I eat so much until people call me Dr. Fish Fish.

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Back to civilisation

Just came home a couple of hours ago.

Did my 1st night dive last night. Fantastic.

Had my 1st ski jet with my instructor giving me the ride. Fabulous.

3 dives, 3 different situation. One very blur and strong current. Another very dark, shallow. The 3rd one clear underwater view, water quite still.

Each was a good experience for me. I enjoyed them. I enjoyed be with the people that dive with me. I am liking this sport more and more. ^_^

Woops, I am getting darker and darker. Grilled fish fish.

Longer post for next.

Time to rest. Tata~~~ *YAWNNNNN*

Friday, April 28, 2006

Do they look alike?

This is my friend, her name is KI (Oi!! Char bor, what is that married status in your friendster?). This year, it is the 10th year we have known each other. Another friend, Snow Child, I know her the same time. Gosh! I miss this friend too. Snow Child, work is work, don't over-exhausted ok. Hopefully one day we shall meet again too. ^_^

My friendship with KI is something funny. There were times when we really argued a lot, until I felt like having those real cat fight with her. Hmmm... But I did share a lot of girl's talk with her, though now I tend to reserve more things into myself. Well, we need to grow up with age, right? ;)

Now, I am feeling that we can communicate more and more like adults. Ai yar~ must be two getting old, not so energetic to have those non-stop meaningless childish arguement anymore.

Few years ago, I have never noticed she looks like one of the Korean singer, who is also very famous in Japan, until a few Japanese friends of mine said she looks like...


Geeee... I have to agree, she does look like the baby fat version BoA.

However, that might just my personal view.

BoA is getting very thin lately, the above pic of her was when she still has her baby fat, which I prefer more.

I never really like too skinny ladies, because I am afraid I might knock them accidentally and break their bone. *wipe cold sweat* (Shhh... the fact is, I am damn jealous on their model like figure. Tee hee hee...)

Anyway, KI and her friends claimed that she doesn't look like one.

Hmmm... ok, please judge for me. Do you see similarity in them? Please tell me.

TQ. ^_^

p/s: She reads this blog, so guys, be nice. ;)

Thursday, April 27, 2006

The hidden beauties of Talang-Talang

This was a report about my Talang-Talang dive on Good Friday. I didn't have the case to protect my camera to take undersea pictures. Also, I am still too clumsy to deal with a camera inside the sea. No confidence. Almost all the pictures in this post were taken from Theresa (except the 1st pic was by me). Thanks a lot Theresa, for allowing me to use them. ^_^

Here you are ;)

These were the group members that joined the dive trip on that day. A bunch of great people to be with. It is always very enjoyable moment for me when I do diving. Great chances to meet and get new friends.

Tee hee heee... fish fish 1st undersea picture. Nice or not? :P

"Hai~~~ everybody!"

A type of bubble corals (Plerogyra). I still remembered the 1st time I saw them, it was amazing to see these cute corals in front of me. I never know coral can be in bubble form. ;) These corals are delicate.

Oh yes, it was a great scene to see a big group of parrot fish swimming pass you.

This is a blue-spotted fantail ray (Taeniura lymna), it is known as the most common type of ray found on coral reefs.

Ah yes... one of my favorite. Nemo!!

They are actually called anemonefish (Amphipiron sp.), these cuties and sea anemone (their host) living in symbiotic harmony.

Watch out!! They look cute, but they are very fierce once they are provoked. *ouch!!!*

These graceful blue-ringed angelfish (Pomacanthus annularis) are a common sight for undersea world in tropical sea. They are colourful attractions.

Oh!! I was really excited to spot this pinkish jellyfish ( I didn't realise it was pinkish, but Theresa had sharp eyes to know it was pink). It was huge. Swimming lazily in the sea. But never to touch them, you'll get injured.

Well, among all the undersea creatures... I have my most amazing time seeing below creatures. They are known as nudibranch.

I only realised their existance when I started to enter the sea.

These were just the only few... there are still many types of nudibranch, which I am really looking forward to meeting them in futures dives.

Now, tell me, which one is your favorite?

