I eat so much until people call me Dr. Fish Fish.

Friday, March 31, 2006

Be home real soon...

I'm in Changi Airport now. Will board on my flight in another 20 mins.

Stomach was gruuuuuling just now. Bought 2 Siow Bee and 1 chinken pau to eat. Siow Bee were good, but the chicken bun yark. At least I am not hungry now. Can't wait to taste home sweet food.

Mum and aunt nearly couldn't get any fight back to Malaysia due to stupid mistake by MAS. I ended up boarded my flight 5 min before the gate was closed. *wipe cold sweat* I took Singapore Airlines for the 1st time. SPLENDID!!! I love the food and services. Man~~~ making me feel like I am having a business class.

Geee... I am in an air-con building, but I am sweating now. Gosh~~~

Ok, need to go. See you all in Kuching. ;)


p/s; Comments replying later

Thursday, March 30, 2006

My final night

Oops... it has eventually reached the final night for me in Kyoto.

Amazingly, there was a heavy snow tonight, in the end of March. Hmmm... maybe Kyoto feels lonely with my leaving. :P It was the 1st time mum and aunt see snow. You should see how excited they are. Hehe... I guessed I was like them when I 1st saw the snow, but now the excitement gone.

By the way, I managed to taste the most expensive burger in my life, called Judan.

Tralala~~~~ 1000yen for one. About RM32. Geeee...

It was splendid. Huai Bin, YOU MUST TRY, you fast food lover. Hehe...

I have a great difficulty trying to gulp the 10 layers at one go. Mum, aunt and me shared one, just to taste how it was, we went to have a heavy dinner in Watami after that, ordered 10 dishes.


I know I am going to miss food in Japan deeply when I leave this place tomorrow.

Know where I am now? In the internet cafe again. I wasted 30 min just to entertain the 2 empresses for their curiosity. But in the end, nothing gained. I guessed I am just too amateur to figure how the things work. So, I just dumped the comic version for them instead to let them enjoy their time while I can have my own time to do blogging.

Muahaha... *I know, I am a bad daughter and niece* No no no... it should be, be prepared if you have a very curious mum. It is scary the things they insist you to do for them.

Man~~~ their requirement really causing me non-stop blushing in front of the 2 cute counter guys. Grrrrrr... feel like digging a hole to hide inside. *wipe cold sweat*

But then, at least they are enjoying their time now.

Ok... time for me to end here. Try to appreciate more of my last night here, be more sentimental.

;) Nite nite.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Sa Ku Ra is coming to town...

Another busy day for me. Went to one of the three best castles in Japan today. The Himeji Castle. We used Seishun 18 ticket. :P

The place is a very famous place with beautiful sakura as well. Too bad, the sakura blooming were kinda late this year.

However, there were few of them showed some sign of spring is really very near the corner.

Ah~~~ isn't it lovely?

Very soon, the whole Kansai area will be full of sakura.

They are coming to the town very soon...

While I'll be leaving the town very soon...

Our shoulder will pass each other in the wind.

Mentioning wind...

Hmmm... it was very cold today.

According to QY, she told me tomorrow is gonna be even colder.

Geram, why the wind has to be so cold when I was trying to remember more of the warm things about Japan.

Mum had her 1st fresh abalone and 1st Kobe beef. ;) She liked it.

Hohoho... she gave me a really lovely watch as my graduation present.

Thanks mum. I love it. But I love you more. ^_^

Ok, have to stop now. Till then.


p/s: I am blogging from an multi-purpose cafe. Even has free drinks and so many comics to read. Too bad, I don't have the time for those comic. Let see tomorrow if I'll be able to read some.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Nurbani Questionnaire



This research is a prerequisite as part of a final year project to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Human Development from Faculty of Human Ecology, University Putra Malaysia. Information provided is solely for the purpose of research and will remain private and confidential. Kindly please answer all the questions provided. Please email the researcher at estebel9@yahoo.com for any enquiries. Your co-operation and honesty is very much appreciated.
Kajian ini adalah merupakan syarat wajib untuk mendapatkan Bacelor Sains Pembangunan Manusia daripada Fakulti Ekologi Manusia, Universiti Putra Malaysia. Segala maklumat yang diberi hanya untuk tujuan kajian semata-mata dan merupakan hak persendirian serta bersifat rahsia. Sila jawab semua soalan yang telah disediakan. Sila hubungi pengkaji di alamat emel estebel9@yahoo.com untuk sebarang pertanyaan. Kerjasama dan kejujuran anda adalah sangat dihargai.


