I eat so much until people call me Dr. Fish Fish.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I'm ugly but I'm yummy

Correspondence to a fish's post by cooknengr, about an ugly looking fish, I want to defend it.

Its name is Anko in Japanese.

In English, it is known as Anglerfish in a more scientific way, but more known as Monkfish when the fish is used as food.

After read further in wikipedia about this fish, I discovered very interesting points about this unique fish. Below are the quotings from wikipedia.

Predation (Source from here)
Anglerfish are named for their characteristic method of predation, which involves the use of the modified first spine from the first or spinous dorsal fin. This spine (the illicium) protrudes above the fish's eyes, with a fleshy growth (the esca) at the tip of the spine (the netdevil anglerfish has similar growths protruding from its chin as well). This growth can be wiggled so as to resemble a prey animal, and thus to act as bait to lure other predators close enough for the anglerfish to devour them whole. To accomplish this, the anglerfish is able to distend both its jaw and its stomach (its bones are thin and flexible) to enormous size, allowing it to swallow prey up to twice as large as its entire body.
As most anglerfish live mainly in the oceans' aphotic zones, where the water is too deep for sunlight to penetrate, their predation relies on the "lure" being bioluminescent (via bacterial symbiosis). In a related adaptation, anglerfish are dull gray, dark brown or black, and are thus not visible either in their own light or in that of similarly luminescent prey.

Do you remember the animation Finding Nemo?

(Picture source from here)
Do you remember this scary monster fish that almost gulped Nemo?

Scary huh~ It was Monkfish.

Hehe... now you know.

Another interesting fact about this fish is its Reproduction system, an extreme example of sexual dimorphism.

Let me quote this for you (source from here).

Some anglerfish have a unique mating method. Without light, finding a mate is a problem, especially at a time when both individuals are ready to spawn. When scientists first started capturing ceratioid anglerfish, they noticed that all of the specimens were females. These individuals were a few inches in size and almost all of them had what appeared to be parasites attached to them. It turned out that these "parasites" were the males.
When a male anglerfish is hatched, he has extremely well developed olfactory organs that detect scents in the water. He has no digestive system, and is unable to survive alone. His goal in life is to detect the pheromones that the female anglerfish release. When he finds a female, he bites into her flank, and an enzyme digests the skin of his mouth and her body, fusing the pair down to their blood vessels. The male degenerates into nothing more than a pair of gonads that releases sperm when the female releases certain hormones into the bloodstream indicating egg release.

Now tell me, dear male readers, would you like to be one of these male Anglerfish? :P

Enough for the scary side facts.

Althought it is ugly, but in Japan, it is a culinary speciality. A delicacy that is mainly available only in winter.

It was so famous and high in demand that one good anko fish can cost up to US$150.

This is one of the way how you eat anko flesh.

Deep fried anko.

Man~~~ you have to try it to know what I mean by its irresistible sweetness and munchy soft texture. I could feel the good thing of this dish was spreaded throughly in my mouth.

By the way, I had this nice dish in Karaoke shop for only 280yen. (V^o^V)

But the most delicious part of the anko is not its flesh.

It is the liver!!!

While in europe, anko liver is thrown away in some countries...

...in Japan, a piece of anko liver alone, can cost US$100. *phew!!*

The most common way of eating anko liver is nabe (hot pot) stlye. But I didn't had that yet.

Instead, I tried an anko liver (ankimo) sushi.

Now, this is what I call a true delicacy.

The creamy and rich taste of this ankimo, easily make a first timer addicted to it.

Ah~ but then, winter is over soon.

Meaning Anko season will be over soon.

How fast.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Gelatine soup

Geee... 2 months of 2006 has past. How fast!

Have I told you before anything that promote with the word "anti-aging" and "beautifying" is seductive thing for ladies in Japan?

One of this type of product that get the boom last year was this... GELATINE.

Gelatine is a type of protein that mainly abstract from animal skin and bone, particularly from bovine. It is said to anti-aging and has the beautifying effect. There was even a study in TV that proved a one-week gelatine consumption managed to increase the skin moisture level in ladies significantly.

