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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Teochew Porridge and Beef Noodle

I was back to Kuching yesterday evening. Having flu for almost a week. Finally dragged myself to see a doctor. :P I want to go to dive this Sunday, must try to get well soon.

This is some round balls that I saw in Central Market in Sibu. A large market. Nice.

According to Bert Bert, these are the Feng Shui Ball. Geeee... that is interesting. I would never expect Feng Shui Ball in Sibu town.

After walking around hunting for ingredient to cook fish fish rojak style Fetuccini, we decided to have breakfast on the upper floor of the market.

Bert Bert recommended this Teo Chew Meat Porridge that he had once, as recommended by his friend.

It was election time. The taukeh was too busy chatting with guests about election, rather than focus on his business. *tsk tsk tsk* Election fever.

Anyway, after waiting for a while...

Three bowls of Teo Chew Meat Porridge were served to us.

We ordered a half-cooked egg as extra ingredient.

Quite a nice one. Simple yet yummy. Nothing else, but just the combination of porridge, meat and egg.

Geee... porridge sure is a warming food, I was sweating heavily after gulping the whole bowl.

Later in the late noon, we were on the way going to aunt's shop. Suddenly, I saw one very familiar sign, which I vaguely recalled I saw it somewhere.

Suddenly, I remembered...

"Ah!!! Ah Ho Beef Noodle!!" I yelled out. Geee... you should see how surprise my uncle and cousins were that I know about this shop. :P

Thanks Huai Bin... for that post. I am glad you introduced it to us. And yes, diehardx, I went to try before you mentioned it in my previous post. :P

I decided to give it a try. So, we had a tea time in this shop. Ai yah~~~ Sibu people were a curious bunch. They must be wondering where was this sakai Fish Fish came from, took pictures on everything. -_-"""

Oh yes, the business is sure good in this shop.

I kept looking at the menu... I wanted to try the Ox-tail soup, but I didn't. My appetite dropped a lot due to the flu, so ordering a bowl of noodle was enough for me.

Jerry ordered a plate of chicken rice. He told me this is the famous thing in this shop too.

I tasted. It was ok. The rice not bad, not oily. But the meat was just ok.

While waiting for my order, I had a glass of dragon fruit juice.

Hmmm... I was expecting a real red glass of dragon fruit juice. Disappointingly, it was a glass of drink added with concentrated grape juice syrup and pitifully little red dragon fruit flesh. Too sweet for my palate. I think next time I will make one 100% dragon fruit juice for myself then.

My uncle, Bert Bert and Gloria ordered Mixed Beef Noodle.

The noodle was topped with beef and tendon. With the special spicy sauce that was blended in, this made a really good bowl of Dried Beef Noodle.

Well, it was really a nice bowl of noodle, except it was too salty.

I am not so much of a noodle person. I would usually go for Kueh Tiaw over any other type of starch.

So, fish fish had a bowl of Dried Mixed Beef Kueh Tiaw.

Mmmm... I love it. The Kueh Tiaw is smooth though a bit sticky. *slurp slurp slurp*

Once again, too bad it was too salty. Should have reminded the owner not to make mind too salty. I love the tendon, giving my mouth good exercising time by munching the elastic tendons. :P

I wish Kuching has this type of beef noodle too. It would be a good place to be a regular customer. At least fish fish will. ;)


At 8:54 AM, Blogger Prawn said...

I had been to Sibu on 2001 for three months. I remember that there was a fengshui ball at the padang near a tall building (forgot what plaza was that).

I like the konlormee (without ajinomoto) and miss it very much now.

the beef shop you went looked so familiar to me. I think I might have gone there before.

wow, it had been 5 years since i went there.

At 10:03 AM, Blogger DieHardX said...

actually tis aho got interesting story. it is not malay owned as huai bin stated in his blog. if not, why is it called aho? simple hint.

well, it is owned by tis chinese couple.e boss is a skinny guy, he hangs around e shop sometimes, looks like a nice guy.most of e time he is in charge of chicken rice section.his wife veli fierce, bigger size.haha! u can c them around shop.

fyi, tis is e 3rd location known 2 me. e 1st location we found it was around year 1999/2000. they were opposite public library. then they moved 2 beside mickey store.finally, they went 2 tis location.

i dunno why adopting 2 halal food but all his staffs r malay n sometimes in e noon u can c him teaching them some skills on site.

e easiest sign is e cow sign. wherever it goes, e cow sign will move along, so u can easily identify where e cow had travelled! hehe!

At 10:26 AM, Blogger Yellow Ant said...

Hey,..you got ur diving license?
I was out at japanese rack on sunday.. I thought I would meet you over there as mama wong told me U're going for a dive trip at there...

At 6:13 PM, Blogger Kristopher said...

nice.... how about our Curry Lamb meet lo... gone wioth the wind liaw ahhh..hehehe

At 1:57 AM, Blogger Primrose said...

I was also down with flu last week. I think the bug's going around and my appetite also gone down. But I'm craving for beef noodles now. I'm gonna eat beef noodles this weekend. Yay! :)

At 6:50 PM, Blogger letti said...

man o man...droollllll

At 7:57 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

Little prawn : Oh yes, that fengshui ball in padang, I saw it too. But I didn't take a picture on it. So, you are not from Sibu?

diehardx : Man~~~ next time I must go out to eat with you once, you really seem to know a lot of these interesting back side stories. and fish fish would really love to listen. *kay po* :P

yellow ant : Yes dear. I got my diving license. Only to 18m though. I was going, but no more vacancy for me, so have to wait next time lor. Hey, maybe I should join you guys for diving next time too. ^_^

kristopher : Of course not, a promise is a promise. But this promised is delayed. Sorry ar~ I am planning for next week. This week me flu, not too good to spread to you all. :P

primrose : Ai yah~ is your bug spread to me or the other way round ar? Tee hee hee...

letti : *hand over a piece of tissue* :P


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