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Saturday, March 11, 2006

5 minutes blogging

^_^ I just finish my final lab work in Japan few minutes ago. Should have done it much much earlier, but I was attacked by lazy bugs, what to do?

Been busy with my lab work yesterday and today.

Hehe... why am I suddenly so hardworking at last minute? Well, mum is coming tomorrow. That's the reason.

When the empress is here, it will be very difficult for me to do my lab work.

At least I have the data I want now, the analysis can delay until later.

Meanwhile, I need to rush home now to clean my room. Gotta throw away the old clothes that I really want before the empress is here.

Or else, she will sure go and pick them back half of them, and scold me for being so wasting.

Argh~ scary. Imaging if I have to bring them back to Malaysia again. No way!!

Ok, proper blogging later.

Woohoo... I am so eager to see my empress now, the woman I love the most.

Tomorrow morning... soon.