In Japan, gelatine is widely used to make dessert such as jelly, bavarois etc.

But then, some business minded folks decided to make gelatine to be eaten in a more direct way.

The created gelatine cubes. So, how to eat this gelatine cube?

How about a small cup of gelatine in chicken soup (about 100cc) for 80 yen.

It was actually gelatine cube that melted in chicken soup.

So, you want gelatine?

Come, have this one.

You will have more than enough gelatine for a day.

The taste? Errr.... plain.

But well, we do know healthy food is always not as yummy.

Gosh... whether it is true or not, I rather believe my skin is getting younger that day. Blow-can-break skin. ;)

Tee hee hee...

Sunday, February 26, 2006


Regardless a really heavy rain in Kyoto yesterday, I decided to go downtown to get rid of my low mood. Glad I did that. I have fixed my mind not to attend the class. If they really wanna stop my license, then be it. Just that I felt guilty and sorry for my mum and aunt as I will have to cancel the fun programme that I promised to give them through a car trip.

*sigh* Have to rearrange the schedule again, for days. Oh well... will try to get a good new schedule for them then. Just hope they will have a great time to enjoy as much as they can then. That's my main aim now. Really sorry mum.

Went to buy a few cute Trane model trains. Gosh, guys... you gonna love these little trains if you are into this kind of thing. Even a know-nothing fish fish also tend to like them more and more. ;)

I found another good restaurant to bring my mum to try.

HANAKAREN. Went to its main restaurant in Kyoto.

I ordered a Karen course, which is changed every month.

Luckily it was around 3.00pm, so I was allowed to enter the shop with no problem. It is strongly advise to book for the place before going, to avoid a full house situation.

I was served a small glass of aperitif. It was a fruit wine.

Then, 6 types of seasonal creative sushi.

Seafood tart sushi, rolled Taraba crab and asparagus sushi, golden fish cake, salmon marinate, beef sushi and corn tofu.

Some had very interesting combination. I like all of them except the beef sushi. The corn tofu gave me a good surprise, it was tofu, but I could feel a good nice taste of corn sweetness once I melted it in the mouth.

The next dish was Fried Sushi, a famous dish in this shop. In February, it is squid and green vege sushi. Something new for me. It was my 1st time trying a fried sushi. The outer crispy coating gave a very good texture contrast to the cold yet firm sushi inside it.

A western-style Chawan Mushi. The adding of milk on top of the chawan mushi was something interesting. Gave a stronger rich taste to the Japanese style steam egg. Inside the steam egg, scallop and young corn were used. Another interesting combination inside a steam egg. Definitely a new steam egg experience for me.

Fine art sushi.

See the pretty little blomming white plum flower? It was made by using squid sashimi. Beautiful to look at, fun to play with (you put the soy sauce by using the wooden spoon)... and the most important, good taste and great texture to indulge with.

A dish that gave a great pleasure to my 5 senses.

This is another interesting dish, by using a concept called HNJ. Hybrid Novel Japone.

Yes, a dish that infused French elements into a Japanese dish.

A combination of scallop with sweet mash potato decorated with coconut and Balsamic sauce.

The dish looked delicious. However, I was not quite satisfied with the broccoli and asparagus. It was a little overcook, made it somewhat soggy.

The sweet potato was a little bit too sweet as well. I would prefer it to be lighter taste.

So basically, this dish was not as good as it looked.

Suimono. Nothing to complement. Just normal plain taste. A good dish to wash down all the complicated taste of a food before continuing on.

Finally, came to the Buffet part of this Karen course.

Yap, you hear me right. This is a good course with one of the menu is for "eating as much as you want".

It is called Furumai Sushi.

Basically, you have around 40 types of sushi for you to order as much as you want from a list of Edo Sushi and Creative Sushi.

The only rule is, each time you could only order maximum 4 sushi. However, as many rounds as you like.

As you can see from the above picture, I made my first order Uni (sea urchin), Hotate (scallop), Hamachi (yellowtail) and Tai (sea bream) (left to right).

Gosh!!!! This was GREAT!!!

