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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Sushi Dai

Urgh!!! I was typing this post half way, suddenly the whole thing gone. My dial up was disconnected again.

:( :( :(

So, I'll try to make it more simple. Uploading pictures by using dial up can be blood vomitting.

Anyway, this post is specially dedicated to Ee-lyn who is travelling in Japan now (I hope I am still in time), and to other who wish to find good sushi in Japan. ^_^

Fish Fish strongly recommend...

Sushi Dai, in Tsukiji Ichiba, the biggest fish market in Japan.

My mum, my aunt and me decided to have 2 sets of sushi only. One set was for 3670yen.

We were supposed to be given only 2 egg cakes, but the chef was kind enough to give us 3, the extra one was for free.

We were also given 3 nice bowls of miso soup. One of it was for free. My aunt loved it so much, that she required the chef to give her an extra one. Guess what? They happily served my aunt another bowl for free. *so sweet*

It came to the real things. 11 + 1 sushi. I would only write a few here due to time consuming in uploading pictures. As for the others, hehe... let the secret be revealed when you visit it. ;)

The 1st sushi of the day was this marvellous Otoro, the big fatty meat of tuna. Seriously, I had Otoro a few times, but they never really impressed me. This one, it totally changed my perception on a really good tuna meat. Lovely. The warm rice and the otoro, was just melted in my mouth without even chewing it.

The 2nd sushi of my favorite, the Uni (sea urchin roe). ^_^ One of the best Uni I have tried, after I had a really good one in Hokkaido.

Uni is a very critical seafood, as it really required a really fresh condition to have its best taste. This one, so melty, I was like swallowing some soft butter. Yum Yum~~~ even thinking about it now making me salivating.

Beside the 11 sushi that decided by the chef, I could ask for one sushi of my favorite. Any type.

I decided to go for this... Shirako. The soft roe of fish. It was my 1st time.

So I happily just gulped it in. While I was enjoying the soft and melty Shirako in my mouth, suddenly my face turned green.

STOOPID FISH!!! Yes, I forgot to take a picture on it.

Argh!!! How could I forget about it.

I kept feeling regret about it... that finally I decided to buy an extra one for the picture.

Hehe... yah, a few hundred yens were added, but at least I don't feel regret on the picture.

Oh... I must say Shirako is one of my favorite. It was something like a high quality silky tofu. Yet, it has the umami that you would not find from tofu.

Something that was equally entertaining as the sushi...

Woohoo... the 2 handsome chefs that were so pro and friendly while preparing our sushi. I am not surprising why they could attract so many customers.

Thank you lovely chefs, you gave me one of my best sushi experience before I was away from Japan.

So, if you wanna have a sweet memory on authentic sushi experience, try this, you will not be disappointed. ;)

p/s: I will try to hold the bloggers' meeting around next week. Need to rest for a couple more days and preparing myself for the diving class first. Sorry for the delay ah~


At 8:32 AM, Blogger irenelaw said...

I'll be in Osaka on 9th April too. Where is the Sushi Dai located ? Which station should I get off if I get on at JR Osaka station? I can't read Japanese on the Sushi Dai's website. Thank U.

At 8:36 AM, Blogger Primrose said...

I geli with the Shirako wor. Nice ah? I must try one day. I was walking around some supermarkets when I come across different kind of canned roe. I did buy some to let my dad try and one of them resembled the soft fish roe. Eeee...I geli wor.

How does it feel to be home again?

At 11:55 AM, Blogger Acrix said...

I think i;m more interested in the egg cake :P What's the ingredient in the eggcake? Nice?

At 9:15 PM, Blogger Wilson said...

Shirako look like worm shusi. How’s the taste, sweet, sour, spicy?

At 11:52 PM, Blogger Kristopher said...

go sign up a stremayx line...fast and cheap too...

Shirako look like brains lo... what the taste like? i doubt we can get it here in MY. :)

At 7:31 AM, Blogger fish fish said...

irenelaw : It is in Tokyo area, are you going to Tokyo as well? Hey, try to look for Hana Karen or Hana Kairou, it has very nice sushi as well, semi-buffet style. If you are a great eater in sushi, this will be a great choice for you. They have one branch in Umeda (Osaka) as well.

primrose : Shirako looks geli, but once tried, you will love it. ;) I never tried any canned fish roe actually, how was the taste? Be home, have its pros and cons. :) Need time.

acrix : Haha, too bad Acrix, I couldn't tell you the ingredient inside as myself also don't know. But the tase was really good, and the fluffy texture is something that can only be prepared by pro. ;)

wilson : It is soft and sweet. with the radish sauce, the combination was brilliant. ;)

kristopher : My brother told me last time they still haven't has the streamyx for my area. But I am gonna check about it next week.

At 1:00 AM, Blogger irenelaw said...

Opss...stupid me, I didn't read properly, it's in Tokyo.

I'll only visit Osaka, don't think I've enough time for Tokyo.

Oh... That Hanakaren in Umeda ar... I think I know where it is. :D
Thanks a lot.


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