1. Age / Umur : (years/tahun)
2. Sex / Jantina :
3. Race / Bangsa :
4. Education level / Pendidikan tertinggi :
5. Occupation / Pekerjaan :
6. Monthly income / Gaji sebulan : RM
7. Marital status / Status perkahwinan :
*(Please tick ( / ) for your answer / Sila tandakan ( / ) bagi jawapan anda)
Single / Bujang

Married / Berkahwin

Widower / Janda

Widower/ Duda

Please record the appropriate answer for each item, depending on whether you strongly agree, agree, disagree or strongly disagree with it.
Sila jawab setiap soalan samada anda sangat setuju, setuju, tidak setuju atau sangat tidak setuju.
1 = Strongly agree/ Sangat setuju
2 = Agree / Setuju
3 = Disagree / Tidak setuju
4 = Strongly disagree / Sangat tidak setuju

1. On the whole, I am satisfied with myself.
Saya berasa puashati terhadap diri saya secara keseluruhan.
Answer / Jawapan =

2. At times I think I am no good at all.
Saya berasa diri saya tidak baik pada masa-masa tertentu.
Answer / Jawapan =

3. I feel that I have a number of good qualities.
Saya rasa saya mempunyai banyak ciri-ciri kualiti yang baik.
Answer / Jawapan =
4. I am able to do things as well as most other people.
Saya boleh melakukan perkara-perkara sebaik yang dilakukan oleh orang lain.
Answer / Jawapan =

5. I feel I do not have much to be proud of.
Saya rasa saya tidak mempunyai banyak perkara untuk dibanggakan.
Answer / Jawapan =

6. I certainly feel useless at times.
Saya berasa tidak berguna pada masa-masa tertentu.
Answer / Jawapan =

7. I feel that I am a person of worth.
Saya merasakan diri saya berharga.
Answer / Jawapan =

8. I wish I could have more respect for myself.
Saya berharap bahawa saya lebih menghormati diri saya sendiri.
Answer / Jawapan =

9. All in all, I am inclined to think that I am a failure.
Saya cenderung untuk memikirkan bahawa saya adalah seorang yang gagal.
Answer / Jawapan =

10. I take positive attitude toward myself.
Saya bersikap positif terhadap diri saya sendiri.
Answer / Jawapan =

Please record the appropriate answer for each item, depending on whether you feel often, sometimes, rarely or never.
Sila jawab soalan samada anda rasa selalu, kadang-kadang, jarang-jarang atau tidak pernah.

1 = Often / Selalu
2 = Sometimes / Kadang-kadang
3 = Rarely / Jarang-jarang
4 = Never / Tidak pernah

1. How often do you feel unhappy doing so many things alone?
Berapa kerap anda berasa tidak gembira melakukan sesuatu secara bersendirian?
Answer / Jawapan =

2. How often do you feel you have nobody to talk to?
Berapa kerap anda berasa tiada orang untuk bercakap dengan anda?
Answer / Jawapan =

3. How often do you feel you cannot tolerate being so alone?
Berapa kerap anda berasa sukar untuk bertoleransi dengan orang lain?
Answer / Jawapan =

4. How often do you feel as if nobody really understands you?
Berapa kerap anda merasakan bahawa tiada orang yang memahami diri anda?
Answer / Jawapan =

5. How often do you find yourself waiting for people to call or write?
Berapa kerap anda merasakan bahawa anda sentiasa menunggu orang lain untuk menghubungi anda?
Answer / Jawapan =

6. How often do you feel completely alone?
Berapa kerap anda merasakan diri anda keseorangan?
Answer / Jawapan =

7. How often do you feel you are unable to reach out and communicate with those around you?
Berapa kerap anda merasakan bahawa anda sukar untuk berkomunikasi dengan orang sekeliling anda?
Answer / Jawapan =

8. How often do you feel starved for company?
Berapa kerap anda merasakan bahawa anda sangat memerlukan teman?
Answer / Jawapan =

9. How often do you feel it is difficult for you to make friends?
Berapa kerap anda menghadapai masalah sukar untuk mencari teman?
Answer / Jawapan =

10. How often do you feel shut out and excluded by others?
Berapa kerap anda terasa tersisih daripada orang lain?
Answer / Jawapan =

In this part, you can answer the question using your own words.
Anda boleh memberi jawapan anda yang tersendiri bagi soalan di bawah.