I had least expectation on the sushi at first, as I thought since it is Buffet, then the quality will be most likely so so.

How wrong my assumption was.

The uni was the best after the one I had in Hokkaido. All the uni in Kyoto that I have tasted gave me disappointment. This uni was totally a good shock for me. It melted inside my mouth so smoothly without a single fishy taste. So rich, so creamy, so orgasmic...

The hotate was so fresh. I don't have to chew it. It melted inside my mouth the moment I put it in my mouth.

Ok, Lance, I remembered you recommended me to try a Hamachi. Now I see what you meant. This one was great. It has a very nice savoury taste, not like other white flesh sashimi which can be quite plain sometimes.

The Tai. Mmmmm... was can I say? I love it so much. Definitely one of the best tai I had.

Man~ the 1st 4 choices of mine was a great one. It proved to me the high quality of sushi offer in this restaurant.

My 2nd plate. Not a too good choices.

From left to right :

Karei, a kind of flatfish. I don't like it, both the taste and texture. It has a bittertaste. The texture somewhat remind me of a raw octopus.

Zuwaigani. It was ok. I guess Japanese crab is just not my cup of tea. Cooked Japanese crab meat only have the sweetness of the flesh, but didn't give me the pleasure of the good aroma I was looking for. I prefer the river crab from Sarawak, my mum's homecook crab. Tee hee heee... Gonna be my first order once I got home. Oolala~

Salt ikura. Hmmm... not good. The only good ikura that I have tasted was in Yuriko's house. The taste of ikura just too fishy for fish fish, including this one.

Kanimiso (miso of a crab). My 1st time trying it. DON'T LIKE. The most fishy choice for the meal. Ah well, as least I know now what a kanimiso taste like.

To this point, I had to rest my tongue a bit before I continued. I break my normal rule, I ordered a glass of Ume wine. :P This ume wine was ok, not as soothing as I had expected.

My 3rd plate, I decided to go for Creative sushi themed "Aburi", meaning lightly grilled.

It has 4 types of sushi inside.

Clockwise :

Ika (squid). This was fabulous. A quick grill brought out the umami taste of this sushi. The chewy texture was fantastic.

Hamachi. Did I say I love raw hamachi just now? Tell you one more thing, I love grilled Hamachi even more. Gosh... this was sooo good. It gave a rich feel to the Hamachi due to the melted fat of this fish by the heat. Yet, it still maintain the soft texture and umami of this fish. Geee... even writing it now making me salivating.

Prawn. This was good too. Sweet, a little chewy texture and the accentuation of the prawn good taste by its own miso was something brilliant.

Tai. Ar~ another great one. The tai became sweeter by a slight heat.

My conclusion is, I love Aburi sushi the most. The grilling process tends to condense the good thing of seafood, makes it even more appealing in look and appetizing in taste.

My next choice was still Creeative sushi.

Themed Tofu.

Right to left :

Grilled tofu was crispy outside and soft inside with a slight bitterness.

Yuba sushi was ok. Not too much to say.

Tofu and sashimi combination was the best among these 4. Both have different taste and different texture, yet gave a very good harmony to each other.

Tamago tofu. Oh well, I think eating this egg tofu alone will be better for me.

I had enough of the Creative Sushi. I decided to switch back to Edo Sushi for my 5th plate.

I went for Kanpachi, Kajikimaguro, Unagi (eel) and Uni (again!).

I didn't like the kanpachi and kajikimaguro. The unagi was good, but the one nearby my house is better. Once again, my oh-so-in-love uni.

The last plate of my buffet sushi, I decided to have something of my favorite.

Tai (again!), tamago, uni and uni (AGAIN!!! TWO even!!) :P

Man~ I had more than 30 sushi in one meal. Hehe... REALLY BIG APPETITE. Gosh, even now looking at the amount, I wonder how did I managed to finish them all. *salute to myself*

I guess I didn't name myself as Kuishinbo for no reason huh~

Oh... forget to say one more thing.

I ended my almost 2 hrs "lunch + dinner" with this nice little pumkin ice cream. Yum yum~~~

All the food I had eaten, not counting the Ume wine, I only paid for 2830yen. REALLY WORTH IT!!!

