I eat so much until people call me Dr. Fish Fish.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A tagging from Wilson - 4

It has been a long time I didn't fulfill any tagging. Yes, I am a lazy fish.

This one is for Wilson. Promised to do one for him. Oops... sorry for the delay. :P I will make it into a simple one.

Four jobs I would stink at:
Well, I have never really worked before except a few months temporary teacher. So, my answer is I don't really know what work will make fish fish stink. Perhaps I will have the answer in another 10 years.

Four pretend nicknames I’m making up for myself:
There are enough nicknames I got from my friends, so I don't give myself extra ones. I would love to be called as pretty, sexy, skinny and tally ( which is totally opposed to what I really am now). :P

Four movies I have watched more than once:
1. The sound of music
2. Chong Qing Shen Lin
3. Long vacation (it's drama)
4. Tomb Raider (I wish there is a real human like her)

Four places I have lived (except Kuching):
1. Simunjan
2. Bangi
3. Kajang
4. Kyoto

Four things I love to do on my weekends:
1. Diving
2. Hiking
3. Sleeping
4. Eating

Four TV shows I geek out to, or used to geek out to (all in Japanese), it is one of things I miss the most of staying in Japan:
1. Ainori (a pink van that creates lots of couples)
2. Docchi no ryori (a match between 2 great chefs)
3. Hitachi Sekai Fushigi Hakken (discovery about world's interesting places and culture)
4. Sekai Ururun Taizaiki (homestay around the world)

Four alcoholic beverages I’ve enjoyed on offshore vacations :
Don't really drink alcohol. However, would love to have a glass of nice Premium Pure Japanese Sake.

Four things I could NOT live without (materially):
1. Money
2. Camera
3. Computer
4. Spectacles

Four of my favorite foods:
1. Fruits except apple
2. Vegetables except cilantro or its relatives
3. Eggs except century egg
4. Real chocolate

Four places I would rather be right now:
1. Red sea
2. Sipadan
3. Kirimanjaro (I will need a few months special training on my stamina for this)
4. Bhutan

The tagging will be stopped here. ;)

Have a nice day. Tata.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Fish Fish new house

June 23, 2006. This is a memoriable day for my family. We are moving to a new house. I was waken up by mom around 8.20am, regardless I slept quite late. I admit I am always the lazy one at home, so usually I will delay my time to wake up as much as possible.

Still, I was in time to watch the interesting part of moving house.

FIRECRACKER!!!! Weeeeee~~~ fun to listen to the nice sound waking up the neighbourhood. Oops!

Once it was over, the first things to bring into the house were salt and sugar, rice and oil. As we didn't move many things at one go this time, the moving was not as tiring as the one I had 13 years ago. I still remember what a hard time we had when moving the heavy piano up to 1st floor. (Ok, I didn't move it, I watched how the adults using up almost all their energy to move the thing up to 1st floor.)

It has been many years we didn't stay in a proper house.

It is good to see a nice living room for fish fish to have a good nap.

It is even better to know that we have a nice kitchen to have my afternoon tea while chit-chatting with my girlfriends.

However, the area I like the most, is a little space with a nice sofa for me to squeeze my brain and meet my Mr. Chow.

Oh, that secret little place, I shall keep it to myself. ;)

Hohoho... can't wait to have my first overnight there today. ^_^


Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Climb to the oldest temple

Last week, I went to look for my diving instructor, Edward. We were having breakfast. Then, I was saying my intention to climb Mount Santubong and was asking him when could he bring me there.

"How about today?" He replied.

"Are you kidding??" He must have been joking.

"Nope. I mean it. Let's go climbing."

Man~~~ he is really temptating my adrenaline to run wild.

So, I drove him back home to get his things and I went home to take mine, then off 2 of us to do some nice sweating.

Oh well, we didn't really go to Mount Santubong, as it was quite late to do a good climbing there.

Instead, he led me into another entrance to Mount Matang, which I never know the existance of this entrance.

We saw nice pitcher plant along the path.

We spotted some nice wild berries growing in the hidden bush.

We also nearly attacked by these eerie looking ants.

After nearly 30 min of steady pace of walking in the jungle, we reached the entrance to our destiny. From here, it was another 5 min walk.

Finally, we climbed this long stair.

There were beautiful white flowers blooming here and there along the stair.

The stair led me to a building I never knew, it is known as the oldest Indian Temple in Sarawak.

Here are the brief history I quoted from the notice board in this temple. It gives you a brief idea how this temple exist in this uphill today.

‘Brief History’

Some 2000 feet up, the site chosen as the slopes of Gunung Serapi provided ideal terrain for tea growing and setting of a hill retreat for the Second Rajah of Sarawak.

The Rajah then allowed the entry of Indian plantation workers to be employed at the tea plantation. It is estimated that close to 1000 Indian workers were engaged when the plantation were thriving. British were known to be tea lovers who maintained their social habits in the colonies. The tea plantation were also of particular interest because they helped support an aristocratic British social life and lifestyle on the hill, where Rajah Charles had built a bungalow within the tea estate for him and Rani named “Vallembrosa”.

