I eat so much until people call me Dr. Fish Fish.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Deep Dive Temptation

Hmm... I think I am addicted more and more to diving. After didn't dive for 2 weeks, I actually crave for the moment to have myself under the sea.

Last Sunday, I have the time to join the trip again. It was a great one, although my mask was having problem due to my carelessness.

I think I am starting to know how to enjoy my moment undersea, though there are still many things that I have to learn.

Tomorrow my instructor is going to bring a group of people to Sipadan for a 5 days diving trip. Urgh... but not fish fish because I was too late. However, I make up my mind to join the trip in July. Yes, for sure I will go. Now, how am I going to mention that to my mum. *gulp*

Today, I went to grab some pictures that taken by friend from him. The deep dive pictures were nice. How I wish I can see them with my own eyes.

Hopefully soon.

Meanwhile, let me share a few pictures that I selected from the files. The deeper you go, the less colour the underwater world will be. So, you see the colourless pictures as below...

I saw many fish underwater, but I have never seen such a huge crowd. I want to see.

Sea fan is one of my favorite plant underwater. It is elegant, seem to be quiet, but the fact is there are a lot of camouflaged organisms actively moving around it.

These spiral looking creatures are called Christmas-Tree Worms. They can grow until 4 inches. Instead of this dull looking colour, they are actually very colourful. It is one of my favorite worm underwater.

I love feather star. I was amazed the first time I tried to touched it lightly with my pointer and the feathers were responding to the touch. 2 weeks ago, I saw a very nice feather star garden with a whole garden of feather stars. I guess the strong current at that moment attracted these lovely creatures to use the moment to capture their foods. They are another colourful creatures that beautified the underwater world.

My instructor is planning for the trip to wreck, deep sea and blah blah blah... I have told him put me in for each trip.

Boohoo... these 2 months going to be very exciting. ;) One thing that I greatly regretted, I didn't buy a water-proof case for my camera when I was in Japan. Urgh!! Seeing all the things underwater yet I couldn't take any picture of them is something really torturing.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Happy Valley Home BBQ

Oops, pardon my 2 days inactivation. I was in Serikin on Saturday and in Sematan diving yesterday.

I am now blogging from bing! Good place for a quiet and relaxing online-time. The service is free!! So all you have to do is order a drink and you can stay as long as you want. Weekday day time bing! is great. Not much people, and that is really what I like.

I am with Yellowant now. Really thanks to her that I can access my wireless network smoothly now. Geeee... a silly fish like me will never know it was just a push of the button that turned my wireless internet on and off. -_-"""

This, was a good place I went to with my mum a few weeks ago. Happy Valley Home BBQ. We chose this one as we didn't want to join the crowded groups for mother's day celebration. I just wanted to have a slow and relaxing dinner with mum that night.

It is a house-style eating outlet. That night was a quiet one. Only another 3 groups of people were having dinner there.

Once you entered the place, you will see a signboard that recommending special menu of the day. That night, it was Rosemary sirloin steak with a glass of iced lemon tea for RM18.90.

Well, we ordered one just to see how the steak was prepared.

The outlook was ok. But the taste was no no. The steak was over-cooked. Hard to chew. Yet, I didn't have the gut to order a rare, and I forgot to remind them not to do it too cook. My bad. I didn't like the sauce. It was not something my palate would prefer. Ok, I admit I am very hard to please when come to steak. I like steak with only salt and coarse black pepper to bring out the whole good taste of a good piece of meat. Refer to this one please.

Mum was the one who helped to finish this. Thanks mum for not wasting the food.

We also ordered the oxtail soup. I was expecting a clear soup version. So, this was not something I have wanted. It was ok. Somehow, creamy potage for the night was too heavy for me. The garlic bread was good though. Releasing its good fragrance into your mouth when you chewed on it bite by bite.

Ok, the first two, were not recommended by fish fish. However, the next 2, are something you must try if you wanna visit it next time.

Mutton Curry. This was one of the best I have experienced in Kuching. Nevermind about some of the meat are too fatty for dieting ladies, it was really good. I am talking about a home-blended spices utilization inside a bowl of hot and spicy curry that will give you a great satisfaction even if you were just eating a whole bowl of rice with its gravy only.