I'll go again, with the woman I love the most. ;)


Friday, February 24, 2006

Mood no good

It's a sunny Saturday.

But not sunny with my mood.

Postman sent a registered letter to me today.

Seem like the stoopid speeding case still not ended yet.

I've done all the procedures according to the rule. Be as cooperative with them as possible. I thought everything was over 2 weeks ago.

But now they sent another letter saying that I need to attend a 7h class in a car driving's school and have to pay 19000yen for it. If not, my license will be cancelled.

Why don't they call it a ROBBERY action much easier???


STOOOOOOOPID!!!! What kind of stooooopid rule is that?

How many times must they punish a person for only doing the speeding mistake once.

I'll wait till the day I get my license back and ask them clearly. Go to the place alone 2 times will waste how many hours time of mine? DO THEY KNOW???

I don't want to pay for the stupid class.


I want to talk to someone, but didn't have the chance to talk to.

Grrrrr... from the beginning till the end, I deal with all this shit by myself. Try to persuade myself to be as cool as possible. But this letter has really boosted my anger.

Feel like biting those stoooopid people ears off.

Wanna know how my mood is like now???

Like after tasting this yuckiest grilled chicken skin.


Luckily I still can spill my rant here.

STOOOOOOOOPID!!!!!!! *wish I can say this face to face to those nutties*

Now you know why I don't wanna work in Japan? I might get crazy in the end with their STOOOOOPID procedures.

*Pardon my rude act today*


Karaage, one of the most common dish in Japan. Almost every party you will see karaage is served.

So, what is Karaage?

It simply means deep-fried meat.

The most common is this... Chicken karaage.

Usually, meat of thigh part is used.

The freshly fried crunchy outer layer gave a very good contrast to the juicy and soft inner part.

One of the greatest dish to Kanpai with your drinking companions while biting these heavenly yummy chunks.

So, beside Chicken karaage, I found out in my food adventures that there are another 2 great Karaage.

The Octopus karaage. Highly recommended.

I tasted octopus sashimi, and I don't like it.

So, I gave a try on the Octopus karaage to see if it gonna change my concept of it.

My comment is : THE MUST TRY!!!

Gosh~ the texture, the fragrance, the taste...

No complain.

It was fried until golden crispy on the outer layer, yet giving one a great pleasure it munching the chewy yet breakable inner part of it.

Even thinking about it now making me salivating. I must say the seafood in Japan is great because of this dish.

The next one.

Can you figure out what are these little creatures?

Tralala~~~ Baby crabs karaage.

The crab species for this is Zuwaigani.

When I ordered it, I didn't think they will be this small.

So, I had my warm plain water on my left hand, and this Crab karaage on my right hand.

One by one I chunked down this crispy and full of calsium dish.

The whole thing was so crunchy, until some of the shell was slitted in between my teeth.

Argh~ the work to get those shell off my teeth, how troublesome.

But then, it was still a very good experience for me.

;) So tell me, which Karaage would you like to try? ^_^

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Buri no Kama Yaki

Everytime I went to the sushi shop nearby my house, I discovered another new delicacy.

One of them, if THIS.

Grilled collarbone of yellowtail.

Absolutely nothing extra except a light sprinkle of salt to enhance the umami of this dish.

GOSH!!! I never know grilled fish collar bone can be this addictive.

The flesh around the freshly grilled collarbone, could still one's heart away easily.

Soft, sweet, melty...

Especially the part that nearest to the collar bone.

No wonder there is a saying that the wise gulps the collarbone part of a fish first (Hehe, mum always telling me this).

Geeee... I am craving for one now.

Starving. Time to go home for dinner.


Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Hokkaido Kattedon


Today is a very special date... February 22, 222. Nice figure.

22 always have a very special meaning for me. ^_^ I like.

I even decided to put the date and time all into 222222. *Pening*

Ok, back to my food adventures that I had in Hokkaido last year September, I did eat quite a few unique things that one wouldn't find in other part of Japan.

