And it's only offering 30 portions per day in each Mos Burger that has this menu. 730kcal for each portion!! But who knows it is gonna be really good. So, I think it will worth my try. Wait for my review then. ;)

It seemed like I had too much meat on that day. I had terrible diarrhea again that night. *iish*

I have to cure my stomach by munching this big portion of yacon.

Mmm~~~ yacon is really good. Texture like a watercress and sweetness like a pear. Ah~ only thinking about it now making me salivating. I'm craving for it now. I think I am falling in love with it. ^_^

Thursday, January 26, 2006

新春愉快!! ^_^


汪! 汪! 汪!


旺! 旺! 旺!


p/s: I can't make it for CNY this year at my home sweet home. But I promise myself I will have a really good one next year. Yosh!!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Eat me? But you might kiao kiao wor~

Until this evening, I was busy rushing for my thesis in proper binding. I did the 3 books by myself, was really happy when everything have done yesterday late night.

Submitted it in the noon just now. Now, I have to wait for it to be returned to me, before I send it for a nice binding, which is damn expensive. *gulp*

Hooooooooohhhhh.... *big sigh*

Ok, next, time to write a paper. Hope to finish it by this Friday. :P People say no good to let unfinish thing leave till a "new year".

Yah~ I remember it is gonna be Chinese New Year very soon. Really envy those who back home busy for the celebration while I'm alone here. *sob sob*

Miss mum's cooking a lot... She always cook like 16-18 dishes in CNY Eve. My super mummy. *gulp*

Ok, today, what "meat" shall I introduce?

What else would be a better one as this?

Anyone guess the correct answer from my title for today? ;)

Tralala~~~ Fugu Sashimi.

Yap, fugu... or what you all are more familiar with the word "Blowfish".

The very poisonous yet expensive fish in Japan.

It was my first time trying it, owing to the curiosity of another kuishinbo. Heeee... BAD influence. Geee... luckily I didn't die kiao kiao after that. *Choiii!! Da Ji Li Shi*

Hmmm... I've heard about it from many people, about the taste and texture...

But to try it by my ownself... I must say I was kinda disappointed.

Imagine like chewing a piece of flexible thick plastic. Something like chewing a piece of chewing gum, only that it was not sticky.

Tasteless. It was plain. I tried to tell myself it was sweet, but I couldn't lie to my own palate.

Then, there was a family came in to eat Fugu as well. Another kuishinbo urged me to ask them if the real Fugu tasted like this.

Ah~~~ *try to hide away my red face* *Eh hem!!* *Deep breath*

"Er~ excuse me. I'm sorry to disturb your meal now. But I got a weird question to ask." Tried to show my smile as sweet as possible.

"Of course. What would you like to know?" The lovely young mother sat next to me asked with her gentle voice, though she was surprised by my sudden interruption. Her husband also looked at me.

-_-""" ...

"This is our 1st time having Fugu. Is Fugu normally taste like this?" Mission done.

"Yes. This is the normal Fugu taste." She replied.

"Thank you so much."

Another kuishinbo was satisfied with the answer, while fish fish still recovering from over anxious asking such a question. Hehe...

It was a cultivated Fugu. We saw a wild version... was about 5 times the price of cultivated one. A whole wild Fugu price is enough for me to buy a two-way ticket to go home for CNY.

*sigh* Maybe someday, when I can afford it, I might try to kill myself with the wild version. ;)

Till then, I better stick to my tofu. :P

Sunday, January 22, 2006

KOBEBEEF - The Bad and The Good

Kobe beef - I assume most of you have heard of this very famous beef in Japan, but never have tried it before.

Fish Fish too... after staying for the 5th year in Japan, I decided to have my 1st experience of this legendary meat with another kuishinbo.

It was a sunny Sunday. Yuko came to Kyoto in the weekends. The three of us spent half a day in Kobe.

Meet Yuko (ok, Yuen Li, now you see her, ^_^) and the so choosy kuishinbo that I have ever met. Heeee...

We decided to take purikura (a common way of saying Print Club in Japan, what is so called Big Head Sticker in other countries). It was a great memory... tee hee hee...

"Ouch! Ouch!! Painful you know??" He screamed.

"Painful ar~ take off your sunglasses and false teeth then. Yuck!!" Yuko and me yelled back.

"Don't want. I want my cool way like this."

