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Monday, February 20, 2006

Oh yeah~ Real grills!

It is such a quiet day in my lab. Though it is a normal Monday, most of the people were out for some factory visiting. Left another 2 students, a secretary and me.

Outside is so gloom, rainy day today.

So, I decided to take a longer time to have my lunch. I went to downtown for my food exploration.

Indeed, it was a fun day for me.

The 1st thing I am going to introduce to you with my new experience on food is this...


I was walking along Nishiki Ichiba (very historical market in Kyoto) last week with friends, when we saw in front of this shop, named Daiyasu have a long queue waiting for the eating counter to start its business.

Later then we realized people were waiting to eat seafood here.

It caught my eyes when I saw the signboard was quoting grilled oyster 1 for 150yen. Gosh~~~ now this was really temptating.

So, today, taking the chance of a rainy normal weekday, I tried it for the 1st time.

Woohoo~~~ really excited to see a grilled oyster (yaki kaki) on its shell for the 1st time in front of me. It was for me!!

I took this picture in less than 10 seconds, and quickly slurped the whole thing into my mouth.

Oh my gosh! This oyster is absolutely fat milky juicy yummy. Now I could understand why my friend strongly recommended me to try grilled oyster (especially in winter) when they know I started to become an omnivor.

Due to the very good taste of the grilled oyster, I decided to order one of my very favorite shell, grilled scallop (500yen).

Woohoo!! Totally excited to see another whole scallop that was nicely grilled presented on its shell.

A guy next to me were ordering same thing as me, the only different was he had 3 oysters instead of 1.

*gulp* He was very very fast in gulping the whole thing. Just when I satrted to munch first chunk of my scallop, he almost finished his.

Now... I thought I have tried good and fresh scallop before this, today's scallop broke my concept.

A fresh scallop that just break from its shell is an orgasmic food.

Not a single smell of raw taste from sea.

The scallop was grilled to a perfect hardness. The texture was munchy yet still remain the inner juicy part and addictive umami of the scallop.

Ah~ no wonder even though it has been running its business for 75 years, it still remain its popularity.

Gosh... I couldn't believe it I just discovered it today.

Oh well, late better than never knowing it.



At 12:49 AM, Blogger MamaBoK said...

Wow..!! FF,
those look really yummy..!! i would love to try some.. :)

At 1:15 AM, Blogger Kristopher said...

Scallop come in such a big shell....WOW!!! i tot scallop shell is small small one... :)

At 4:47 AM, Blogger Chen said...

wah.. u r now more like carnivor then omnivor :P kekkeke...

never tried grilled oyster before.. I have only eaten raw oyster + lime juice :) Love the taste but can't eat too many :D

At 4:50 AM, Blogger Chen said...

Aiks, cannot comment on the next post.

I can recognise u, but don't worry..
I will definitely keep my mouth shut ;)
Those who want to know the answer have to personally meet Fish Fish face to face loh :D

At 9:51 AM, Blogger Cynthia said...

OMG! I am a big fan of seafood.. =) so tempting!

At 9:23 PM, Blogger cooknengr said...

Hey Fish Fish, people don't brag about eating oyster as it elevates estrgen level, nanti 慾火攻心, 不可自拔, see the電車痴漢 also 猛送秋波 then 鑄成大錯,遺憾一世...later 出家為尼.非禮勿視,非禮勿嗅,非禮勿食,非禮勿博格. 四非.. 罪也....eating oyster 罪過!罪過! :)

At 12:21 AM, Blogger fish fish said...

mamabok : The scallop is strongly recommended.

kristopher : Yap yap. I was shocked the 1st time when I saw how big a scallop shell in TV few years ago. LOL

chen : Omnivor lar~ Just that I omit all my vegetables consumption post lately mar~ I think I am really falling in love greatly with fruit tomato. Awesome!! Btw, thanks for the cooperation. Hehe.

cynthia : Australia has a lot of good seafood right? You can try to buy a fresh one and do one yourself. Kian will love it. :P

cooknengr : Hmmm... now you made me wonder was my imsonia was because of the tea or the oyster. -_-"""


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