One of them, I found it in Kushiro city, in Washo Market.

They named it Kattedon.

What is a Kattedon?

In simple description, it will be Own Way Rice.

The whole Washo market has many stalls that selling different type of fresh sea product that caught from the local sea.

For making a Kattedon, there are 3 steps.

1st step, buy a rice (S, M or L) from the rice counter.

2nd step, go to the above seafood stall to choose the fresh seafood that you would like as topping. Each is about 100g and the price is depent on the varieties.

I chose 2 types of little orange egg.

Final step, mix everything together and start enjoy your own original meal. ;)

I was very sceptical with the shell-attached eggs at first.

However, the stall people promise me it would be heavenly good, when I said I wanna them to recommend some egg for me.

Hmmm... after their good persuasion on me, I decided to dig 350yen for these 2 types of egg.

GOSH!!! How glad I was to try on it. Or else, I would sure miss a great thing in my life.

If you ever tried tobikko, or ebikko, or shishamoko... etc... you know, the little orange egg that gave you the unique explosive texture on your every bite on them...

If you tell me you do enjoy those little orange egg...

Then, listen to me... Nothing beat these 2 orange egg that I was having that day. I ranked them as the top of all little orange egg.

The umami of the egg, the unique texture... with its absolutely undoubted fresh from the sea quality...

I was having wave by wave of high tide attacking me with each bite on them. My imagination was like this - I had my 2 legs on the 2 creatures that bringing me sailing across the fierce sea, without fearing it at all...

Who are these 2 creatures? The mothers of the little orange egg that I mentioned above.

May I introduce you...

Mama Tarabagani...

... and Mama Kegani.

Geeee... the power of Mama. NO DOUBT.


Imsonia :(

It took me a few hours to really go into my sleep last night.

The cause was a small cup of green tea ole that I consumed after lunch.

I know I couldn't take red tea after noon, I know I couldn't drink even a single sip of coffee...

... as both will lead me to serious stage of alertness.

But I thought green tea was ok.

How wrong was I.

I turned up to sleep after 3.30am, after struggling with my very concious mind.

Guess what? My neighbour...

Never as noisy as this morning, in as early as 8.00am!!!

Having their metal frame cut by an electrical machine. I almost got heart attack the moment the noise suddenly started.

GOSH!!! It really drove me crazy.

The consequent is...



I need 9h sleep tonight. Seriously.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Oh yeah~ Real grills!

It is such a quiet day in my lab. Though it is a normal Monday, most of the people were out for some factory visiting. Left another 2 students, a secretary and me.

Outside is so gloom, rainy day today.

So, I decided to take a longer time to have my lunch. I went to downtown for my food exploration.

Indeed, it was a fun day for me.

The 1st thing I am going to introduce to you with my new experience on food is this...


I was walking along Nishiki Ichiba (very historical market in Kyoto) last week with friends, when we saw in front of this shop, named Daiyasu have a long queue waiting for the eating counter to start its business.

Later then we realized people were waiting to eat seafood here.

It caught my eyes when I saw the signboard was quoting grilled oyster 1 for 150yen. Gosh~~~ now this was really temptating.

So, today, taking the chance of a rainy normal weekday, I tried it for the 1st time.

Woohoo~~~ really excited to see a grilled oyster (yaki kaki) on its shell for the 1st time in front of me. It was for me!!

I took this picture in less than 10 seconds, and quickly slurped the whole thing into my mouth.

Oh my gosh! This oyster is absolutely fat milky juicy yummy. Now I could understand why my friend strongly recommended me to try grilled oyster (especially in winter) when they know I started to become an omnivor.

Due to the very good taste of the grilled oyster, I decided to order one of my very favorite shell, grilled scallop (500yen).

Woohoo!! Totally excited to see another whole scallop that was nicely grilled presented on its shell.

A guy next to me were ordering same thing as me, the only different was he had 3 oysters instead of 1.

*gulp* He was very very fast in gulping the whole thing. Just when I satrted to munch first chunk of my scallop, he almost finished his.

Now... I thought I have tried good and fresh scallop before this, today's scallop broke my concept.