*Ouch! Ouch!! Ouch!!!*

We decided to find a restaurant with Kobe Beef to let the two of them tried. We went to Mosaic, among the 3 shops that offering Kobe Beef steak, the kuishinbo decided to go to the shop that my Kakak went last time, named Kobe Brand Tei. Mainly because the shop has other menu to offer for this fish.

For those of you who are curious what is the definition of Kobe Beef, I have made a short explanation about it here. So, I'm not going to explain much in this post.

However, I could tell you, he made a choice that gave him a great nightmare.

This was what he ordered. 4500yen (about RM 150) for this plate of sirloin steak, 150g. He ordered "rare"... but the meat came in "nicely done". The thickness of this steak was too thin. So, instead of what my Kakak said to me melty soft...

"Urgh! This is terrible..." Was the comment I got from him.

I was shocked, as I remembered Kobe Beef is not supposed to taste like what he sound. So, I decided to have a bit on it... To my great disappointment... the way of making this great piece of meat was a total disaster. The "chef" totally spoilt the whole piece of precious meat.

Even the side vegetable in that hotplate, nothing was right. The carrot tasted like have been long-boiled until tasteless, the green very was flaccid... And the potato, I didn't even have the interest to try it anymore.

I felt like the Kobe Beef was greatly insulted by the person who prepared it.

So, another kuishinbo wanted me to help him to write an after-meal comment... that expressed his (our) great disappointment on the Kobe Beef.

Yuko was ordering the same Kobe Beef too, but she seemed to be ok with the taste. Hehe... she couldn't understand why both of are so unsatisfied with that piece of meat. Especially fish fish anger. Well, a food person like me, FOOD means a lot of thing to me. It was a great gift by nature, and no way we should spoil it with that way.

Especially when I know how much effort and how much "feed" have been invested on this piece of meat. I felt very sorry for that piece of me to ended in such a "pitiful" way. I almost wanted to call the chef and asked him to say sorry to that piece of meat, for destroying it, but I didn't.

We just leave the place quietly with my heart still felt very sorry for that piece of meat.

We had to bid farewell to Yuko, and she need to rush back to Hamamatsu for her next day's working.

Then, another kuishinbo and me came to Sannomiya.

All in sudden I said, "Let's find another Kobe Beef and try, want?"

He looked at me and replied, "Good idea. Now where?"

So, I went to the staff at train station and ask, "I wanna find restaurant with Kobe Beef, do you have any recommendation?"

*What a question* I maybe the 1st person who had ask such a weird question.

Anyway, though the staff was stucked for a moment at first, she eventually managed to give us some useful information.

So, we just walked out the station building... and started to walk without any certain destiny.

Then, one big tacky signboard caught my eyes... Big red signboard writing "Steak Land".

We decided to take the risk despite the signboard made us felt suspicious on it. There was a big man trying to attract more customers into the shop.

So, we asked him if the steak would be thick and nice... *silly question*

Anyway, the guy though trying to attract customers, he is not the one I should ask a question.

He were led to a counter whereby the chefs were preparing the steak in front of their customers.

The two of us decided to get a Special Kobe Beef Tender Loin, 160g for 5250yen (about RM 170).

Then, that big man started to ask, "One only?"

"Yes, one only." I replied.

Then he said, "Ah~ one only cannot thick. One person is thin slice. Only if you order 2 people portion then it can be thick."

Hmmm... what a cunning person. But he is not going to fool fish fish.

So I said, "Nope, I insisted to have a thick one. It doesn't matter if it will looks big, but I want it to be thick." I looked at him and smiled.

Guess I sound stern enough to make him realised what I really wanted. He disappeared into the back kitchen.

Then a nice looking tall and young chef appeared in front of us. He showed us our piece of meat. It looked very nice... the marbled was looking marvellous.

He started to ask me questions about how would I like it to be done. Hehe... I know nothing about beef stuff, I was just translating all the thoughts of another kuishinbo to him.

Then, the chef started to prepare the tenderloin in front of us. Hmmm... love the way he did the preparation. He was the right person now, I know.

Less than 10 min, our beef were ready. He separated it into 2 portion for the 2 of us.

This... was 1/2 portion of the beef we ordered. Just imagine this 5 chuncks of meat costed about RM 85. Look kinda empty huh~

I was very curious with my 1st time... on my Kissing with Kobe Beef.

FIRST KISS... it made me flying high.

It was one of the best beef I have ever tasted.

All my life, I've only tasted beef when I was in Malaysia. So, my image on beef was always something fibrous, hard to chew, and with a very strong bloody smell. Mum always used a lot of herbal and seasoning to prepare beef in order to get rid of the typical beef smell.

