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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Sui Guo Bing and Kompia

I am now still in the Swan town.

You can see swans here and there... the concrete swans.

This is the most beautiful swan in the town... getting ready to fly across Rejang river, after its transformation from the ugly duckling.

I never knew its mascot is a swan, until I am here to visit this town again.

One thing about Sibu, it is so near to get to anywhere in the town. Convenient I would say, but not much sites for tourist things.

However, I am enjoying the time looking for yummilicious.

I found good ones yesterday night.

Aunt whole family brought me to Taman Selera Muhibah for dinner.

We ordered a few things. Among them, there were 2 impressive local foods I would like to introduce.

This is stall number 5.

We came here especially for its Sui Guo Bing (Fruit Ice).

Marvellous. The fruits inside were fresh. Nothing will quench your thirst better on hot sweaty day with a big bowl of this refreshing cool ice.

If not because I was still having my flu (*Hacchu!!*), and my appetite "not so good", I would sure had a second bowl. :P

Also, we ordered some kompia from stall 40.

At first, I was thinking the typical sweet meat filling that I had in Kuching.

However, with the 1st bite, I know I like this version of kompia very much.

It was spicy minced meat. Very suit my palate. I had 2 of them, even though I was with a full stomach.

Mmmm... I definitely would go to have these two once again before I go back to Kuching.

Ok, can anyone suggest other good eating outeries in Sibu that fish fish can go and try before she go home? As long as it is not kampua. :P Thank you.


At 7:29 AM, Blogger DieHardX said...

try e few below but may require ur auntie 2 give u definite location:

-u wan more kompia with minced meat try e foodcourt beside catholic church near catholic high skool. morning-noon.

-try e herb dip sauce kompia one at tiong hua road. the house nearest to the main road. tis one onli operates at 2-4pm everyday inside e house. u can c alot of cars n sinking ground. they put pork inside e kompia or u can have it kosong.

-dien mien ngu at the 'butterfly park' in e alley, with pathlab in front n standard chartered n chieng feng bookstore.try order a special bowl. dun go too late at nite. no more special bowls.nite onli till even 11pm. beside chieng feng bookstore got tis fuzhou restaurant which is famous 4 e siew mai. try it! morning to afternoon.

-go to sheraton restaurant try their curry fish head. try their fried man tou with pork meat. YUMMY!nite time.

-fried bai guo gang at the kopitiam backside facing sushi tie, beside amway near rejang medical centre as well aloha opposite takiong n guardian. try sushi tie for e best japanese cuisine in sibu. the chef trained from japan. people say aloha laksa is good, try it. i am not a laksa lover. morning-aftnoon.

-red wine friend hung ngan opposite the wen hua bookstore n star cineplex, u c a kopitiam beside a staircase going up 2 dr.wong dental with a covered alley with tables n chairs, dat auntie also makes my favourite char kueh tiaw, try both! morning best, aftrnoon out of stock sometimes.

-e corner kopitiam directly opposite star cineplex where e malay rojak is. try it! special rojak! morning...veli famous.

-e beef noodle huai bin posted in his blog, opposite parkson. morning to afternoon.

-u wan 2 try e best fruit bing (sui guo bing), go to rejang park, the kopitiam beside e piano shop in front. afternoon best time.

-ikan bakar? go to bandong, chinese store. u can try e salad sotong.nite time.

-zhou chai hung ngan. i dunno where is e best but tis is foochow signature dish n should not b hard 2 find in any kopitiams.

-eating in long house atmosphere? go to chinese association at bukit lima with alot of flag poles. near e swimming pool n park n graveyard. nite time.

-prawn noodles? ming kwong kopitiam. near e tua pek kong.

-pork rib noodle/kueh tiaw tie pan? go to sg. merah, the row of shophouses beside e market. the one nearest has good coffee, the last in e row has tis pork rib noodle/kueh tiaw. must try. u can c tis fat auntie there. morning to aftrnoon.

-wan 2 try crabs? go to the crab eating place near e bus station. e kopitiam which is so huge. not e best crabs, not fresh, just cheap. taste ok. go onli if u like crabs so much. must go early like 6-7pm, crabs gone fast.

-taiwanese style? kopitiam behind methodist secondary skool opposite sibu public library. so so for me.whole day.

-fresh cockles? tis place also serve some great n big varieties of fruit juices. try all e cool ones like dragonfruit. art friend photo shop row, at the other end u have e famous chicken rice kopitiam. can try it too, 4 me so so. tis shop is beside it n onli opens at nite. u c many tables with umbrellas at nite as it opens.

-famous duck rice. the kopitiam beside hong kong bank building. morning till afternoon.

At 7:35 AM, Blogger DieHardX said...

tzi char noodle....rejang park. the kopitiam nearest to the main road near eon bank n bus stop with a plaza/square in the middle. morning-nite.

so far, can onli think of these few in my mind. happy food hunting!

At 4:41 AM, Blogger Kong-Kay said...

the duck rice isn't there anymore... moved back to sarikei. those kompia are not the real thing...try those stuffed with pork belly in soy sauce. donno where u can find them nowadays. try the fried "horse-hoof" at market rd. where they sell freshly baked kompia and u-cha-kueh.

At 6:44 PM, Blogger DieHardX said...

kong-kay: is it? then no worries. you can still try to eat at the sibling kopitiam at pedada road near ur taman selera muhibbah. it is e bro's shop. unfortunately i dunno e name but u can spot it selling e famous duck morning-afternoon n u have a sheltered alley with tables n chairs. i hope it is not closed as well.

dat is not soy sauce, dat is herblah! n u can onli find it in dat house at tiong hua road which i mentioned in my comment. it is e best left.

as 4 e fresh kompia, tis family business in Market Rd (where nite market is at nite) is e biggest n longest in sibu. 2 siblings were even my neighbour b4 n i can just order fresh baked stuff from my backyard! if u like 2 eat fresh KOSONG kompia, go when it is just come out from oven. normally u have 2 productions a day, morning n noon. n try e authetic foochow's JIN NON PIA, u cannot get it in kuching i think.

both jin non pia n kompia have many flavours nowadays. i think u should try e kosong 1st. e horse hoof or u-sha-kueh u can get anywhere in e world lah! even s'pore can find.

At 7:47 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

diehardx : Oh man, that is truly a detailed info for eating in Sibu. Thanks a lot. Well, some of them I have tried a few days ago. ;) Will post later. But I wouldn't have time to try all as I am going home soon. :P

kong-kay : I tried the horse hoof in Sarikei. I like it, taste like a chewy doughnut. :)


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