Nudibranch 1

Nudibranch 2 (Phyllidia varicosa)

Nudibranch 3

Nudibranch 4

Nudibranch 5

Personally, I like nudibranch 2 the most. Maybe because it is the most colourful among the others. :P

Tralala... Theresa (right) with her lovely smile. Our great undersea photographer for the day. I hope one day I can take undersea pictures too.

Thanks dear, these pictures are really great. I am enjoying them. ^_^

Did I stimulate anyone will to do diving too? :P


Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Stupidity on road

Frankly speaking, some of the drivers in Kuching really amazed me. I came back not even full 1 month, but my driving patient has came to the limit today. I honked a brainless lady for the 1st time today. Usually, I don't, as this is very impolite in my dictionary. But, I just have to...

I was driving on a straight road from 4 1/2 mile to 3rd mile, with a speed of about 80km on right side. Then, a Kancil came out all sudden, without even looking at the road cut into my line, making me have to make a really emergency break. A really fast break. Damn!!! You think this road is belong to your agong one, is it?

I didn't honked her on this. But seriously, if I didn't make the emergency act, I can tell you, her car will be fully turned into a junk piece of metal, while mine will still be fully nice, maybe the bumper will drop out only.

When I was still hot in temper with her brainless act, she did another "good act" again. Without doing any signaling that she was going to turn right, she just suddenly break and turned right.

Argh!!!! Damn!!!! *Peeeeeeeeet!!!!* I almost wanted to get down of the car and give her really good slaps if it was not a high speeding road area.

You know, sometimes, no matter how careful you are, there will still be accident.

Why??? Because of those brainless drivers, who are so selfish, never think of others and only themselves.

Damn!!! (forgive my rough word here)

Is it so difficult to do a cautious act and informing other people properly with you signaling??? It doesn't have to take more than 1 second to do so, ok??? What have you learnt in your driving lesson?

Enough! I will just have to be much more careful with cars around me. Sometimes, it is really irritating driving on the road. Since when the driving manner in Kuching has changed into such???

Let me show you another stunt I saw on road a few days ago.

We were at roundabout at 3rd mile, a place that is quite busy with vehicles in the morning, when I saw this amazing thing.

See?? One biker put one of his leg on another bike.

Why? His bike was broke down, and they were actually doing this "towing" bike thing with such a way on a busy traffic area.

It almost hit the fuel tank in front of them, that the biker finally willing to let off his leg, but with his bike not functioning at all.

Luckily, the car behind them was patient enough, at let them moved to the left side, so that they could drag the bike with their "hands" to a safer place.

Man~~~ I really don't want to imagine what if they did bump into the fuel tank...

Gosh!!! I am cold sweating for them, seriously.

Well, I think we just have to bless for our safety everytime before I start the engine. You never know when are these brainless people gonna drag you into their troubles.

Ok, I better stop here. Enough for my rage.

Da Mian

I went out to eat breakfast with daddy yesterday. Geee... after came back for more than 3 weeks, this was my 1st day went out together with him.

Hohoho... daddy was wearing smart today. Instead of bringing me to some of his normal favorite places, we headed to Tabuan Laru.

He was bringing me to Kuching Specialist Hospital to find a ENT specialist, an impromptu decision. -_-"""

Well, it has been years I have problem with my throat.

Too bad, there was only visiting doctor for this field at the moment. However, the lady was kind enough to tell us the place where we could look for one.

We took a simple breakfast at a cafe near to the hospital.

This stall, attracted both of us. Seldom I have the same choice as daddy, this was one of the very few.

I was curious to see how this Da Mian was done.

It was cooked in a big boiling pot.

And then the lady throw everything inside it...

We have to wait for around 30 min...

Tralala~~~ finally a nice bowl of Da Mian was served. Well, it was okay with the presentation, the peanut on the top was something new for me in term of soup noodle.

I love seaweed in soup noodle, I always add in seaweed when I cook instant noodle.

The noodle was great. It has a good texture of nicely kneaded dough. Not overcooked. The chewy texture was addicting. The soup was very nice, not oily.

My only complaint...

How come daddy one got 3 Prawns while I have only ONE???