But this Kobe Beef... it was something divine. Yes, divine would be the word to explain it. For Kobe beef, only meat of virgin or castrated Tajima cow is used. Therefore, the beef is so tender, I don't even have to chew it many times before it melted into my mouth. The savory taste of the beef was of supreme quality. Only a little bit of salt and pepper would bring out the true savory taste of these chunks.

For the 1st time, I think I like beef.

This was how the cross section of the meat look like. There is not bloody juice came out from the meat. Instead, the marble mixed so well with the meat part, that when the marble was heated, it melted into the meat nicely giving the best blending to both.

It was a dish that I would give big applause and 2 thumbs up. Bravo!!

I saw on menu there was living abalone in the restaurant too. One was for 4000yen (RM 130). I remembered mum said she always wanna try a fresh abalone, not the canned type. So, I decided to give it a pre-try.

Guess what, I insisted the same chaf to prepared it for us. Hehe... he is so cute that looking at him preparing our food was such an entertainment. :P

However, soon, my attention was fully drifted to this whole abalone.

The taste of a fresh abalone was totally different from what I have had in my life.

It was truly a great experience for me.

The only flaw was he added too much salt on it.

Hmm... Steak Land, thank you for the sweet memory, I'll bring my family to have a taste on your Kobe Beef again.

*pray hard* I would see the cute chef again. Hohoho!!! ;)

Friday, January 20, 2006

If ramen... don't forget these too...

In Japan, it is a must to try some heavenly good ramen. There are more than 1000 ramen shops in Japan, some are really good, some can be not worth a try at all.

Even in the TV, you see from time to time the variety programmes would introduce all shots of ramen. You name it, they have it.

It is not uncommon for Japanese, even not with a big stomach, would order one more side dish except that big bowl of ramen. In fact, you will see common set meal of Ramen + Rice. Damn huge portion, I tell you. -_-"""

The most common side dishes would be these two...

Gyoza. Typical dumpling in Japan is fried until the bottom of the dumpling skin are crispy, yet the top part of it maintained a very good chewy texture.

This one was ordered in Ippudo, one of the most famous ramen in Japan. They have branches all around Japan. Original from Hakata, Kyushu.

I've only tried gyoza in Japan a couple times, vegetarian version, before this one. The past two times were just so-so experience for me, especially the skin, not what I was looking for. So, I thought Gyoza in Japan was nothing special. Couldn't understand why a lot of people always crazy on Gyoza so much.

But, this one... totally changed my mind.

I decided to try a meat gyoza for the 1st time in Japan.

The gyoza was only the side of one bite, about 1/2 size of the normal gyoza.

I was sceptical with it. Looking good... but worried that I would get another disappointment.

Finally, one bite into it...

GOSH!!! It was a good cultural shock for me. Not a scent of smelly pork inside. In fact, the filling inside was just a bit... to give a good magic to the whole skin wrapping it. The inner was so juicy, that it blended really smooth with the skin.

Now, the main cast here became that thin yet chewy layer of skin. The bottom was burnt till the degree of just crispy, but not over-burnt. The whole texture is not too oily. With a dip on the ume miso, it was another different new taste o it.

It was really good, I would say.

It was a fun to eat Gyoza with Ramen... I never knew it can be such a good combination.

I'm going back again for it, for sure, with my mum. ^_^ I felt so guilty the only time I brought my mum to a ramen shop, was a big failure. She didn't has good impression on Japan's ramen, till now. It is time I make the correction.

Another popular side dish...

A small bowl of rice with topping like char-siew or mentaiko.

Ippudo is from Kyushu, so I believed the Mentaiko would be good. So, we ordered one just to try.

Ah~~~ this is totally nice. Not the previous so terrible taste of Mentaiko rice that I ordered in another so called famous ramen shop.

There are many way you can eat this bowl of rice...
First, you can scoop a bit of the mentaiko on top just to taste if it is a fresh one. (This was a good one, though not the supreme one that another kuishinbo bought from Kyushu for me. :P)
Then, with the crispy seaweed that was attached with, I wrapped the rice with some mentaiko in it. (Viola, an appetite provoking hand-rolled sushi. Oo la la~~~) Here, the seaweed played the magic.
Now, at this very moment, the spiciness and the unique texture of this uncontered small round Mentaiko started to give you the umph.
So, third, mix everything together to become a half bowl of mixed Mentaiko rice. Have 2 scoops...
Ah wait... it was a bit too dry. What should you do?
Simple, just simply add a few spoons of ramen soup in it, and you have a very yummy bowl of mentaiko "risotto". Ha!!!
To end it... just simply finish the soup till the last drop.