When we were enjoying it, the lady owner came to greet us. Haha!!! It was my fault, I kept taking pictures here and there, intrigued her deep curiosity on me. Oops, I am not a spy. :P

So, I told her I am a blogger, and I talk about food.

Immediately she said, "Ah, there was a guy who have do the same thing too on our restaurant."

"Oh, what is his name?" I asked, though I have figured out whoelse if not this guy. Muahahaha...

"Errrr... something sounds like SIXTHSENSE."

Bingo!!! I was right. ;) "Sixthseal." I corrected her.

"Oh, you know him?" She was surprised.

"Yes, I am his regular reader."

"Girl~~~ bring me the paper that I printed. The one that introduced our restaurant." Immediately, she ordered her staff to bring over something.

In minutes, this post was presented in front of me. Geee... she printed out the post nicely. It was good to see how the things that we blogged were appreciated by others. ^_^

Ah~~~ nostalgic.

The lady owner, Yvonne, is a very friendly person. Mum had a good time enjoy chatting with her.

While they were chatting, I was having my time slowly gulping down these great BBQ pork. The pork was one of the softest and nicest for my food experience in Kuching.

The grilling was aptly done. Juicy meat was tempating your taste bud to crave for more and more of it. The owner was telling me they only use premium fresh pork from the nicest part. No wonder. Only a good standard ingredient can give you a great taste that do not need much decoration.

Oh yes, the mutton curry and this pork chop are definitely something I will come back again for it.

Yvonne was telling me in June, they are going to have a totally new menu for new season. So, do hop over to Happy Valley Home BBQ to try their new menu. This time, they are gonna offer clear oxtail soup. I am going to try it. Anyone wanna join me? ;)

Yvonne, thanks for the discount. That was really kind of you. ^_^ Sorry for my delayed post of this. Unexpected events were interrupting it.


Thursday, May 25, 2006

Sheraton's curry fish head and Sui Guo Bing

This will be my final post about my food adventure in Sibu. :P Well, I still have other delayed posts in Kuching that I need to post up. So, better Sibu's report stop at this one.

Aunt brought me to Sheraton Restaurant for its famous curry fish head on last Sunday noon.

Geee... a big plate of curry fish head. Taste good. But the vege portions were too stingy. The gravy was thick and match aptly with the white fragrant rice. Nothing much to comment on the fish flesh, as usually for fish curry, I would go for the veggies and not the fish flesh.

We had other 2 types of dishes. They were not good, quite disappointed, so will not show here.

As recommended by one of the staff, we decided to try the Sui Guo Bing here.

Tralala~~~ geee, what a colourful combination. It looked like a rainbow volcano.

It was a good choice. Very refreshing and a good thirst quencher after a hot bowl of curry.

Usually, I don't eat red bean, but this red bean gave very nice blending to the whole bowl.

Yes, the curry fish head and this Sui Guo Bing are something worth to try in this restaurant. However, I can't say the same thing for the other dish.

Hehe... see how the waitress cleaned our dirty dishes away.

The service here was not bad. If you want an air-cond place for food, this might be a nice choice. Remember, the food quality for the dishes are varied, so it depends on your wise choice to get a good one. ;)

Well, don't know when will be my next trip to Sibu. Maybe a few years later, the moment when my cousins are getting married. Tee hee hee... *Oops, it is still too early for them now*

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Teochew Porridge and Beef Noodle

I was back to Kuching yesterday evening. Having flu for almost a week. Finally dragged myself to see a doctor. :P I want to go to dive this Sunday, must try to get well soon.

This is some round balls that I saw in Central Market in Sibu. A large market. Nice.

According to Bert Bert, these are the Feng Shui Ball. Geeee... that is interesting. I would never expect Feng Shui Ball in Sibu town.

After walking around hunting for ingredient to cook fish fish rojak style Fetuccini, we decided to have breakfast on the upper floor of the market.

Bert Bert recommended this Teo Chew Meat Porridge that he had once, as recommended by his friend.

It was election time. The taukeh was too busy chatting with guests about election, rather than focus on his business. *tsk tsk tsk* Election fever.

Anyway, after waiting for a while...

Three bowls of Teo Chew Meat Porridge were served to us.

We ordered a half-cooked egg as extra ingredient.