Sunday, April 23, 2006

Tao with Huai Bin

It was a quick decision by us, after Huai Bin called me on Sunday afternoon. We decided to meet at Tao that evening, as suggested by him, for a drink first then go find makan.

Tee hee hee... it was fun when he called me. I supposed he said he wanted to look for "fish fish". The problem is, my sis-in-law didn't know that I am more known as fish fish in blogsphere. :P

"Jie, I think the person is looking for you. Cannot understand what he is talking about at all lar~" My sis-in-law was passing the phone to me.

"Hello?" I said.

"Hi, fish fish? This is Huai Bin. Errr... I'm sorry, but I don't know what to call you except fish fish." Buahaha!!! Sorry Huai Bin, it was my fault. Now you know how you should call me in the phone. :P

We met at Tao. A restaurant with Taoism as there decorating concept.

I was there earlier, and it was strange to hear a dangdut-like song was playing in the Tao restaurant. -_-""" Not quite good for the 1st impression.

Then, I looked at the menu.

Gosh!!! I wouldn't be surprised with the price if I am in Japan. In fact, I would say it is damn cheap.

But... I am in Kuching, and to see the price of the menu... I doubt if they have over-priced the drinks and foods.

Huai Bin reached.

We shifted our seat for 2 times, we decided to sit at the inner section of the restaurant. It was hotter, as no air-con was supplied there.

However, I prefer the section. Better. At least no dangdut song polluting the place.

They also has a lot of little decoration here and there, which is quite adorable.

Heeee.... Huai Bin is really doing his duty as a very responsible blogger.

He did a photographing session on the place from front till the back.

Fish Fish? I am the lazy bone. I'll just take a picture of him doing the review. So, for a much more detailed nice description on the place by Huai Bin, please jump over to his post. ;)

Hohoho! Huai Bin is a fun guy to be with. In fact, for the whole evening, we were spending 4 h chatting and eating. It was a fun night out, I must say.

I learnt a lot of things from him. Thanks Huai Bin, for the good lesson. ^_^

We have had enough photographing session.

So, we shifted back to the front section again. :P (3 shifts of place in a restaurant. LOL)

The bartender has changed. The music has changed.(and I love it) We were out of the sauna-like room into nice-cool room.

Everything started to get better...

I started to like the place.

Huai Bin had a glass of Detox as his 1st drink. Geee... even the colour looked very healthy.

While fish fish was having a huge cup of nice hot-chocolate.

This is one of the best chocolate I had in Kuching, I would say.

Though the price is higher than normal nice cafe standard, I do admit I love the presentation of this choco.

The taste was good too. Rich and creamy. I was sipping the choco carefully, so that even until the end, I still have the spider web pattern in the cup.

Nice nice.

A good place to relax yourself while having a good chat in small group.

Oh, maybe I should try other similar coffee places which is blooming like mushroom lately in Kuching to make a comparison.

Overall, Tao is not a bad place, as long as they don't play dangdut songs. Oh ya, it would be much better if they reduce the price of their drinks and foods. :P

Hey Huai Bin, thanks for the drink. ;) Gochisosamadeshita.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

One day to Serikin

I woke up very early today, at 6.00am. However, as uncle came late, we only started our journey at 7.15am. According to him, the place only open around 9.00am.

So, where have I been today?

I went to Serikin market in Bau with my mum, my uncle and aunt.

We stopped by in Bau town area for our breakfast.

A bowl of very traditional breakfast in my hometown, Kolok Mee. I requested for Char Siew Oil added today. Geee... so nostalgic. *slurp~~~*

On the way to the Serikin market, there was a roll of stalls selling all kinds of interesting thing.

Wow!!! I've never seen pitcher plants being sold in this way.

Do you know how much is one pot of this???

RM5!!! Can you believe that? Gosh, this is really cheap. Mum bought 4 pots of it. Hmmm... I wonder where she is gonna put them, as I don't really see a good place for her to plant them.

There were also pitcher plant cups sold in bunches.

Now, for non-local reader, do you know what are these for???

Tralala~~~ They are for Pitcher Plant Rice.