There you are...

A side fun you can have beside the main cast... Ramen.

So, next time when you go to a good Ramen shop, remember to order some side dishes to give colour to your bowl of ramen meal. ;) Don't forget to tell me your experience. I would love to explore new way of eating in a Ramen shop. ^_^

Have a nice weekend everyone.
I'm so hungry now, after a 2-h gym.
Yap, I started my gym again after I stopped for 4 months.
Saw my own stomach today, wanna puke!!! Wuek!!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

I started it again... after 11 years

Don't be surprised with this post. It is a totally new revolution for fish fish.

Those who read regularly will know I was a vegetarian.


Did I use the word "was"?

Yes, you read it right.

After a long 11 years of not feeling want to eat any meat, I started to eat them 2 weeks ago.

Nope, it's not that I am hunger for them.

In fact, it is more of a curiosity that drove me to do it.

For 5 years in Japan, I attended uncounted times of very good feast, with all those divine looking meat. Neither of them ever successfully seduced me.

But lately, when I know my time in Japan is getting shorter and shorter...

When I know some of these foods will never be able to get outside Japan.

Even can be obtained outside Japan, the quality would be somewhat doubtful...

And what if I suddenly just disappear in this world, and realised how much things I've never tried...

I decided to pick up the chopstick and took the challenge.

It was more like a sensory evaluation for me.

Well, I'm glad I did it... at least I can taste it for myself some of the special foods that are driving Japanese crazy, which I've seen many times in real life or on TV.

And making another kuishinbo having his uncountered orgasms on dining tables. :P

So, you will see some non-vegetarians food post from me... from now on. When I think it is very special and worth a try on it.

If you ask me, "fish fish, how do you like the meat?"

"Some are really brilliant. But still, I am much more to a vege person." In fact, I remembered one night I tried to many types of them that I was feeling terrible and almost vomit after that.

It's been such a long time that I started having meat again, that for the 1st day of it, with only 2 pieces of sashimi sized meat, I had a terrible diarrhea.

But it was ok now.

So, most of my time, I'll still stick to my full vegetarian diet. But once a while I'll challenge on something unique.

What have I been trying so much these past 2 weeks...

I'll tell you one by one then.

This is the 1st post... Horse Sashimi.

It is a special food. Only eaten in occasion in Japan. The famous one is from Kumamoto in Kyushu.

I tried two types, in different days.

This one was ordered in a chained izakaya called Watami.
Yes, izakaya is a typical Japanese food place that one must not miss when come to Japan for a visit.

This plate of Horse Sashimi is more of a meat from frequently exercised part, I think it was from the muscle part. It was 480yen per plate.
It looks so red, compare to other type of meat. Should be due to the high hemoglobin content inside?
Then, I tried to bite on it.
CHEWY!!! No matter how many times you chew, the strongly link meat was still able to give you a chewy texture.
The taste I kinda too raw for me.
A very good experience on the texture, but not enjoying so much with the taste.

2nd time trying Horse sashimi, was in a family oriented izakaya.
Curious to know how this version would be different from the earlier one since in the menu, it was written 1000yen per plate.

Sure it was a surprise when this plate of marbled meat presented in front of me.
So, I tried to scoop it up by using chopsticks.
It was so soft then even a slight destruction from the chopsticks made the meat fall apart.
Once put in the mouth, before I realised it, the meat have melted into my throat.
It was like eating BUTTER!!
No bloody taste.
This cold Horse sashimi just melted in my mouth like a M & M chocolate.
This was a very unforgettable experience for me.
I was curious to know the quality of the marble inside...so I put my finger on the meat. The fat in between the red meat started to melt a bit. This is very good quality oil, and the melting point of the meat are low compare to normal meat.

Hmmm... horse sashimi, I know you finally.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Exhausted but happy ^_^


Forget about my almost collaspe mind and body. Forget about the nose-bleeding, itchy dry skin and ongoing electrostatic shock that I keep having in winter.

I've just finished my whole thesis 5 min ago. 2.00am in the morning. Only me and my coursemate in the lab, rushing for finishing our thesis.

It looks so neat and pretty now with the printed version.

Now, I will only need to submit to my sensei tomorrow and let him does the other job for me.