What is your motives of weblogging?
Apakah tujuan anda mencipta blog?

Thank you for your willingness to cooperate in doing this research.
Terima kasih di atas kesudian anda untuk bekerjasama dalam kajian ini.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Head Big Big -_-"""

Moving from house to house is troublesome.

Moving from state to state is sickening.

Moving from country to country is the worst.

Unluckily, I experienced all three of them. I am going through the worst stage of moving now, from country to country.

I regret not putting up my sayonara sales much earlier.
I regret not sending off my luggage much earlier.
I regret not transfering all my important files from school computer to my computer much earlier.

Ok... whatever I say now, I know it is too late for me to regret.

So, now I need to deal with all these things and settle them all by tomorrow noon. Hmmm... I think I will have to give away my nice and pretty fridge for free tomorrow. :(

Geee... luckily I still have my mum and aunt to pack my things. Without them, I think I will go nuts. The only thing is, I think some time I am being too wagamama with them. NO GOOD!! Sorry mum. Sorry aunt. I know they do the thing meaning good for me, but it just drive me crazy sometimes. I think I am used to living alone for too long already.

Hmmm... time to switch back to an environment with a lot of people staying with me. I wonder which one is better?

My close girlfriend just flew to US for 2 weeks holiday today.

She said, "Fish Fish, staying with parents for longer time gonna make me crazy. How am I going to survive..."

Hmmm... I wish I can tell her the answer.

But I guess I myself is full of uncertainty now.

Changing will keep making your heart bumping hard.

Ah well... that's life.

By the way, pardon my irregular blogging.

Maybe tomorrow, I'll have more time.

Let see then...

There are too many things to blog.

I need to blog about a good place on sushi for a silent reader of mine. She is coming to Japan for travelling in April.

Well dear, hope I managed to show you the best sushi I had end of this month. Will try my best to be in time.

Iish... the old computer is extremely sloowwwwww today. *urgh*


Friday, March 24, 2006

Bye Bye my student's life (March 23 2006)

Yesterday, I was officially graduated as a STUDENT.

Man~~~ after all these years, I finally bid farewell to my identity as a student on 23 March 2006.

It was a memoriable day for me.

The ceremony was very simple. It was quite a cultural shock for my aunt. Hehe... she never expected the graduation ceremony can be this simple.

A total 500++ of us managed to graduate this year.



At least, I was proud of myself yesterday. :P

Tee hee hee... see the huge certificate?

Yap, it is in Japanese. I got two version, the English version is smaller in size. It is only foreigner students can have such priority. ^_^

Most of them were wearing black suit, mine was a lighter colour Hakama. This was making me very "noticeable" in the whole hall. :P Nice hakama or not?

Geee... I never know my hair could make into such nice style. Nice or not?

Hoho... mum comment was, "Oh, you are not bad looking when you dress up."

-_-""" I guess I was too messy in usual time.

Time to finish my packing up to move house. *wipe cold sweat*

Geee... I guess I am asking too many "Nice or not?" today.


p/s: I bid farewell to Yuriko tonight. Making my heart very heavy to say bye bye to this very close girlfriend of mine. Dear, we shall see each other again soon. I'll be waiting. ;)

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Ichigo Gari

Tomorrow is my big day, yet I am not feeling well now. I think I caught a cold. Was cycling fast under rain to school today without an umbrella as I gave it to my mum and aunt. They are exploring Nagoya by their own today, 1st time taking Shinkansen without me beside them. Tee heee heee... will be a great challenge for these 2 lovely ladies.

Ah~ I need to take medicine tonight, or else tomorrow will be a tough day for me to get through.

Well, in my lab clearing up my desk and my work now. Very tired. The lactate kept accumulating in my body.

Now try to take a short break from my work. Time for blogging. Geee... it has been 3 days since my last blog.

This is the typical green house you can see in Japan.

We visited this place on last Saturday. A rainy late noon.

Inside the green house, you can see many green plant like this. Only one type of green plant...

Any of you are familiar with this plant from the above picture?

It has very pretty white flower.

But once it bears the fruits, those lovely juicy fruit will capture most of the greedy pigs' hearts like fish fish. :P

Yes, I am talking about a whole green house with yummilicious strawberry (ichigo).

Man~ once entered inside, we started to salivate by looking at these red and big ichigo.