Quite a nice one. Simple yet yummy. Nothing else, but just the combination of porridge, meat and egg.

Geee... porridge sure is a warming food, I was sweating heavily after gulping the whole bowl.

Later in the late noon, we were on the way going to aunt's shop. Suddenly, I saw one very familiar sign, which I vaguely recalled I saw it somewhere.

Suddenly, I remembered...

"Ah!!! Ah Ho Beef Noodle!!" I yelled out. Geee... you should see how surprise my uncle and cousins were that I know about this shop. :P

Thanks Huai Bin... for that post. I am glad you introduced it to us. And yes, diehardx, I went to try before you mentioned it in my previous post. :P

I decided to give it a try. So, we had a tea time in this shop. Ai yah~~~ Sibu people were a curious bunch. They must be wondering where was this sakai Fish Fish came from, took pictures on everything. -_-"""

Oh yes, the business is sure good in this shop.

I kept looking at the menu... I wanted to try the Ox-tail soup, but I didn't. My appetite dropped a lot due to the flu, so ordering a bowl of noodle was enough for me.

Jerry ordered a plate of chicken rice. He told me this is the famous thing in this shop too.

I tasted. It was ok. The rice not bad, not oily. But the meat was just ok.

While waiting for my order, I had a glass of dragon fruit juice.

Hmmm... I was expecting a real red glass of dragon fruit juice. Disappointingly, it was a glass of drink added with concentrated grape juice syrup and pitifully little red dragon fruit flesh. Too sweet for my palate. I think next time I will make one 100% dragon fruit juice for myself then.

My uncle, Bert Bert and Gloria ordered Mixed Beef Noodle.

The noodle was topped with beef and tendon. With the special spicy sauce that was blended in, this made a really good bowl of Dried Beef Noodle.

Well, it was really a nice bowl of noodle, except it was too salty.

I am not so much of a noodle person. I would usually go for Kueh Tiaw over any other type of starch.

So, fish fish had a bowl of Dried Mixed Beef Kueh Tiaw.

Mmmm... I love it. The Kueh Tiaw is smooth though a bit sticky. *slurp slurp slurp*

Once again, too bad it was too salty. Should have reminded the owner not to make mind too salty. I love the tendon, giving my mouth good exercising time by munching the elastic tendons. :P

I wish Kuching has this type of beef noodle too. It would be a good place to be a regular customer. At least fish fish will. ;)

Monday, May 22, 2006

Din Bian Hu and Cao Zhu Mian

Yesterday, I went to have 2 sets of bowling game with my cousins. It has been more than 5 years I didn't play any bowling.

Tee hee hee... some of my blind blind hits gave good points to my game. I know I know, the score is very low compare to the pro, but I was really enjoying the moment with my cousins. 5 years ago, we promised to play the game, but we missed that. Finally, we have the game yesterday.

Geee... now I am thinking whether I should go for a proper bowling class. :P I discovered it is a fun sport yesterday.

After that, we went to take Purikura. It was a promise with my youngest cousin. We went to Xing Guang to take. Haha... the machine was in Japanese, and the staff was pointing each step to teach us. So weird. It is definitely not a good feeling to have other people stared at you when you are taking this big head photo. Bleh~~~

However, eventually when he looked at the way how I deal with the machine, he knows I am familiar with the thing. So, he went away. Phew!!!

We picked up aunt and went for an early dinner.

Diehardx, guess what? Haha... aunt brought me to the butterfly park shop that you mentioned. Only went I came home, read your comment then I realised you recommended it too.

This proves famous eating places in Sibu generally will be well-known. :P

The shop named Hing Huong. Located in an alley.

It has been there since decades ago. So, you see an old and not hygiene space for you to eat. Who cares? Eat first, pain later.

We came for the famous Din Bian Hu (Wok Side Glue). Ehhem, pardon my direct translation. :P

Oh yes, definitely the best Din Bian Hu I have ever tried. Aunt ordered a special bowl for me. Once again proves you have to be in the place to eat its famous food. I couldn't find this kind of Din Bian Hu in Kuching. Or maybe got, but I didn't realise.

My aunt told me an original Din Bian Hu should be quite soupy. Black fungus and Jin Zhen vege with rehydrated dried cuttlefish should never be lacked inside a bowl good Foochow Din Bian Hu.