He will need to show this 1st draft of mine to all the professors in our department. Then, he will need to correct my mistake.

Then it will be my turn to correct and submit my thesis and all necessary documents to the faculty administration latest by 25 Jan 2006.

Ok... what will be the next? Hmm... I'll let you all know once 25 Jan is over.

Now is the time for me to go home and sleep. Gosh... I am starving now. Maybe I should have an early morning meal. :P

Tomorrow will still be a busy day for me...

But one thing I do know, I can sleep like a pig starting from tomorrow's evening. ;) I miss my very Xiang Xiang bed.

That is simply one of the greatest news for me now.

Ah~~~ I feel like having deep and warm hugs now. ^_^

Nite nite.

p/s: There will be a bloggers' meeting in Kuching on this 21 Jan. Venue is Hornbill at 7.30pm. Well, I'm spreading the news. If anyone of you in Kuching are interested, please click here for details. ^_^ Enjoy the meeting.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Nose Bleeding

Winter is just soooo bad for me.

Every month, I go through a process every lady must go through.

Guess what? I guess my body got too much blood that it wanted to get rid more of it.

Since last month, I don't know why my left nose will suddenly bleed from time to time. It came out just like a running stream. It was like another type of blooding circle. Almost a constant of 3-5 days once.

I'm holding the blood from dripping on my desk with one hand now while I'm typing this with another hand.

Can anyone please tell me what food should I eat to stop it? Thank you.

Ok... get back to my work. My sensei allow me to pass the 3rd chapter draft to the professors meeting before let him checked. :P So, I have tomorrow and the day after tomorrow to finish my writing.

But tonight, I will have something more important to deal with.

I'll be back with pictures' posts after I finish my final stage of my thesis.

Meanwhile, just be patient with my mumbling here. :P

Friday, January 13, 2006

Just to rest for a while and blabber...

My neck is stiffing like rock now... and my head is spinning...

The side effects of sitting in front of the computer whole day writing thesis paper for days.

I've come to Chapter 3... but I've only finish 1/3 of it. It is very time consuming to flip paper by paper for references, trying to cramp all of them into two short pages that will explain introduce my 3rd chapter in a compact but full of information way.

Not to mention my result and discussion part, where my brain juice will be squeezed out even more. Yuck!

Iish... I doubt any of you are interested to read this boring thing.

Ok, back to some good news for myself. :P

Yuko is coming to Kyoto tomorrow for meeting someone important, who she has been yearned to meet with. Guess what? She will be meeting me too... and sleeping in the same room with me. Wooo la la~~~ ^_^

Hohoho... tomorrow must drag her for a good karaoke session and a good dinner at Izakaya. Slurp~~~

Ooops... mind started to float away from reality again. Yah... I need to submit my thesis on 16th Jan to my prof... I wonder if I will be able to make it. -_-"""

*Get back to my work*

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


I was meeting a friend in train station. Then, we saw this interesting shop, Chowder's.

Guess what? This is actually a soup bar. Yap, the whole shop mainly sells "soup", different type of soups.

It quoted "Soup Bar that came from Seattle". Hmmm... next time must try the original in Seattle then.

I've seen this Soup Bar in TV, but have never tried one before. So, grabbing the chance, each of us decided to try one type of soup. We chose the limited edition. Each medium cup was for 600yen, a bit expensive.

The 1st one was called "Japanese Style Seaweed and Assorted Mushroom Consomme Soup".

For a medium cup, it was only 75kcal. A very healthy choice.

The umami of 4 types mushroom (Shimeji, Eringi, Maitake and Shitake) and different vegetables dissolved into the clear soup nicely. Nice portion of dry rock seaweed was topped on it.

The combination of moutain and sea products in this bowl of soup was indeed brilliant. I like the taste of this version.

The next one we ordered was this cup of creamy soup. More to western style.

It is called "Colourful Root Vegetable Soybean Chowder". A medium bowl like this would give you 198kcal.

The chowder was using soybean and broadbean paste to give a Japanese touch to the soup. There was a generous portion of different root vegetables inside such as carrot, lotus root and burdock.

It was not a bad choice, but somehow I felt the taste was not strong enough. It would be better if they made it slightly more salty.

Well... I like the concept though. Soup Bar... what a nice and sweet name. :)

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Aka Tonbo Spaghetti

Went to lunch with Yuriko few days ago. We decided to try a spaghetti shop called Aka Tonbo (Red Dragonfly). We were attracted by their very creative menu on a single type of pasta.