Tell me, would you able to resist such a temptation in front of you?

My mum and aunt, with Yuko and Yakkun were so busy in eating non-stop.

It was a strawberry buffet, ate as much as we could in 30 min. However, due to rainy day, and we were the only one out of 2 groups of visitors at that moment, they don't mind we stayed longer than that. Lucky~~~

Each of us paid 1300yen.

I was very busy taking photos in the beginning, fearing that once they started to gulp those pretty, big and juicy ones, no more drooling ones will be left for my little lover.

Haha!! I was right. Luckily I fed my lover in the beginning first.

Geee... did I ate less due to that?

Of course not... I was a tortoise racing with those rabbits...

They might be very fast in the beginning, but I was the durable one. ;)

Don't believe me?

See the 3 bags above...

It was the leftover eaten by me (left), Yakkun (middle) and Yuko (right).

Ha!!! Tell me who ate the most from the leftover? :P

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Sidare Ume

My tongue is very painful now, since 2 days ago. I had a blister on my tongue and it burst. I couldn't even talk properly. My pronunciation are out of the proper intonation. -_-"""

Regardless the physical pain I am having now, I was enjoying the time with my mum and aunt.

The only thing is, I need to pack up really fast to send back my stuff. I think I am having conflict when I try to pack the thing my way, and mum with her mind that she has been doing packing for more than 20 years, being a pro, she tends to pull out my things and repack again.

Urgh~~~ it is really driving me crazy. That's why I am escaping out from room for a breath now.


Meanwhile, let me show you how beautiful a weeping plum can be.

Tralala~~~ have you ever seen such an artistic ume?

Look at the way it weeps.

Such a beauty, isn't it?

A closer look of this red weeping plum. I never realised it existance until yesterday. Thanks Yuko, for bringing me to this beautiful garden. Man~~~ 5 years here, I only know it today. Ah well~~~ late better than never know. ;)

The pink color is not as outstanding as the red, but it has its own beauty. If the red plum is a wild sexy widow, I would say pink plum is a maiden dancing gracefully in the wind.

Of course, the pure white. So white, so pure. Balancing out the other 2 colourful plum in the garden. Like a little innocent cute girl.

I tried to look at these ume trees from different angle.

Gosh! They are natural art. The way the branches grow and the way the flower decorating the tree.

Ah~ how I wish I can move one of them back to Malaysia.

But, all I can do is to leave my footprint there and bring my pictures away.

^_^ Lovely sidare ume... you will always be in my mind.

Away from Tokyo...


I am away from Tokyo now. In another city, Yuko's hometown. ^_^

Yap, it was a sudden decision 2 days ago. Decided to come to Hamamatsu as Yuko said she will bring us to look around.

Geeee... I was touched.

Then, this morning, she mailed me, telling me her parents will join us for dinner tonight.

I was shocked, but very grateful. Really touched.

We went to eat okinawan dish.

Man~~~ I miss it. The dinner was great.

You know... chickens talking to ducks, yet they are able to understand each other slowly. It was really fun to see the "question marks" and "ah!! I understand" expression.

Of course, I become their translator once a while.

Ha!!! Yuko said she gonna make fried chicken for my mum to try. The daddy beside her was looking her with astonishment. Tee hee hee... he couldn't believe his little sweetie actually dare to make such a promise.

So cute!!

Oh... we gonna go to pick and eat strawberry in a farm tomorrow.

Phew!!!! My 1st time.

Can't wait till then.

Tata... everyone. ^_^

p/s: I couldn't believe my mum and aunt actually spent more than 5 hours in Akihabara today. o_O You should see all the things she bought. :P

pps : I am blogging for the 1st time with my wireless internet in this not too big but nice hotel in Hamamatsu. Wow!!! It is FUN!!! ^_~

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Mama fish and the big fish :P

Slept after 1.30am this morning. Woke up at 4.00am. Took a train at 5.00am and reached a huge busy place at 5.30am.

Geee... what did we do today?

May fish fish presnt you the nicest thing to do for the day...

Tra la la~~~

Bring mama fish to meet many many big fish.

See? The biggest fish of the day that we found.
Such a huge tuna.
I think it can even swallow the whole mama fish.

Tee hee hee...

You must go to Tsukiji fish market when you in Tokyo.

It is a good place to see interesting fish selling scene. ;)

Details later.

Nite nite. Head painful, need to check some info before I have a good sleep. My body is calling for help already.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Yippie!!! I get it!!!