Mmmm... *slurp slurp slurp* I was the fastest to finish the whole bowl. :P Oh yes, would love to have a second bowl the next time I come to Sibu.

Two of my cousin ordered Cao Zhu Mian (Fried Cooked Noodle). This one also good too, but as I am not a fan of yellow noodle, not much comment on this one.

Fishball in this shop is famous. Well, it tasted good, but the texture is not firmed enough. I like balls that give more munchy chewings.

So, next time if you go to Sibu and want to look for a bowl of good Din Bian Hu, this will be the place. ;)

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Sui Guo Bing and Kompia

I am now still in the Swan town.

You can see swans here and there... the concrete swans.

This is the most beautiful swan in the town... getting ready to fly across Rejang river, after its transformation from the ugly duckling.

I never knew its mascot is a swan, until I am here to visit this town again.

One thing about Sibu, it is so near to get to anywhere in the town. Convenient I would say, but not much sites for tourist things.

However, I am enjoying the time looking for yummilicious.

I found good ones yesterday night.

Aunt whole family brought me to Taman Selera Muhibah for dinner.

We ordered a few things. Among them, there were 2 impressive local foods I would like to introduce.

This is stall number 5.

We came here especially for its Sui Guo Bing (Fruit Ice).

Marvellous. The fruits inside were fresh. Nothing will quench your thirst better on hot sweaty day with a big bowl of this refreshing cool ice.

If not because I was still having my flu (*Hacchu!!*), and my appetite "not so good", I would sure had a second bowl. :P

Also, we ordered some kompia from stall 40.

At first, I was thinking the typical sweet meat filling that I had in Kuching.

However, with the 1st bite, I know I like this version of kompia very much.

It was spicy minced meat. Very suit my palate. I had 2 of them, even though I was with a full stomach.

Mmmm... I definitely would go to have these two once again before I go back to Kuching.

Ok, can anyone suggest other good eating outeries in Sibu that fish fish can go and try before she go home? As long as it is not kampua. :P Thank you.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

I was at...

I am still in Sibu today. Decided to be with my aunt whole family for a few more days. Before coming up to Sibu, I was in another 2 towns.

My first time using an express boat to travel in Sarawak. It was a fun experience for me. Fish Fish was exploring Sarawak river during the whole ride.

After a 3.5 h ride, I reached...

... the pineapple town. Sarikei.

Sarikei is a town famous with agricultural activity. They produce a lot of pineapple and dragon fruit. My 2 favorite tropical fruits.

Oh yes, I had one pineapple chose by my friend. It was really a sweet and crunchy choice. One of the pineapple I have ever tasted.

It is a quiet town, I would say. Quite clean. But very hot.

Recent years, as a lot of young people moved out to other cities to work, the town development is kinda not moving.

One interesting thing is that Sarikei has a lot of banks. According to my friend, "You see, Sarikei people have money to earn, but no place to spend. That's why usually people only bank in their money, but seldom they withdraw them."

Oh... I see. Sarikei people are rich. :P

I was brought to this Riverside Seafood Restaurant for a welcoming lunch by my friends.

Yum Yum~~~ each of us had a big bowl of this HUGE prawn vermicelli. The sweetness of the soup, given by the umami of these big fresh prawn. A bowl of this was for RM10 only.

Later that day, after a short rest, we went to Bintangor by car.

Geee... I never know Sarikei is this near to Bintangor. I learnt to know Bintangor used to known as Binatang as there were a lot of animals in this town. Interesting fact.

The big sour tangerine, is the famous product in Bintangor. It is basically smaller than Sarikei.

We came all the way for the big sour tangerine, and this stall named Wong Hung Ping.

For its famous Bintangor rojak.

I love this one. Kinda different from Kuching's rojak. The sweetness of brown Atap sugar gave a unique blended taste to the prawn paste. There were a lot of different ingredients inside this plate of rojak.

Fresh and crunchy cucumber, sengkuang, pineapple mixed with gravy absorbed fritter, yao char kuey, tofu and sweet potato. Instead of the ground peanut, the plate was topped with coarse peanut crunch, giving a nice texture for your palate pleasure when you bit on them.

It is definitely a rojak that worth trying.