I've never tried one at all. I wanted to buy one, but stopped by the 3 adults. According to them, "No, the water that cook it might not be hygenic." :( *sob sob*

Geee... now I am eager to cut some of the cups of my mum pitcher plant to cook one for myself. But then, I know mum is going to kill me. Better forget about it.

Hey, those of you have tried it, is it good???

I spotted these hairy mushroom. Decided to buy one basket to try. Hmmm... will make a review once I have tasted it. Really cheap, only RM 1 per basket. Ooo la la~~~

Oh yeah! I found these cuties. It has always been my favorite. I used to eat them a lot when I was a kid. However, it has been years I didn't eat them.

Nope, I didn't buy them as feast today. Don't feel like to. But I can tell you, these are really very high protein source.

Wriggling in my hand. Gosh!! They are really adorable. Try put them one your face next time, it feels funny how the soft flesh contact with your face.

Finally, we reached the Serikin market. Not much of eating stuffs. However, the 3 adults spend a few hundreds RM for buying Indonesian stuffs there.

It was a great outing for me.

Oh yes, you have to go an experience the fun yourself next time.

;) Tata~~~

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Frog leg

It has been years I didn't eat any frog legs. After back to Kuching, I eventually had a taste on it again. A long time ago taste.

Frog legs are special dish to me. When I was still a very young kid, my father used to work in Simunjan. A little kampung with no water and electrical supply at that time.

However, that was one of my most wonderful childhood memory.

A beautiful night scene with bush full of firefly lightning. The very loud sound of all types of living creatures playing orchestra in the paddy field beside my house.

Sometimes, daddy would choose to go to catch the fat and juicy frogs, so that the next day we would have nice frog leg porridge. Or mum would just simmer it with ginger and soysauce for a great dinner. That was the moment I would eargerly follow him, in the dark night without any lamp pole, only the dimly lit kerosine lamp led our way.

My daddy always very good in catching this. We would have a few that will make a great dish for a meal for 3 (brother was still too young, he only need milk that time)

Hehe... that was just a small part that formed the wild nature of mine. :P

So, to rewind back my old memory, I went to the kitchen to see how the frog leg is prepared. Geeee... didn't expect to see that they were actually naked whole frogs. I don't remember mum prepared the frog leg this way. I guess I was too young to remember.

However, after a while...

The chef turned all these into...

Hot and spicy soy sauce frog leg.

This is one of the most delicious frog legs I have ever eaten (beside mum's). The aftertaste spiciness, made me really sweating.

Gosh!! It has been a really long time I didn't eat until sweat. The feeling was nostalgic.

The only demerit... too many bones, troublesome to get rid of them.

Ah~ but thanks for the recall.

So, do you have any food that will remind you about your childhood?

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

My inner anxiety...

One part of me is yearning for real freedom for a few months for me to do the things I want. Meaning a really good holidays, relaxing myself, eat as much thing as I want, have as much fun as I wish.

However... I just can't.

Another part of me keep reminding me that I am jobless. I am a person without any income to support myself now. Worse, I have to depend on my mum to give me pocket money. Although I didn't say I have no more money in my wallet to her, somehow mum has really good sense, she always hand me over some amount of money when I am just about to run out of it. This makes me feeling very guilty and useless...

I am turning into very impatient. Easily get annoyed by a minor thing. I always remind myself to cool down myself, but it only makes me become anxious more.

Today I was acting very strange. Eventually, I chose to get out from my house, jumped on my mum's car and be with her for a few hours. She brought me to the park and let me have a good walk to sweat. Ah~~~ this really helped. At least my mind is getting clearer after that.

Around 8 pm, I guessed mum started to get worried, she called her friend "Hey, where did you bring my daughter ah?", just when we arrived at my house.

"Haha, I sold her."Mum's friend was joking back. But I know mum must be really worrying.

Sorry mum, I shouldn't be mean today. I know I am really a bad girl today. Sorry I hurt you.

I really need to learn to cool myself for my uncertain future.

At least, just now I wrote the email to ask again the place I wanna go about my chance. Hopefully it will be an optimistic reply. *Pray really hard*

When will my spring be coming to me? Oh the mighty one, please give me the energy and luck. Please...