I was very happy today.

I never felt as successful in getting something as today.

My hands are well-known as quite stooopid when concerning with getting something through luck.

Ask me to buy a 4D, you will never get the number to win any money.

Ask me to draw a lucky draw, the only empty draw will be always drawn by me.

Ask me to scratch 10 pieces of prize coupon, 10 of them will fail.

Until to a degree that I strongly believe I have no fate with lucky prizes or easy money.

However, today...

I changed my luck.

See this doll machine?

The elephant inside is so cute.

Attracted me.

I couldn't help but wanna get one for myself.

But I've never touched any of this machine, as I was afraid to fail to many times, that will destroy my confidence.

Today, I broke my rule and tried. 1st attempt, I tried, but the whole thing didn't even move and everything ended.

I saw a couple was playing there do. I grabbed the cute boy and asked him how should I control those buttons.

2nd attempt, I inserted another 200 yen. This time, I even prepared for 3rd, even 4th attempt.


The cute boy was a great teacher.

Oh wait, should be fish fish is a smart student. Tee hee hee...

I couldn't believe I got it!!!

Tra la la~~~ see how cute this doll, with the empress and auntie??? Don't you ladies out just love to have one too? Yes, girls are never too old to appreciate these things. Heeee... agree? :P

Man!! 400yen earned me this amazing doll.


I was jumping happily the moment I got it.

I am going to hug it tight tight and warm it with my body.


Oh, by the way, the cute guy... I think I was his lucky girl too. :P He failed many times in getting the doll. Guess what? He got it with 1 try only after my turn. ^_^

Double happy. You should see how happy his girlfriend was. She kissed the doll the moment he gave it to her.

Geee... I do think guys that are smart with this type of machine are attractive. :P

Ok, got to take bath and tata liao.

Tomorrow need to bring the empress to fish market very very early in the morning.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

14.5 h

Came back from Tokyo Disneyland just now. 14.5 h non-stop activities in the park. 1 hr earlier reached the place. Total 16 h in the area.

Finished almost every attraction except we didn't step into cartoon town at all. Time not enough.

My legs were painful, very very painful. Not only because of walking too much, but also the so cold and dry weather today, that crack the skin on my upper legs again. It looks really ugly now. Just imagine your skin got cold-burning.

Not a good feeling at all.

But am happy to see mum and aunt were enjoying themselves. I think I need to take a good rest tomorrow. Both my brain and body, before I can bring them to continue the journey safe and smooth.

Time to take bath and I NEED SLEEP, very seriously. Tata~

Sunday, March 12, 2006

My lover ;)

^_^ I am in Tokyo now, with my mum and aunt in hotel's room. We just checked in after having a very full yet reasonable price buffet in the hotel's restaurant. Hoho... aunty was so shocked seeing the amount of food I can eat. Hehe... dear aunt, I don't call Kuishinbo for no reason. :P

While letting my mum having a nap after meal now, I am taking the time to do some updating on my blog. ;) Geee... luckily I bring the LAN cable for internet. They prepared one in my room. Yippie!! Can blog without problem for these few days. Though I am not sure how much time and energy I'll left after a long day out.

Today we just take thing slow. Later will bring them to Sunshine City to see Namja Town. I was there couple years ago with Wai Wai. It was fun. Nice memory. ^_^

Oh... the hotel I am staying now is GREAT!! Just 2 min from Ikebukuro station. Very convenient, and the room is spacious.

Ok, will update my trip when I have more energy. Now very sleepy. Meanwhile, as requested by some of you, here is my lover's look. ;)


Olympus SP-700. BLUE!!! I just love the blue. Just exactly the type of design that I like.

Well, I guess the biggest feature that Olympus tried to promote is its 3inch TFT LCD. Indeed, it is very easy to see. Even my mum has no problem in looking at the picture. I still need to take longer time before I get used to all the function. Have been using camedia for many years, need time to get used to a new lover. Oh, I'm still bringing my old lover too. He is old, but he is still precious for me. :)

The camera is thinner than my mobile phone. Still, not too thin until it is difficult to be controlled. It just fit my hand nicely.

See? Tee hee hee... My lover and my hand.


Now I need to get an extra battery and a new tripod for it.

Tomorrow we will go to Disneyland. ^_^ Can't wait to hear what interesting view my aunt gonna give. This is her 1st time away from Malaysia, and most of the thing is Japan are very new to her. It is interesting to notice how something that I have treated as very normal in Japan, are something very extraordinary to her as compared to Sibu.