A fresh scallop that just break from its shell is an orgasmic food.

Not a single smell of raw taste from sea.

The scallop was grilled to a perfect hardness. The texture was munchy yet still remain the inner juicy part and addictive umami of the scallop.

Ah~ no wonder even though it has been running its business for 75 years, it still remain its popularity.

Gosh... I couldn't believe it I just discovered it today.

Oh well, late better than never knowing it.


Sunday, February 19, 2006

Maiko Fish Fish ^_^


Fish Fish went to do something fun with a few girls in my lab.

We wanted to have some great memory before a few of us leaving our lab for good.

Kyoto... where else if not this place for us to become one of those in the Memoirs of a Geisha? We chose Maika in Gion.

Yes, you are right, all of us turned into white face monsters one by one by those witches.

Argh~~~ it was a GREAT EXPERIENCE.

We really glad decided to do it together.

Thank you very much girls.

It will be one of my sweet memory in Kyoto forever. ;)

Ok, here you are, fish fish's 1st real debut in my blog. :P

Tralala~~~ I'm inside!!

You have 1/7 possibility to guess correct which one is me among the seven fake Maiko. One clue, the ugliest is me. Hehe...

Oops... no more mysterious fish.

Oh, by the way, I decide to off the comment. I wouldn't give any correct answer as well.

So, those of you that know me, please zip your mouth ok. Jangan kakacaucau ar~~~ Muak!

^_^ Time for me to go home.


Friday, February 17, 2006

Shoo! Shoo! Go away mold luck

As I mentioned before, I was fined because of speeding.

It happened in Hokkaido, where my speed was caught 99km/h on a wide and straight road that with speed limit 60km/h. It didn't write any speed limit there, so I thought it was 80km/h for the limit with that kind of road. How wrong I was. But at least now I know any road without writing any speed limit means 60km/h is the max.

*FLASH* *Urgh~ my eyes painful*

Yes, my "pretty" face was captured perfectly by the high tech camera.

So, the consequent?

6 points were deducted, driving license was stopped for one month, and a fine with maximum fine up to 100,000yen (well, didn't pay the maximum, but near to that).

Now, please tell me, do you think the fine was too heavy?

Few days earlier before the fine, the letter of stopping my license came. I woke up at 5.30am, just to be in time to submit my license in a very deserted place at 9.00am.

Then, few days later, another letter came and ordered me to go to pay my compound. However, the way the letter sound, made me nervous. It sound like I have done another speeding, which I totally couldn't remember. Maybe my soul somehow jump out of me and did the crime.

Luckily, the next day when I was meeting Yuriko, after letting her read the letter, and after she consulted her mother through phone, our conclusion was it should be the same case. *wipe cold sweat* Thank you so much dear Yuriko, your assistance really calmed fish fish a lot with a good sleep. I am glad to have such a friend beside me when I really need the help.

So, on Valentine's, with 1 h of train and 1.5km of walking distance, I reached another deserted place with a big signboard...

Mukomachi Summary Court.

A plain building that gave me pressure before I was entering it.

It took me 1.5 h to finally settle everything.

Tee hee hee... it was fun to talk to the officer. I'll tell about the story in other day.

It was fun to see the faces of people who are having the same case like mind. Most of them was fined as heavily as mine. There was one guy that was fine 180,000yen. Know what he did? He pull out a thick stack of money, all 1000yen, and tell the officer it is 100,000yen. Hehe... the officer have to do the counting one by one.

I could feel grey cloud and lighting kept splashing heads of people sitting around me.

Duh~ cheer up mar~ What have happened have happened, treat it as a very good lesson lor. I didn't want my wrinkle increase because of this. Though I cried a lot when I just knew about the fine. But I am sure I grew up more this time.

Just hope that this "small money" out will bring "big money" for me later in my life. But because of this "small money", I have to cancel my plan of going home for CNY and also to get a new camera. Sob sob...

Anyway, it was over. *Ok, Lance, now you know the whole story.*

So my advise it... NEVER EVER TRY TO AGAINST ROAD REGULATIONS IN JAPAN. It is super heavy for the consequent.