Monday, April 17, 2006

Three colours pudding

I was feeling very tired today. Sleeping from 12.30pm till 4.00pm just now, before I started to do my "homework".

I need to revise my submitted paper. Man~~~ I guess I didn't use my brain for quite some time, as I take much more effort to concentrate than the time I was in Japan. Too many distraction, you know, the good food on the dining table, the goo goo ga ga of my little nephew, etc...

I even watched 2 hrs of my favorite drama just now. *gulp* I am supposed to submit my revision to my sensei tomorrow, geee... I doubt if I can make it on time.

See, now I am blogging... *hopeless*

Oh, I found one nice dessert in Kuching...

Three Colours Pudding.

It is a combination of 3 types of pudding inside non-sweetened milk.

The choco flavour, was good. But the least attracting among the three.

The melon flavour, was better. But I am not really a fan of melon.

The yellow one, is the one I want to recommend here.

You see yellow, you see pudding, you will think it is either mango pudding or normal caramel pudding.

No no no~~~ If I want to vote the best tropical pudding...

I would definitely say this.


Ha!!! Tell me, have you ever tasted one?

It was really great!!!

The taste are richer and more temptating than my favorite mango pudding. It was so soft and smooth that once I put them int my mouth, they just slipped down into my esophagus.

Jackfruit pudding is a must try!! ;)

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Free lobster feast

Geeee... today is a memoriable day for fish fish. I almost made myself drown again, after I have tasted 3 times of nearly drown. The only different was, this was my first time to struggle so hard inside sea water.

The amount of salty water I have swallowed accidentally almost made me puke. How glad I was I am with my BCD on that time.

But no worry, I am still alive, and happily writing this post. *as long as I don't think about the fact that I am jobless now* -_-"""

Lesson for the day : Never KPC try to go up to the surface alone at the position with "strong" current. *it is a piece of cake for those that know how to deal with it, but clumsy fish like me, it is a HARD TASK*

MALU!!! Third time diving only already got boat drive over to save me up. *blush~~~*

No, no... it will not make me back off from diving. I am just starting to enjoy and discover the fun. In fact, I am going to village to stay for 1 night in 2 more weeks time. Phew!!! I think I'll be doing my first night diving. Woohoo!!!

Next week will got time to go out with some of my friends, because no diving next week. Tee heee heee... time to meet with MF, CL, KI and others.

Ok, ok...

I bet many of you are curious with my title already.

So, here is my question.

When you see the word "lobster", what is on your mind??

Tra la la~~~ this is what on fish fish's mind.

Yes, a total of 15 very fresh lobsters, that just came out from the sea.

I followed another 2 divers to see how they catch the lobsters. Then, me met with current, making me kinda tired. So after telling them I go up first, I went up alone and that the stupid episode above happened.

Geeee... rule of thumb for me. Never do diving alone (that I always follow), including going up to the surface (that I didn't follow this time). One time only already making me almost crying. But at least, this is a very very good experience for me. I shall never never repeat the mistake again.

My instructor after knew what happened to me, he look at me and said, "Shame shame on you, fish fish". with his teasing way. So suey one!! Not even a single comforting word to soothe my heart. *Bleh~~~* *Ok, ok, I know it is my fault lar~*

Thanks Kimleng for swimming over trying to get me. Thanks for the cool captain to take all the trouble to move the boat over to save me. *Geeee... I was feeling very guilty that time*

Eh hem!! Sorry, drifted away from my talk again.


So, what happened to the 15 lobsters? 4 were brought home, which one of them was by me. Muahahaha...

The left over?

My instructor asked the restaurant that we always go to cook the 11/15 lobsters into this huge plate of Lobster with egg.


This is my 1st time tasting a lobster. *yes, it is true, a kuishinbo like fish fish have never tasted any lobster before*

Ah~ the fresh lobster was great. Not too much on the fresh, I am enjoying the oh-so-difficult-to-eat head. Too bad, the way they were cooked kinda spoilt the good quality of the lobster. Should have made the dish a dry one, instead of a watery one.

But still, I had 1 head and 1/2 flesh.

Not that I do not want to eat more...

