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Sunday, January 22, 2006

KOBEBEEF - The Bad and The Good

Kobe beef - I assume most of you have heard of this very famous beef in Japan, but never have tried it before.

Fish Fish too... after staying for the 5th year in Japan, I decided to have my 1st experience of this legendary meat with another kuishinbo.

It was a sunny Sunday. Yuko came to Kyoto in the weekends. The three of us spent half a day in Kobe.

Meet Yuko (ok, Yuen Li, now you see her, ^_^) and the so choosy kuishinbo that I have ever met. Heeee...

We decided to take purikura (a common way of saying Print Club in Japan, what is so called Big Head Sticker in other countries). It was a great memory... tee hee hee...

"Ouch! Ouch!! Painful you know??" He screamed.

"Painful ar~ take off your sunglasses and false teeth then. Yuck!!" Yuko and me yelled back.

"Don't want. I want my cool way like this."

*Ouch! Ouch!! Ouch!!!*

We decided to find a restaurant with Kobe Beef to let the two of them tried. We went to Mosaic, among the 3 shops that offering Kobe Beef steak, the kuishinbo decided to go to the shop that my Kakak went last time, named Kobe Brand Tei. Mainly because the shop has other menu to offer for this fish.

For those of you who are curious what is the definition of Kobe Beef, I have made a short explanation about it here. So, I'm not going to explain much in this post.

However, I could tell you, he made a choice that gave him a great nightmare.

This was what he ordered. 4500yen (about RM 150) for this plate of sirloin steak, 150g. He ordered "rare"... but the meat came in "nicely done". The thickness of this steak was too thin. So, instead of what my Kakak said to me melty soft...

"Urgh! This is terrible..." Was the comment I got from him.

I was shocked, as I remembered Kobe Beef is not supposed to taste like what he sound. So, I decided to have a bit on it... To my great disappointment... the way of making this great piece of meat was a total disaster. The "chef" totally spoilt the whole piece of precious meat.

Even the side vegetable in that hotplate, nothing was right. The carrot tasted like have been long-boiled until tasteless, the green very was flaccid... And the potato, I didn't even have the interest to try it anymore.

I felt like the Kobe Beef was greatly insulted by the person who prepared it.

So, another kuishinbo wanted me to help him to write an after-meal comment... that expressed his (our) great disappointment on the Kobe Beef.

Yuko was ordering the same Kobe Beef too, but she seemed to be ok with the taste. Hehe... she couldn't understand why both of are so unsatisfied with that piece of meat. Especially fish fish anger. Well, a food person like me, FOOD means a lot of thing to me. It was a great gift by nature, and no way we should spoil it with that way.

Especially when I know how much effort and how much "feed" have been invested on this piece of meat. I felt very sorry for that piece of me to ended in such a "pitiful" way. I almost wanted to call the chef and asked him to say sorry to that piece of meat, for destroying it, but I didn't.

We just leave the place quietly with my heart still felt very sorry for that piece of meat.

We had to bid farewell to Yuko, and she need to rush back to Hamamatsu for her next day's working.

Then, another kuishinbo and me came to Sannomiya.

All in sudden I said, "Let's find another Kobe Beef and try, want?"

He looked at me and replied, "Good idea. Now where?"

So, I went to the staff at train station and ask, "I wanna find restaurant with Kobe Beef, do you have any recommendation?"

*What a question* I maybe the 1st person who had ask such a weird question.

Anyway, though the staff was stucked for a moment at first, she eventually managed to give us some useful information.

So, we just walked out the station building... and started to walk without any certain destiny.

Then, one big tacky signboard caught my eyes... Big red signboard writing "Steak Land".

We decided to take the risk despite the signboard made us felt suspicious on it. There was a big man trying to attract more customers into the shop.

So, we asked him if the steak would be thick and nice... *silly question*

Anyway, the guy though trying to attract customers, he is not the one I should ask a question.

He were led to a counter whereby the chefs were preparing the steak in front of their customers.

The two of us decided to get a Special Kobe Beef Tender Loin, 160g for 5250yen (about RM 170).

Then, that big man started to ask, "One only?"

"Yes, one only." I replied.

Then he said, "Ah~ one only cannot thick. One person is thin slice. Only if you order 2 people portion then it can be thick."

Hmmm... what a cunning person. But he is not going to fool fish fish.

So I said, "Nope, I insisted to have a thick one. It doesn't matter if it will looks big, but I want it to be thick." I looked at him and smiled.

Guess I sound stern enough to make him realised what I really wanted. He disappeared into the back kitchen.