Till then. Tata.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

5 minutes blogging

^_^ I just finish my final lab work in Japan few minutes ago. Should have done it much much earlier, but I was attacked by lazy bugs, what to do?

Been busy with my lab work yesterday and today.

Hehe... why am I suddenly so hardworking at last minute? Well, mum is coming tomorrow. That's the reason.

When the empress is here, it will be very difficult for me to do my lab work.

At least I have the data I want now, the analysis can delay until later.

Meanwhile, I need to rush home now to clean my room. Gotta throw away the old clothes that I really want before the empress is here.

Or else, she will sure go and pick them back half of them, and scold me for being so wasting.

Argh~ scary. Imaging if I have to bring them back to Malaysia again. No way!!

Ok, proper blogging later.

Woohoo... I am so eager to see my empress now, the woman I love the most.

Tomorrow morning... soon.

Friday, March 10, 2006

A photo taken with my lover ;)

Tee hee hee... sorry being a little bit naughty with today's title.

Eh hem... the fact is, I really get myself a very good lover yesterday night.

I fell in love at first sight with him, because of his beautiful outlook.

Only when I see him in person yesterday, then I realised he is not some empty Mr. Good Looking.

He is very smart... which I think I am falling in love with him more and more.

Oh yah~ I forgot to tell you, my lover is an Olympus camera. Heeeee...

My old lover is really in very bad condition now, that if I keep using him, it will be too cruel to him. Since last year, friends have been telling me, "Fish Fish, good hear you lar~ Go and get a new one. This camera of yours can throw into dustbin liao." -_-""" These friends so suey one.

Therefore, regardless the fact that my saving is really pitifully tight now, I still decided to get a new lover.

Geee... shock to see my account update today. *wipe cold sweat* Just hopefully it is enough for me to survive to get back to Kuching. I dare not even think can bring some savings back this time.

Anyway, this new lover...


Don't care people telling me Olympus is cheap, go and get a good Nikon.

Well, I am a fan of Olympus. Just like I prefer Toyota for car, Toshiba for notebook, Motorolla for mobile phone and homecook for food. ;)

It was very cloudy today. I still went out to taste my new lover if it is good or not...

The result is...

Tralala~~~ Nice or not?

I used auto mode and macro shot, in a rainy day. You can click at the photo for the original size picture.

This picture was an editing from the above picture... inside the camera itself.


I am going to have a lot of plays with my lover these coming few days.


Thursday, March 09, 2006

I want these ribbons ^_^

Geeee... the kuishinbo fish fish is so into girly mood today.


^_^ My prof called back to lab around 3 o'clock just now. He just had the major meeting with all professor in the faculty.

The decision is fixed.

I am qualified to graduate officially!!


Finally, the final stage has past.

Boo hoo hoo...

Now, I need to try to lose more weight for my graduation.*Impossible*

This time will be a different one for me. After all these years of striving, I need to love myself more this time.


In Japan, it is not a norm to wear square hat like other countries.

I am going for something very different from Malaysia's style this time.

Meanwhile, tell me...

If these ribbons are on my hair, will I look splendid?

Tee hee hee... *grinning with eyes shine shine*

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Tree Cake

*Ring~~~~ Ring~~~*

Fish Fish :"Moshi mosh~"

~Angel~ :"Moshi moshi. Gal~ you need anything from Kobe or not? I still have 15 min before going to Kyoto."

Fish Fish :"No need lar. You come enough liao."

~Angel :"No need ar? You sure? How about sweet from Kobe? I remember you blogged about you like it."

*light bulb blink blink in fish fish's head*

Fish Fish :"Ah!! That one. Can can. I want!"

Another end of phone, I heard Angel's laughing voice.

So, ~Angel~ came to Kyoto with a nice omiyage for me that night.

Oo la la~~~ What a pink. Hehe... pink~~~

Then, Angel reminded me it is special edition for White Day.

-_-""" Oh yah~ Day that many guys in Japan will have to dig out there blood sweat money for buying a return-gift for their special one. Poor things.

Tee hee hee... don't be jealous again ladies.

I got a sweetie give me this. Lucky or not? Muah~ gal, thanks a lot.

I love it. Baun kuchen. Literally, it means Tree Cake. A German dessert.