But because we have another 5 dishes + 9 big fishes cooked in different way.

Imaging only 13 of us... To finish all of them in one go??? No way!!

Do you know how much it cost?

It was only a mere RM10 each person, including drinks.

Where to get such a great lobster and fish feast with money so cheap.

The most important thing, it is 100% sure very fresh.

Now, tell me, do you think I will be able to get thinner even though diving do burn calories? :P I really doubt that.

Oh, to end the post of the day...

Let me proudly introduce you Mr. Kambing (right) and Mr. John (left). One is the talkative type, one is the quite type. Yet, they made great partner. Oh yes, you will never stop laughing with these people. They are really great!

It was really exciting to see how they catch the lobster. I am amazed with their movement and speed.

Thank you once again, for letting me have my virgin lobster today.

Muak! (to Mr. Kambing) and Muak! (to Mr. John). ^_^

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Mini bloggers' meet

^_^ I had a simple yet very pleasurable meet with the sweet miracle8 and the fun to be with Wilson. Actually, we were supposed to have another 2 bloggers to join us, but unluckily they couldn't make it this time. Nevermind, next time then. Hopefully you guys will be free for the next meet. :P

I'll call, no more sms, to make sure it really reach to you. Geeee... using other people's handphone to send a msm is not an easy work for me. -_-"""

We ordered a plate of nice Kuching rojak.

Also, a plate of Jiu Hu Eng Chai, the typical local delicacy in Kuching.

So, the three of us munch, munch munch... chat, chat, chat... snap, snap, snap...

Geee... people around us looked at us with curiosity. LOL We are some types of Sua Teng Ka to them.

Have I ever told you Kuching is a very small world?

Indeed, it is.

Wilson met his colleagues. One of the guy is miracle8's reader. The moment he saw miracle8, he couldn't take his eyes off of her.

"Ah~ you are prettier than your picture. My heart is beating fast."

Then, he was busy sitting with us instead of the gang he came with. *tsk tsk tsk*

"Nevermind, they got a few people there. Less one me, not a big deal." Haha, what a sentence to defend himself.

But I have to agree with him, miracle8 is SWEETTTT~~~ She has attractive eyes. A modern lady with beauty and intelligent. ;)

Wilson is a humourous guy. It is interesting to see how he and miracle8 keep having fun type of arguing. The two of them are about the same age.

Tee hee hee... Wilson was the latest one to come. The moment he appeared, his very catch my attention appearance is his standing hair.

Miracle8 was teasing him what is wrong with his hair.

He appeared to be more shy in his blog. The real him is more talkative that I presumed. Some of his talk for the day made these 2 ladies laughing like hyena. *I know, I know, we sound scary*

Hyak! Hyak! Hyak!

May I proudly present to you, the 1st 2 bloggers I met for this time back to Kuching.

Nice to meet you, we must go out for some outdoor fun next time. ;)

Oh, at the same place, I also bumped into my very old friend since primary one. It was indeed very surprising for me. She is now busy with her May wedding ceremony. LOL

She was really surprised to see me too. When she knew that I have finished my study, and back to Kuching for good.

"Fish Fish, I am going to get married next month." She whispered to me.

o_O Oh, that is a very good news. Fish Fish is invited to attend her wedding ceremony next month. Oh... definitely. You know how many old friends' wedding ceremonies I have missed, as I have been in Japan studying previous years?

In fact, I've never attended any of it.

Boohoo... I am going to attend my 1st friends' wedding ceremony.

Wait... what shoudl I wear then? Headache, as you see a lot of my cloth cannot be fixed in already. -_-"""


Ok, got to go now. Tomorrow is going to dive again. ^_^


Thursday, April 13, 2006

Exam over

:P I finished my exam this morning. Spent 20 min to finish the whole thing and I scored 96%. ^_^ Not bad.

Then, this evening I went to Travillion (hope I didn't spell wrong) with my since childhood girlfriend. I was curious about this place as many Kuching's bloggers mentioned about it.

It was a great time with her. Surprisingly, I didn't take any picture at all for the whole night. That is really not sound like fish fish. Tee hee hee...

Instead, the two of us was chatting like we just didn't meet since last week.