The good thing are... I have policemen and officers kept calling to my phone. How good. I was phone dating with them.

After the case, and by the time I got back to the city, it was 3.40pm. Gosh~~~ I was really dying hungry.

I decided to eat a good meal to sweep away this mold luck.

I chose Katsukura.

A shop specialized in Fried Pork Chop Rice (called Tonkatsu Donburi).

My first time to try it, after hearing many good reviews about it from friends.

First, I walked along a long and narrow alley.

Then, it led me to a nice Kyoto style main entrance.

I decided to order a Supreme Pork Fillet Steak 80g (left, 1260yen) and a Yuba Croquette (right, 320yen). The cabbage was a free flow, you can call for a refill after you finish it.

From the above picture, it might look nothing different from other Tonkatsu dish, but it is the ingredients that are used in this shop that made it a worth trying place.

First, the pork is from a supreme Sangenbuta, which means a crossbred pig from 3 different species of Japanese pig.

Then, the coating bread crumb that baked under an oven.

Also, a special blended oil that used for frying.

It was a fun thing with the sauce.

First, they gave you a bowl of whole sesame. All you have to do is to grind it with the wooden stick until the coarseness you prefer.

Then, add in special Tonkatsu sauce that home-made by this shop.

Inside this sauce, it has a lot of red wine and apples.

Geee... the glittering sauce is making me to crave for another one now. (For your information, I still haven't eat my lunch when I am typing this.)

I tried the plain fillet. It was very good. There was not a slight pork smell that spoil the meal. Indeed, I didn't even feel like I was eating a pork that time.

Then, I tried a light dip with the sauce, it gave different taste to the fillet. The coating was juicy yet still able to maintain the crunchiness with this slight dipping. The pork texture was soft and not oily at all.

I couldn't help but to keep eating it with the healthy wheat rice.

If you are a person who likes thing with a lot of sauce, this piece of fully dipped meat is supposed to make you salivating now. ;)

The meal came with free flow of wheat rice and red miso soup. Yes, you can eat as much as you want for these 2 things.

I was very impressed by the miso soup particularly, that I actually had 3 bowls of it. :P It has a very unique taste inside, which only I could recall after thinking for a while.

I was very sure it must be this hidden taste that made the miso soup so special.

So, I called the staff and asked her,

"Hmmm... the miso soup is very special. I like it. What did you put inside?"

"This is the red miso." She was telling me.

That was not the answer I wanted.

So, I reasked...

"There is something different about this red miso from common red miso. I could feel Japanese pepper was added inside."

Boohoo!! You should see how surprised she was.

"Miss!! You are very right. We do add in some Japanese pepper inside the soup."

Ah~ now the mistery was solved.

In fact, I was proud of myself that moment. Hehe... fish fish, not wasting you many years in studying food science. Anybody wanna hire me for a sensory evaluation?? :P :P :P

This was a great meal for me. The layout, the service and the food. I have to give 2 thumbs up for it. I'll definitely list this one as my mum's coming food adventure as well. ;)

I strongly believed my mold luck was totally swept into the drain after having this wonderful meal. *HOPEFULLY*

Ciao everyone. Time for me to eat and to do gym.


Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Dating with Yuriko (Feb 11)

I was having a date with my girlfriend, Yuriko last Sunday.

Someone always quote fish fish as Lai Chuang Zhu. Hmmm!!! Wait till you see Yuriko.

We decided to spend our time in Kyobahsi, Osaka. I've used this place uncountered time as transfering station for train, but never really spend time to walk around the place. So did Yuriko.

The 2 girls, with empty stomach, search from one restaurant to another just for a lunch. I think we spent 45 min to make our (ehhem, should be fish fish) final decision. We turned up in a chicken specialty restaurant.

Yuriko was confused whether to choose a chicken burger or a karaage (Japanese style fried chicken). She decided to go for the later.

While fish fish...

...had a Unagi Don.

-_-""" Why was I ordering a Unagi in a chicken shop? I also couldn't answer. In fact, when my order came, I looked at Yuriko and asked her, "Dear, why am I not ordering a chicken?"