Then a nice looking tall and young chef appeared in front of us. He showed us our piece of meat. It looked very nice... the marbled was looking marvellous.

He started to ask me questions about how would I like it to be done. Hehe... I know nothing about beef stuff, I was just translating all the thoughts of another kuishinbo to him.

Then, the chef started to prepare the tenderloin in front of us. Hmmm... love the way he did the preparation. He was the right person now, I know.

Less than 10 min, our beef were ready. He separated it into 2 portion for the 2 of us.

This... was 1/2 portion of the beef we ordered. Just imagine this 5 chuncks of meat costed about RM 85. Look kinda empty huh~

I was very curious with my 1st time... on my Kissing with Kobe Beef.

FIRST KISS... it made me flying high.

It was one of the best beef I have ever tasted.

All my life, I've only tasted beef when I was in Malaysia. So, my image on beef was always something fibrous, hard to chew, and with a very strong bloody smell. Mum always used a lot of herbal and seasoning to prepare beef in order to get rid of the typical beef smell.

But this Kobe Beef... it was something divine. Yes, divine would be the word to explain it. For Kobe beef, only meat of virgin or castrated Tajima cow is used. Therefore, the beef is so tender, I don't even have to chew it many times before it melted into my mouth. The savory taste of the beef was of supreme quality. Only a little bit of salt and pepper would bring out the true savory taste of these chunks.

For the 1st time, I think I like beef.

This was how the cross section of the meat look like. There is not bloody juice came out from the meat. Instead, the marble mixed so well with the meat part, that when the marble was heated, it melted into the meat nicely giving the best blending to both.

It was a dish that I would give big applause and 2 thumbs up. Bravo!!

I saw on menu there was living abalone in the restaurant too. One was for 4000yen (RM 130). I remembered mum said she always wanna try a fresh abalone, not the canned type. So, I decided to give it a pre-try.

Guess what, I insisted the same chaf to prepared it for us. Hehe... he is so cute that looking at him preparing our food was such an entertainment. :P

However, soon, my attention was fully drifted to this whole abalone.

The taste of a fresh abalone was totally different from what I have had in my life.

It was truly a great experience for me.

The only flaw was he added too much salt on it.

Hmm... Steak Land, thank you for the sweet memory, I'll bring my family to have a taste on your Kobe Beef again.

*pray hard* I would see the cute chef again. Hohoho!!! ;)


At 11:32 PM, Blogger domesticgoddess said...

can courier the Kobe beef to me or not? and oh, the abalone... i want one too!!

At 11:38 PM, Blogger MamaBoK said...

i love kobe beef..FF..!! drooling badly now..hahhaha!!

At 6:44 AM, Blogger cooknengr said...

Hey Fish Fish, ouch ouch ouch! Still hurting you girls were brutle.

At 7:38 AM, Blogger Evil Jonny said...

Wow, didn't expect to find beef on fish fish's blog. Surprise surprise!

At 7:28 PM, Blogger Wilson said...

It look really TASTY, Fish Fish can tapao n send to me?

At 10:02 PM, Blogger Julie said...

hoho.. fishfishmoi sik ngiu ah.. hao chiong hao hao sik.. =)~

At 11:42 PM, Blogger Primrose said...

Wow, that's quite expensive for a small portion of meat. Uhmm...I thought you are vegetarian. Fresh abalone eh? Haven't seen one either...Great experience!

At 2:27 AM, Blogger fish fish said...

domesticgoddess : Hehe... it will be no more fresh. Come to eat it in Japan. ;)

mamabok : Have you ever had any when you were in Japan?

cooknengr : *pinch pinch more*

evil jonny : Hehe... hope you find more surprise then. ;)

wilson : Errr...

julie : Nya kuai nyiu nyuk jin hei mm tong. Hao hao sik.

primrose : I "was" a vegetarian until few weeks ago. See my previous post for the answer. ;) Yap, both were great experience for me, very expensive though. Hehe...

At 6:32 PM, Blogger Chen said...

Heheh.. the kobe beef looks bloody :) trying hard to imagine how it tasted like since it can made u flying high :D

woo.. I've never tasted fresh abalone yet..
I want to eat !!!
Only tasted the canned abalone..
the canned abalone not nice one..

At 1:24 AM, Blogger fish fish said...

Chen : Canned and fresh is totally different. But I kinda like canned one too, especially the texture. :P

At 5:29 PM, Blogger Yuen Li said...

Hehehe, thank you, thank you. :) More! More! ;)

At 9:10 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

Yuen Li : Have to wait. ;)


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