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Monday, May 08, 2006

Wedding Dinner at Thian Court

Grrrrr... my house's dial-up no more credit.

So, today, I am blogging from my mother's friend's house.

I blogged with streamyx for the 1st time today. :P

It is really good that I don't have to wait for age to upload my thing.

Has been a while I didn't do a proper long food blog. Taking the nice opportunity today to do one.

Let me show you what is a typical wedding dinner back in my hometown for a typical Chinese family. This dinner has a special meaning for me, as it was my 1st time attending a friend's wedding. It was my 1st time as well after 11 years, participating in a non-vegetarian wedding dinner.

Outside the dinner hall, we were required to sign for the couple.

Then, we were given one small lovely candle as souvenir.

MF got a yellow one, and mine was a red one.

It has a range of different colours.

Cute little thing I would say, better than those sweet wedding candies.

That night, we were served 8 types of dishes for the whole course.

Well, why 8?

It is a numerical symbol which brings good meaning to the Chinese. It means prosperity. 8 is an even number. For Chinese, it is best to have even numbers for something, even for representing number of dishes, except the number 4.

By the time MF and me went to make an emergency natural call, there was this plate of nice cold plate on the table. This is called Lucky Dragon Brings Good News. Well, prawn is known as sea-dragon by the Chinese. Dragon is a lucky symbol for Chinese. So, using Dragon in naming a dish is greatly like by a lot of restaurants.

I regretted not bringing my camera on the way to washroom. It was a great scene, whereby all the waiters was standing by with candles in the middle of the dishes. Each of them had 2 plates of this dish... with about 30 of them lined along the aisle

I felt like a VVIP when I pass through them to get into the washroom behind the lines.

"Give way everyone!!!" Their chief was screaming. In seconds, the line was divided into 2 and giving a nice path for MF and me to get through them. We walked like a queen passing them (just kidding).

It was fun!!! ^_^

Second dish. Thick and Sweet Romance. It is actually Shark Fin Soup. Not a bad one. Love it with extra black vinegar, gaving so much kick. Yum Yum~~~ I just love sour food.

Next, Roasted Pork. Not just normal pork, but using very young pig.

My first time on a Roasted Pork. Yes, believe it or not, my 1st try on this dish.

Interesting crispy skin, but a bit too oily. Not impressive on the meat of this roasted pork. I enjoyed the pickled vege that decorated at side. Good thing to increase your appetite as it masked the greasiness that was given by the pork.

Year Year Has Leftovers. Instead of normal steamed fish, we were served Mango Fried Fish. The fish was not bad, but I don't really like the sauce as it has pungent taste that was released by the topping.

Fish is same pronunciation as "Leftover" in Mandarin. So, using a fish in a dish is another favorite among the Chinese for good occasion.

Instead, Fish is a must dish during Chinese New Year.

Heeee... I translate this dish Long Long Long Long.

It is a dish that brings the meaning a Long Lasting and Durable Relationship.

Pheonix Peace Cry. Ai yah~ too improper for the translation. Anyway, chicken is representing another legendary animal, the Phoenix.

This dish was using Dang Gui (a chinese herb) for cooking slowly in aluminium foil. It was slowly braised until the meat was easily separated from its bone without any effort, just a light touch by using spoon has enough force to tear the meat apart.

One of my favorite dish for the night. Too bad, it only came out when almost all of us has a full stomach. I love the soup. So "sweet".

The final main course dish. Golden Shine. It is actually dumpling cooked with sticky gravy. Well, this was ok.

It was my first time encountered with a wedding dinner with dumpling served as one of the dish. In China, the northern part regions like to make Dumpling for festive season. This is because Dumpling has a shape similar to the old days golden cubes called Yuan Bao. However, in Malaysia, most of our ancestors were migrated from the southern part of China, whereby Spring Roll is a more common festive dish.

Therefore, I would consider this is quite a special dish at the night for me.

Of course, how would a full course be completed without a good plate of fruit. Time to give your body some vitamins and fiber.

As dessert, we had a portion of wedding cake to end our dinner. I enjoyed the cream, not too sweet, with a good balance of saltiness in it.

If not because of a full stomach, I would like to eat more, but I had enough space in my stomach to squeeze one bite.

There you are, my full report on a Kuching style Chinese wedding dinner.

Hmmm.... let see, when will be the next time I join another friend's wedding.

Ah~~~ who will be the next? (Geee... my primary school teacher was sitting with us, she threw this explosive question to all of us.)

We were pointing to each other to skip it. Tee hee hee... :P

Man~~~ the topics marriage and pregnant and kids are getting more and more often lately when I chat with friends. *myak*


At 6:21 AM, Blogger DieHardX said...

a few dishes quite different from the sibu foochow style of wedding dinner but not too far apartlah.

actually i dun really like wedding dinners. they all have tis kind of standard smell n it just get u so bored or lost of appetite. probably just me.

yes, around mid 20s to late 20s is when marriage and children become hot topic 2 us. it is alwiz e saying dat e woman will lost the charm after 30. but in s'pore n probably any bigger city with higher living standards, 30s marriage is so common n consider early.

At 8:11 AM, Blogger Primrose said...

I actually like wedding dinners. Got pretty decor, nice doorgifts, beautiful couple and food food food!!! You will notice that only the chinese have 8-9 course dinners! Can get fat. Hehe!

At 6:36 PM, Blogger Kristopher said...

"It was a great scene, whereby all the waiters was standing by with candles in the middle of the dishes. Each of them had 2 plates of this dish... with about 30 of them lined along the aisle"

last year when my dinner, i ask them to ask them to do that and not to play the star war theme song or kitaro or jurassic park when they come n...lol..

At 8:30 PM, Blogger cooknengr said...

Hey Fish Fish, if this is my restaurant, I'll rename the 年年有餘, 長長久久 to 魚水之歡, 粗長耐久... :)

At 1:26 AM, Blogger Kristopher said...

opsie...atypo... i mean NOT to do that....

At 10:35 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

diehardx : Heee.. you know what? I wanna stay the older I get, the more attractive I become. ;) Yeah, I know, I need to do, not just say. :P

primrose : Oh yes, I agree with you. Attending one Chinese wedding dinner can be really fattening.

kristopher : Hahahha!! Hey, know what song was played that night? The JURASSIC!!!

cooknengr : Tsk tsk tsk. And what kind of customers you gonna expect??

At 6:51 AM, Blogger cooknengr said...

Hey Fish Fish, I expect Happy couples who 先上車後補票, 奉子成婚 type


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