"Why?" she asked back.

I shrugged.

We stared at each other and laughed.

Silly fish.

Anyway, the lunch was ok. Nothing to brat about. Unagi nearby my house tasted much better.

After the main meal, time for feeding our little stomach. Yap, dessert time!!!

Yuriko is a BIG FAN of Crepe. So, nothing better than getting one crepe to share among the two. It was a good crepe. Hehe... somehow everytime my date with Yuriko, there would definitely a crepe as an interval. ;) In fact, I only eat crepe when I am with her.

We were full. We need to burn our energy. So we went together for karaoke for the 1st time. It has been more than 3 years she didn't step into a karaoke room. We sang for 2 hours.

Great time!!

Then, purikura time. The two girls were acting cute in front of the automatic print club machine. Hehe...

Before we realised, dawn came. Soon, the whole street became dark.

That is when Kyobashi starting to get alive. Interesting!!! So many Pachinko shops and eating places around this area at night.

Ah~ now I understand why my sensei was telling me Kyobashi is a night town. It really is. Guys who like to act as a Japanese ojisan, should really experience this place. Eat and drink till you drop, Sha Pao Niao, then Ding Ding Dong Dong go home. Tee hee hee...

Me no eyes see.

Anyway, Yuriko and I decided to have our dinner together as well. We went into a yakiniku (grill meat) shop.

I had a Hot-Pepper coupon with me, so after looking around at a few yakiniku shops, we decided to try the one that I have the coupon, Gyudaiou.

We were the 1st customer for that day. It was 7.00pm already, yet the shop was so empty. We were very sceptical with empty place, but somehow we decided to give it a try.

It was my first time on a yakiniku shop in Japan. Kinda excited.

I ordered a glass of fresh grapefruit juice. Very refreshing. Love the way I could mix the ruby grapfruit by myself into the white one. It was fun!!

Yuriko's oolong tea, as recommended by the staff. He said the oolong tea portion is better.

Gee... didn't expect it to be this generous. HUGE!!

Then assorted namuru were served.

And the Chinese cabbage kimchi.

I'm not so keen on the taste of the namuru, but the kimchi was good, though I prefer it too be more spicy and sour.

This is Yukke Pibinba. A dish recommended by Yuriko. Actually she wanna me to try Yukke (raw beef that is marinated with some kind of spicy sauce), but she is kinda worry pure Yukke would make me stomach ache.

How thoughtful.

This one was good too, but the spiciness just too mild for me. Urgh~

The main thing for the night.

Thick cow's tongue. Each tounge is about 1cm thick. 5 of this small pieces cost 1200yen. Too bad, it was not a Japanese beef.

I've never had any cow's tongue in my whole life. It was totally a new eating experience for me.

Cow's tongue is Yuriko's top favorite for meat. She told me she can eat cow's tongue non-stop. With her very expertised skill, she started to grill the tongue for me, while I was busy taking pictures. :P

First, I tried a medium cook, decided didn't like the too raw taste.

Then, I tried a well-done cow tongue.

This was GREAT!!! I love the texture. Chewy yet crunchy. Errr... don't really know how should I describe it. It was definitely very different from eating other parts of cow.

Yes, I think I know why yuriko like a cow's tongue. I would definitely wanna try it again, this time I will make sure I get a Japanese cow's tongue. ;)

We also had a plate of meat mixture plate, for 1500yen, with different parts of beef, pork and chicken was served.

The dripping oil to the charcoal made "Cha Cha Cha" sound non-stop. It was a fun time to pick one by one slowly into our mouth while we enjoyed Kanpai to each other.

Girls' talk in this kind of environment was a new experience, yet fun.

We ended our order for the day with scallop.

This was the least favorite dish of the night.

Ah well~

Overall, the food was ok. The service was warm. We had 15% discount form the coupon as we consumed more than 500yen.

I love my first experience on the cow's tongue. I found another thing to let my mum and aunt try when they come. ^_^

Thank you Yuriko. It was indeed a very pleasurable day with you. Muak!!