See the shape? I'm sure you know why it is called a Tree Cake. ;)

It actually represent Happiness.

That is exactly what I need.

Hope my bad luck shoo away further and further after eating this Happiness Cake.

*Yum Yum*

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Julie moi requested me to show my new hubby. :P

Ok, I got time to take some pictures of it this morning. Now I'm getting tired of dealing with my notebook installation, so might as well give myself a break.

Hehe... :P Showing off my hubby today. Oops...

Tralala... My hubby and his new shoes.

It is very difficult to walk around without a pair a good shoes. How happy I was when I found this shoes that aptly fix to it. Just like a pair of glass heels for cinderella. LOL

This is how the inner look of my hubby once I discovered it. Geeee... the black cloth making him looks really sexy. *drool*

By the way, his name is Toshiba dynabook SS MX 290DK.

Can't help myself but to make him naked as fast as possible.

Woolala~~~ even more sexy. Yes, I am totally aroused by his beautiful outlook.

However, a good hubby will never be a complete without nice personality and great inner beauty. Here are the main beauties of him.

OS : Microsoft Window XP Professional
Technology : Intel Centrino Mobile Technology
CPU : Intel Pentium M Processor Ultra Low Voltage 753 (1.20GHz, 2MB L2 cache)
Memory : 512MB/1280MB maximum
HDD : 80GB (5400rpm)
Drive : DVD Super Multi Drive
Display : 12.1" XGA TFT Color Display
Wireless : Wireless LAN (IEEE802.11b/g), Blueetooth Ver 1.2

He is very durable, can nonstop moving for maximum 7.1 h with the standard battery.
He only weight 1.68kg.

I didn't get a pre-install Microsoft Office software for him. Instead, I feed him with Microsoft Office Professional Enterprise Edition 2003 for him, free from my lab. ^_^ He loves it. Yum Yum~~~

This was the nice shoes I bought for him.
Logitech Notebook optical mouse plus. See how lovely the color is? Exactly fix my hubby. LOL

This is how the back of its looks like.

Here are some of the features of it.

Compact, shock-resistant, mobile optical mouse
Integrated cord-wrap
All-terrain optical sensor
Plug and play
USB connection for Windows and Mac
3-year manufacturer's guarantee

See how nice the design? Easy to use, easy to keep.

I am using it now to operate my hubby to type this post.

Tell me, ladies, if you are fish fish, will you be falling in love with my hubby too?

;) Chu~~~

Monday, March 06, 2006

Charlie Brown Soup Curry


Before I move on to my food post today, I would like to let all of you know Monbukagakusho Scholarship 2007 is now open for application until 31 March 2006. Yes, it is open again. Last year one of my reader past every step, and now he is goyang kaki waiting to come to Japan to continue my food expo. Hehe... KW, I give you the barton touch. It is your turn now. ;)

So, some of you might ask, what is that?

It is a scholarship by Japanese government for enabling you to study in Japan, both undergraduate and graduate without worrying your finance.

Those of you thinking of going abroad to study, yet have problem in seeking adequate financial support for it, this will be a GREAT CHANCE!! Good luck!

As for me, today I just went to have my final time of sign up for my monthly scholarship.

Geeee... can't believe it really come to the last time, eventually.

Meaning, my time of saying bye bye to Japan is going to be really soon.

I even signed for my ticket to go home today too. It is confirmed, they gave me Singapore Airlines to fly back to Malaysia, how nice is that? ^_^ Will be my first time taking a SIA. Heard people telling me it is good.

Ok... time to talk about food.

I went to have soup curry today, near the main campus shop.

It is called Charlie Brown, easily recognized by this colourful sign. Hey, those of you around that area, must go to try!!!

This was my 4th time to the shop. Everytime, I just ordered a vegetarian curry.

But today, I decided to try its chicken soup curry, with spiciness good enough hot.

They started to prepare my fried chicken only after I made the order. Therefore, the freshly fried big drumstick was so crispy outside, yet juicy inside. When mixed with the soup curry, the nice blending taste of herbs inside the soup curry was absorbed by the chicken, enhanced the savoury taste of the chicken.

After about 10 min of waiting, I have this really nice bowl of soup curry in front of me.

Rice and salad were attached. You can even have a refill of the rice for free.

The whole thing was 880yen. Very reasonable price.

The soup was good. Exactly the spiciness I was looking for. I topped with a lot of garlic chip on my white rice, and pour the soup on the rice.