Our distance, our lack of contacting each other never fade our friendship away.

Though our path of life are somewhat differ now, yet we still feel very comfortable with each other around.

For the 1st time, she was driving, and I was sitting on the passenger's seat. ;)

Man~~~ we were already planning to meet for the next time. Geeee... ladies' talk again.

Muak, MF, I love you. Really happy for you to find your perfect guy. ^_^

Oh my, now I wonder when will she bring him out to let this busybody fish to see.

Tata~~~ A few hrs sleep now before I go to dive tomorrow. *Yawn~~~~*

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Eat without paying -_-"""

My mum and me did something embarassing today.

We went to one of the place that we usually have our breakfast. I happily ordered a bowl of hot pot noodle and fried drumstick from the stall owner, who is quite familiar with us.

Usually when this happens, the owner will ask us to pay later.

However, today, we were so forgetful, that after eating, we just pat pat our buttock and went away. Only later when I asked mum how much was the fried chicken...

"?? Not you the one that paid??" Mum asked me.

Oh oh... I knew that we were indebt with the owner now.

Geee... hope she wouldn't sleepless of our mistake.

Nevermind, tomorrow go to pay back then.


Today was very busy, so I delayed my final theory test to tomorrow morning. Tee hee hee...

I got my diving equipments today. Yippie!!!

Man~~~ it is really not light at all for the whole set. *gulp*

Tata... need to offline for my brother to use soon.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Fish Fish can dive!

I went to have my diving test in Talang Talang Island on Sunday. Man~ it was heart throbbing day for me. It was full of excitement, yet with a part of me worried I might not be able to make it under the sea.

This will be a short report with more pictures about this so memoriable moment of mine.

The gang that went to the same boat with me. My instructor, 3 students that was taking the same test and other divers.

There was only one lady joined our boat that day. Mei Lin, the hot one. ^_^ She is my sis ex-colleague. I was really glad she decided to choose this boat to accompany me instead of another boat that had more divers where she would definitely enjoying more.

Thanks dear. Muak!

Hand in hand, we carried the things to our speedboat.

See the amount of scuba tank that we had that day for 8 people?

4 students (including fish fish) was having 3 tanks for that day.

There we off to the direction of Talang Talang Island from Sematan.

Meet Edward. He is a great instructor. Doing my very 1st dive in sea with him was wise choice. He made me felt very secure under the sea.

As you all can see, the water visibility on that day was great. Indeed, I was very lucky to have a calm sea day to have my exam. This was important to me as I felt much more relax.

As a warming up, fish fish was doing some snorkeling before she went into her real test. You will realise the sea is not quiet at all once you have your ear under the sea level.

Of course, diving could make you feel thirsty very easily. Mei Lin bought a sweet, juicy and very thirst quenching Black Beauty to share with us. Ah~~~ the taste? Just imagine on a hot day with salty sea water around you... one bite on this Black Beauty, with natural salt helped to enhanced the sweetness of it. It was indeed a great and luxurious enjoyment. ;)

Oh, by the way, some of the divers purpose was to do sea hunting. You know what could you do with a lobster that you got from the sea?

Mr. Kambing suggested the latest mobile technology...

Lobster mobile. Tee hee hee...

Happy time always past very fast.

We had to bid farewell to this lovely place as the weather was turning bad just when we finish our scuba tank air.


1st dive was exciting, but with a mind that scared a lot of unexpected things will happen.

2nd dive was more challenged as the sea was quite moving. I almost choked myself into panic situation when I was doing some skills for the test.

3rd dive, was the best at the day. The sea condition, my emotional preparation and confidence.

My instructor was saying I improved my equalization, buoyancy control and fluttering my fins a lot at this dive.

Boohoo!!! So happy.

Oh yeah... they are a bunch of energetic, funny, helpful and great people to be with.

I am loving diving.

I think I am gonna addicted to it more and more. :P

But before my 2nd dive, I'll have to take my final theory exam, which explain why was I posting this late.

Ok, time to continue my study. Wish me luck tomorrow. If smooth, I'll be gaining my PADI Open Water Diver very soon.

^_^ Tata~~~