*slurp* Thinking about it now making me salivating now.

I am really greatful to have these 2 friends giving a nice and sweet memories in Sarikei and Bintangor. I only paid for my boat ticket. They were really spoiling me with all kind of nice treats. Thank you so much.

*Wave Wave* Hello, unknown friends from Sarikei and Bintangor, Fish Fish was at your hometown. ^_^

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Away from Kuching

Weiiiiii~~~ Hello everybody.

Fish Fish is not in Kuching at the moment. :P

So, anybody know where I am now.

Give you 3 clues...

I was in town with a BIG PINEAPPLE, then town with a BIG LIMAU.

Then today, I am in town with a lot of BIG SWANS.

Met great people. I am enjoying myself.

;) Ok, more update then.


Monday, May 15, 2006

Kampung Panchor Dayak Hot Spring

^_^ My Kakak office has streamyx now. It is much easier for me to online. Yippie!!

I was planning to do one post for my blog this noon. Unexpectedly, my ex-Prof sent me an email requiring me to submit our revised manuscript. So, I turned up using 5 hrs to do checking, correction for the paper, before I took a long time for the big file to finally successfully uploaded to the journal's homepage.

But the feeling was really good. I felt like I was back to my old lab doing my work. Busy but happy.

Gosh~~~ I am really craving for work now. Help!!!

Anyway, this is one special post. Not food, nor beautiful scene.

I want to talk about water.

Not just normal water, but water that is a gift from the underground.

This type of water is so common in Japan, that it has become a part of the Japanese culture.

However, in Kuching, only very gifted area that is located in rural place have this kind of water.

Yes, I am talking about hotspring.

Being a person who have went to many hot spring, be it a very basic or a high class natural hot spring, I enjoyed each of them.

After leaving Japan, it is one of the enjoyment I miss the most, to give myself a good half body soaking inside hot spring water.

It is a good thing to have a maternal side from Serian. They can tell you a lot of unknown thing in Serian.

I went up to Serian on Sunday to celebrate Mother's Day with my mum, my grandma and my aunt. It was a great moment with the three mothers.

On the way back, mum and aunt mentioned about existance of hot spring in 27th mile.

Excited to hear that, I decided to drive into 27th mile to look for it. The heavy rain didn't stop us at all.

I found it. I saw it. I touched it.

Here I am, to share this unforgettable moment with you.

This is how you can access to the point.

If you drive from Kuching to Serian, you will see this big red sign Ton Fa on you left, about 16km away from Serian.

After the red sign, you will see road sign that pointing a junction for right turning into Kpg. Panchor.

At the beginning of the road, you will see another blue sign that indicating this hot spring is 4km away from the main road to Serian.

So, we turned and turned and turned on the windy road... until we came to another blue sign that was saying "Welcome to Kampung Panchor Dayak Hot Spring".

It was a straight rock road that led us to the final destination.

Tralala~~~ if you see this hut, that means you are there!!

Inside the hut, it is written that from February 2006, the hot spring only will be opened on Saturday and Sunday, from 7.00 am to 5.30pm.

However, if you really want to go on normal weekday. You still can do that by calling En. Tapok with these 2 numbers.

Most probably, he will come to open the place for you.

Now, how much is it per person?

It is a very reasonable price RM3 only.

Oolala~~~ I wasn't expecting anything like this inside a Nipah forest.

Impressive indeed.

Hot spring in Kuching, for real!!!

As there were only 2 visitor soaking themselves at that time, the water is clear and still.

Amazing. Never will I have thought to find such a hotspring in Nipah forest.

It doesn't has the strong sulphur smell like the one in Japan.

We entered the place for free, as we didn't do any bathing. The guard was a very friendly bumiputera, speaking fluent Hakka to me. ;)

I couldn't help but tried to soak my legs into the water.

It was warm, it was so nostalgic, it was one of the best moment since I came back to Kuching.

I almost wanted to get naked and soak inside the water. :P

Oh yes, for sure the next time I go, I am going to have a nice long hot bath there. ^_^

A serious warning here... pregnant woman and ladies that are having PMS are not allowed to take a bath inside.

Why? It is the rule. It was because there was another hot spring many years ago that turned into cold water after a pregnant woman took a bath there. The local believed the magic spell was decoded.