Each of us ordered a set lunch.

It was attached with a drink, which both of us decided to have this Maccha Float.

It was mild, not too sweet. Which is a good drink to go with creamy pasta to rinse the mouth.

Also, we were give a bowl of Japanese soup and a bowl of salad. Yuriko one was with Japanese style dressing while mine was sesame dressing. Very fresh salad, both of the dressing were good. A healthy choice of the dressing, I would say.

Finally my main order came. It was creamy spaghetti with avocado paste and fresh dice tomato. Well, the look was fantastic, but the taste was alright. The cream was lack the kick that gave me a nice surprise. However, avocado sauce in pasta was something new for me. At least it would inspire me to try to make my own home edition next time.

Yuriko's tsukimi tororo spaghetti.

This, I have to give 2 thumbs up. It was a brilliant combination. Very creative. Imagine the very typical Japanese slimy grated yam matched with the Western style hot spaghetti. When everything mixed to a balance, the air was capture into this spaghetti, making the whole thing was full of fluffy feeling. So, one in the mouth, you actually could feel how the air was trying to release from the whipped tsukimi tororo sauce.

This, definitely will be one of the most interesting spaghetti I've ever tasted. Strongly recommended.

Hoho... I thought I know enough of spaghetti... seem like a food world is just to wide for you to explore all of them.


Osechi (1st Jan)

I spent my New Year Eve and New Year with Yuriko. Thanks to her invitation, I got away from celebrating these 2 days alone. Instead, I spent this precious moment with her whole family.

Thank you so much my dear. This will be one of the nicest New Year I had in Japan.

On the 1st day of New Year in Japan, it is their tradition to eat New Year Feast which they called Osechi.

First, we had a sip of Japanese sake as an opening.

"Kanpai!!" We shouted.

Then, we started to enjoy the food one by one with a pair of New Year chopsticks.

There were 5 huge trays of Osechi laid on the table.

Tray 1...

Tray 2...

and Tray 3.

These 1st 3 trays were ordered from a shop. I counted the number of dishes inside.

More than 40!!!

Yuriko's family also made their own Osechi, which is showed in Tray 4 and Tray 5.

Tray 4.

Tray 5.

Each of this dish has its own meaning.

This was my 1st plate.

I only know meaning of the few foods. Among the 1st choices of mine... some of the meanings are as below.

Black bean - Be faithful
Lotus root - A good future
Yellow chestnut - Gold
Konbu - Happiness

Then this was my 2nd plate.

Can you see the glittering salmon roe in one of the corner? This was one of the best salmon roe I had ever eaten. Instead of the soy sauce taste that always make the roe kinda fishy... this salmon roe was brilliant. There was a hint of alcoholic taste inside. I guess it was soaked in some kind of sake instead of the normal soy sauce. In fact, it was the hit food for the days. Everyone just loved it.

The foods were great!! I had Osechi a few years back, but the one I had were mostly too sweet for me. Only in this New Year I realised eating Osechi can be so entertaining. Especially with a warm family like Yuriko's.

Lastly, but not the least...

A bowl of Zoni. It was another typical New Year food that must be eaten in the 1st day of Japanese New Year. Basically, it is rice cake (mochi) boiled with vegetable soup.

Yuriko's mum insisted each of us must have 2 rice cakes...

"Good things always come in double. So the proper way is to eat 2 mochis. " She explained.

So, fish fish good good ate the whole thing. Yum Yum~~~

I am a lucky girl to have such a good chance for tasting this Osechi.

Arigatou ne~ Une no minasan.


Hoho... I am really eager to let Yuriko to try the Chinese New Year feast now. Hmmm... I wonder when will the chance come.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Are we pretty?

I went to buy something in a departmental store on the 2nd last day of last year.

So many things that are specially for Japanese New Year celebration were on the shelves.

I walked and walked and walked...

Then... suddenly, these beauties caught my eyes... SO MUCH.

I looked at them... again and again...

Finally I decided I want them to be mine.

Yah~ must admit they were a bit to expensive...

But... once in a life time I know I must have them.

So, I felt into the trap...


Tralala!!!! Tell me, how could a glutton like fish fish will be able to resist such a pretty temptation.

They were art pieces.

They were yummilicious.

But they ended up into an incinerator of a fish.

Even when I bite on them... I could feel their beauties melted into my heart.


My 1st post for the year, hope you like it. ;)