Gosh~~~ it was really good. I think half of the garlic chip inside the small glass bottle was finished by me.

I didn't dare to talk to anyone after that, worrying the nice smell from my mouth might kill them. :P

I was sooooo full.

Thank you soup curry. This was a wonderful memory for me. I'll always remember you in my mind.


Sunday, March 05, 2006

Nice dinner and busy Sunday

Last night dinner was great. Ate yakiniku (BBQ meat) with Ah Fu, ~Angel~, Melissa and Fei Yee. On the way to yakiniku, also bumped into nightraveller, Eddie, Ai Ling and Ai Ling's friend.

Geee... it's been a really long time I didn't see so many Malaysian friends in one go. Too bad I wasn't able to join them for the lunch. Didn't see Sylvia.

Today, I bid farewell to our Takeshi, the went to have lunch in downtown with ~Angel~. Hmm... should have just ordered the salad buffet. But then, it was a nice lunch with ~Angel~.

Then, I went to do a whole day shopping for my little new hubby.

Woohoohoo... my little new hubby... is a notebook. :P All these years, I've never owned any notebook. The one that I was using belongs to the lab.

I have to get myself a new Japanese OS notebook, as there are too many academic info of mine was in Japanese. I must get one before going back to Malaysia. Can't afford to lose all of them.

So, I bought a Toshiba B5 notebook though my money in my bank scarcely left. Mum said she will bring her own expenses for the travelling. So, that helped me to save the amount for this new hubby.

I LOVE IT!!! Even thinking of hugging it to sleep.


I bought new clothes, pants, tie and a nice belt for him.

Keep feeding him with a lot of yummilicious and teaching him new knowledge.

He is gonna become very smart real soon.

Oolala~~~ the happiness that I am having now it worth the money I spent on him.

^_^ chu~~~

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Meeting buddies tonight

I am going to be late soon. So just a 5 minutes rambling here.

Didn't clean my room last night, because I drank 2 cans of Chu-Hi. After 5 min, the whole world around me was spinning. Luckily I was in my room alone... Gosh!!! I couldn't believe I could be that drunk because of 2 can of merely 5% alcohol content Chu-Hi.

The funny thing was, when I am well conscious and cute, nobody called me or mailed to my handphone. But last night, I think I got 4-5 kacau when I was laying on my bed, thinking when was the world spinning going to stop.


Tee hee hee...

I must have sound very terrible on the phone last night. I don't even know how I managed to get myself to take a bath and sleep.

Oops... I'll talk more again tomorrow.

I am going to meet a few buddies that I haven't seen for a long long time. Especially Ah Fu, the Malaysian edition Kaneshiro Takeshi. Tee hee heee...;)

Don't jealous ladies. :P


Friday, March 03, 2006

Karubi Kuppa

Weird weather.

It was suddenly raining and snowing in my place for a short while this morning.

The weather was so bad these few days, that one by one of my lab people fallen sick.

One of the girl was having flu, and couldn't sensed taste in her food.

She asked me and Mirian to accompany her to eat something shocking.

Hehe... more than pleasure for fish fish.

Turned up three of us ordered the same thing for lunch today.

A big bowl of sizzling karubi kuppa.

Do you like slowly braised beef until melt in your mouth texture?
Do you enjoy the burnt part of the bottom of rice that gave you a crispy bite?
Do you prefer something fuming hot and spicy, yet with a strong savoury taste that will not overtake each other uniqueness?

If you do, you will enjoy this bowl of hot stonebowl karubi kuppa.

I did.


p/s: Geee... busy night for me today. Need a big cleaning in my room. -_-"""

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Real mode to find my rice bowl

Geeee... finally I am into a mode to apply seriously for jobs.

I contacted one yesterday. Contacted another one today. Tomorrow I think I want to contact 5 or more. Don't know how many applications will I have to make before there is finally one willing to except me.

Seem to be the job offerings in my field is quite active lately. The problem is, not many that require qualification that I have. *sigh* Even have, they quote very clearly need working experience for 10-15 years. *gulp* Which I just applied today. :P

It is a cruel world. They like to accepts experienced staffs, and not some newbies like fish fish. But then, I still write to them, hey hey, blind hit.

No try, will never gain. If try, never know right?

Wish me good luck then.

This is gonna be my first serious job position.


Ok, time to go home. Need to tidy up my room and rest my mind.

Having difficulty to sleep well lately. My mind just won't rest. :(