One of the buildings at the tea and coffee plantation which has remained more or less intact after more than 90 years was a Hindu temple built by Indian plantation workers and was dedicated to to the Goddess Sri Maha Mariamman.

The temple was the earliest known Hindu shrine in Sarawak and was rediscovered in 1967, after being abandoned by the Indian workers since the tea plantation were closed in 1912. It was over grown with trees and creepers. Since 1967, for last 40 over years efforts have been made by the Hindu Communities in Kuching to maintain the sacred shrine, its surrounding and the road leading to the temple.

Tee hee hee... I hope I give a good history lesson for you today. ;) Though I never really like history (maybe because I never had a good history teacher), but I am really enjoying reading this brief introduction. Especially when I was in the place, and while walking around, my mine tend to fly back to the time when this temple was full of people coming and going...

Today, there is a proper nice natural path to go up to this temple as there were many people came up here to get numbers and they won. So, as a sign of giving thank, these people build a proper path for it.

Another thing worth to go, you get to have a very good view of Matang area from here. It gave me a peaceful moment to calm my mind and heal my body after a good sweat.

This is the main entrance into the old temple.

You will see 3 gods inside. One is not revealed here, which was covered by the green curtain.

According to Edward, the god behind the green curtain only will be shown in festive days.

This is a clearer view of the god on its left. The elephant god?

This is the one on the right. I am not sure about what god it is though.

I am not familiar with Indian gods. Maybe someone would like to give me a good lesson here. ;)

We went outside the main building, to the inner part of the compound.

We saw 2 golden snakes on another small hut.

These snakes were standing still under this Snake God. This was seem to be a very old one. I wonder how long have it been there. Edward was saying it used to be snakes coming here, but nowadays, it is very rare to spot one.

This picture was taken by Edward when I was having my hysterical moment.

I was very eager to have a nature call. There were a row of toilets available there. I chose one, very dark, but I decided to close the door. The moment I moved the door, there were 5 rats suddenly running through me into the dark.

"Wahhhhhhh!!!!!" I screamed out really loud. Edward was shocked. But fish fish was even more shocking.

"What happened??" Edward rushed to me.

"RATS!!!!" One word I said.

It took me about mins to calm myself before I decided to go into the toilet again.

"Edward, I'm not going to shut the door. Make sure you don't peep!!"

That was how I had an eerie experience for a simple water releasing from my body.

Gosh!!! I think I must have look like a popping up puffer fish. Even thinking about it now, it made my goosebumps up.

Oh well, that definitely made my trip to this oldest temple an even more memoriable one. ;)

Now, would you like to have a visit to this oldest temple in Sarawak too? Not for the numbers, ok?

Monday, June 19, 2006

Short update

Back to Kuching, one of the disadvantage is to have a very irregular blogging time. For accessing to internet, I need to drive to my uncle's place.

These few days, I have been busy with many things. One of them, on Sunday, I went to my first deep dive experience. It was great. A group of 6 of us went to do deep dive at Got Something, Japanese wreck (day dive and night dive). It was great to see sunflower coral garden at night time for the 1st time!!!! Beautiful scene. Pictures will be coming up later once I got them from my friend.

Gosh!!! So many things for me to do these 2 months, yet I am feeling my time is getting shorter.

Right, I need to go back to wash my diving set now. I forgot to wash them today because I have been a very good daughter helping my mom whole day. :P

I promise the oldest Indian temple will come up in my next post soon.

Tata. ;P

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


:P I've been very busy with ourdoor activities lately. Yesterday was one of those very impromptu one. I'll talk more about it in my next post. ;)

Today, I want to introduce a more classic restaurant for a good dinner.

It used to be a government house. Few years ago, it was turned into a housing style restaurant.

It has a lovely name... Magenta.

The little things that they used to decorate the place were a pleasure view.

I love the semi-transparent curtain that made margin for 3 rooms. Each room tend to have slight different in the theme.

It was quite a crowded night. I was with Wena for a nice and relaxing dinner.

We were served bitter gourd cracker as a before meal nibble.

Both of us ordered Revitalizing. A mixture of mango, pineapple, papaya and lemon juice. Sweet but with a good fragrant of citrus. I like it, but Wena think it was too sweet. RM7 per glass.

We decided to order 2 salads, without realising how big the portion can be. I wanted to try soft shell crab, as I never had one before. So we chose Magenta's caesar salad. It was a good choice, although the dressing tend to be over-bland. But I did enjoy the soft shell crab a lot. Wena was very kind to let me ate 2 of them. :P Now, anyone know place for good soft shell crab in Kuching? I would love to try more.

One for RM19.

The 2nd salad was an Oriental salad, with spicy Thai dressing. It was RM 17 per plate. Sorry for this one, as I didn't prefer the "unique" taste of the sauce that was used. If you like Thai food, this might be a good choice. But as the portion was big, and there were only 2 of us, we only finished 1/3 of this plate.

We stopped our main dish for a while before we finished the earlier 2.

Eventually, it was a right time for the main dish to be served. We ordered a seafood bouillabaisse.

