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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Happy Valley Home BBQ

Oops, pardon my 2 days inactivation. I was in Serikin on Saturday and in Sematan diving yesterday.

I am now blogging from bing! Good place for a quiet and relaxing online-time. The service is free!! So all you have to do is order a drink and you can stay as long as you want. Weekday day time bing! is great. Not much people, and that is really what I like.

I am with Yellowant now. Really thanks to her that I can access my wireless network smoothly now. Geeee... a silly fish like me will never know it was just a push of the button that turned my wireless internet on and off. -_-"""

This, was a good place I went to with my mum a few weeks ago. Happy Valley Home BBQ. We chose this one as we didn't want to join the crowded groups for mother's day celebration. I just wanted to have a slow and relaxing dinner with mum that night.

It is a house-style eating outlet. That night was a quiet one. Only another 3 groups of people were having dinner there.

Once you entered the place, you will see a signboard that recommending special menu of the day. That night, it was Rosemary sirloin steak with a glass of iced lemon tea for RM18.90.

Well, we ordered one just to see how the steak was prepared.

The outlook was ok. But the taste was no no. The steak was over-cooked. Hard to chew. Yet, I didn't have the gut to order a rare, and I forgot to remind them not to do it too cook. My bad. I didn't like the sauce. It was not something my palate would prefer. Ok, I admit I am very hard to please when come to steak. I like steak with only salt and coarse black pepper to bring out the whole good taste of a good piece of meat. Refer to this one please.

Mum was the one who helped to finish this. Thanks mum for not wasting the food.

We also ordered the oxtail soup. I was expecting a clear soup version. So, this was not something I have wanted. It was ok. Somehow, creamy potage for the night was too heavy for me. The garlic bread was good though. Releasing its good fragrance into your mouth when you chewed on it bite by bite.

Ok, the first two, were not recommended by fish fish. However, the next 2, are something you must try if you wanna visit it next time.

Mutton Curry. This was one of the best I have experienced in Kuching. Nevermind about some of the meat are too fatty for dieting ladies, it was really good. I am talking about a home-blended spices utilization inside a bowl of hot and spicy curry that will give you a great satisfaction even if you were just eating a whole bowl of rice with its gravy only.

When we were enjoying it, the lady owner came to greet us. Haha!!! It was my fault, I kept taking pictures here and there, intrigued her deep curiosity on me. Oops, I am not a spy. :P

So, I told her I am a blogger, and I talk about food.

Immediately she said, "Ah, there was a guy who have do the same thing too on our restaurant."

"Oh, what is his name?" I asked, though I have figured out whoelse if not this guy. Muahahaha...

"Errrr... something sounds like SIXTHSENSE."

Bingo!!! I was right. ;) "Sixthseal." I corrected her.

"Oh, you know him?" She was surprised.

"Yes, I am his regular reader."

"Girl~~~ bring me the paper that I printed. The one that introduced our restaurant." Immediately, she ordered her staff to bring over something.

In minutes, this post was presented in front of me. Geee... she printed out the post nicely. It was good to see how the things that we blogged were appreciated by others. ^_^

Ah~~~ nostalgic.

The lady owner, Yvonne, is a very friendly person. Mum had a good time enjoy chatting with her.

While they were chatting, I was having my time slowly gulping down these great BBQ pork. The pork was one of the softest and nicest for my food experience in Kuching.

The grilling was aptly done. Juicy meat was tempating your taste bud to crave for more and more of it. The owner was telling me they only use premium fresh pork from the nicest part. No wonder. Only a good standard ingredient can give you a great taste that do not need much decoration.

Oh yes, the mutton curry and this pork chop are definitely something I will come back again for it.

Yvonne was telling me in June, they are going to have a totally new menu for new season. So, do hop over to Happy Valley Home BBQ to try their new menu. This time, they are gonna offer clear oxtail soup. I am going to try it. Anyone wanna join me? ;)

Yvonne, thanks for the discount. That was really kind of you. ^_^ Sorry for my delayed post of this. Unexpected events were interrupting it.



At 4:01 AM, Blogger DieHardX said...

sixthseal must b veli happy! haha!

At 6:10 PM, Blogger Kristopher said...

hehehe...HB sure can do it... :)

Happy Valley is nice, we always go for the chicken chop and the bbq lamb and pork...that yum yum.... but long time didn't go liaw....

At 7:44 PM, Blogger Wena said...

:) nice review. haven't been there in years.

the original place was actually owned by someone else, not Yvonne. Also, the name was different although offhand I cannot recall the name of the person. He used to live in that house with his family (you can see an old granny sitting quietly there as well as his cute little dog running around).

the food remained the same since then though. not much change. i'm glad to see that it's still around. the BBQ pork was definitely one of their specialties.

At 5:44 AM, Blogger Acrix said...

Fish fish converted to carnivore these days ??? Craving for curry mutton and bbq pork after looking at the photo :(

At 6:08 AM, Blogger fish fish said...

diehardx : That will have to ask himself. ;)

kristopher : I haven't tried the BBQ lamb. Something I will.

wena : Oh, really? I didn't ask her though.

acrix : No lar~ just that I blogged too much vegetarians in the past, now I am more to blog about special meat. :P But I will blog about vege when they are special though. Heeee...


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