Gosh!!! It was such a big bowl for the 2 of us. We should have just ordered 1 salad only. One of this for RM 39. It was our second choice as our 1st choice was sold out. Too bad.

I would say the price was quite ok for the big portion of it.

It had a generous portion of seafoods inside.

I love the broth. The Martini gave a very nice touch to the whole broth. It went very well with the garlic bread. Wena said milk must have been added to provide the creamy texture.

However, about the seafoods, I couldn't say the same. I guessed these seafoods were mostly frozen. The prawn texture was too powdery. The mussel was ok, but didn't have the juicy bite. Some of the mussel even quite stale. The squid was nice though, the freshest among the three.

I guess I was enjoying the broth so much that once again, Wena had only 1 slice of garlic bread and fish fish had two. Dip dip into the broth, munch munch in the mouth, warm wamr in the stomach. :P

Yah, it was a lovely night out. I said to myself, put the diet till other day then. Tee hee hee...

Magenta, a good place for dining, in term of ambience. It would be much much better if they dare to use fresher ingredients for the cooking. I like the taste. Yes, I would definitely go back again to try other dishes. They need to hire more staffs for a busy dinner night. The poor boys, it was surely a hectic night for them that day.


Monday, June 12, 2006

The natural faces

Ever since my daddy retired, one of his most enjoyable moment is to spend time with his two grandchildren.

Little Annabel is still too young to be spoilt by her Gong Gong. However, my little nephew is coming to the 19th months, meaning there are more and more things he can do it together with his grandpa.

One of it is.... EATING!! *of course*

So, one hot afternoon, he went into my father office to have some cool air.

"Ah Gong~~~" The way he pronounces this word is always full of emotion inside. Easily melt his Ah Gong's heart away.

"Bao Bao!!" He ordered his Ah Gong to hug him.

Now, that is an essential steps for him to get the real thing behind.

He pointed to the opposite direction... looked at his Ah Gong with a sweet but planned smile... "Mum mum!!"

This little boy talks in a different pitch with his daddy and Ah Gong, because he knows there 2 people spoil him the most.

I didn't see anything that can be eaten at the direction he pointed to, but he was very sure the precious was kept there.

So, daddy asked me to open the cabinet behind...

Ah yes... sure there was.

The NATURAL FACE soda crackers.

So, his Ah Gong opened one small pack, shared among them.

Yum Yum~~~ Ah Gong one piece, Cheng Cheng one piece.

In a very short while, they finished 3 packs together.

It was a moment full of laughter.

It was the 1st time I saw my daddy actually enjoying a pack of simple soda cracker to full.

3 packs of soda cracker - Very cheap.

Moment they spent together - Priceless.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Traffic light in history

I went to ST's birthday last Saturday. She held it in Merdeka Palace apartment room.

There were a few very interesting old pictures hanging on the wall. Among them, one particularly attracted me. It was located inside the washroom. So, when you are sitting down doing your important call, you have a nice picture in front of you to swirl your mind back to the old days.

This was the picture. (Retook with my camera. The picture was trimed to omit unwanted flash reflection.)

It was named "Kuching 1st Traffic Light 1956-1961".

That would be back to about half a century ago.

Looking at today's vast number of traffic lights in Kuching, have you ever wonder where was the 1st one?

Now you got the answer. ;)

Monday, June 05, 2006

A mini meeting with bloggers

Another 3 more weeks and one of my close cousin will fly to KL to start her study. 3 months in KL, then 7 years in France, with JPA scolarship. Oolala~~~ that means fish fish can have free place to stay in France in future. Yippie!!! *Wait! Need to get enough saving first* -__-""" *Wake up!!*

Anyway, I had a great day out last week with a few bloggers. It was a sudden decision. :P

I met Wena, miracle8, Wilson and Kristopher's whole family. We all met Kristopher for the 1st time except Wilson.

Click here for miracle8's report and Kristopher's report. Err... Wena actually blogged about it too, but it was a non-blogging day for her, so no picture. :P

We met at Song Kheng Hai hawker stalls car park, they were all very punctual. Then we headed to Lao Lee coffee shop for my 1st experience on...

Fish Head Bihun. The other 3 ordered Fish Flesh Bihun, only fish fish want to have a try on the hard-to-deal head. The bihun was ok, quite different from the one I have seen in KL.

All the time, Jessie was hugging her little Natasha walking around. She is just a month older than my little Annabel at home. Hohoho... they will become good friends.

Then we headed to room 205, it was named in such way due to the shop lot is number 205. Cool~~~ I like it.

It has a very nice front entrance.

At the back, the tropical plant give a different touch to the interior feeling. I actually like it, just that it was a smoking area, so we chose to sit in the darker front area.

We didn't try the food though, we wanted dessert, but the dessert was only offered after 5pm. *sigh*

Wilson has a glass of chocolate shake, which I was going to order... (the picture was taken nicely owed to Wena's handphone light) :P

However, the staff strongly recommended me their mango smoothies.

It was smooth, it was cooling, but it was lacked of the true mango fragrant that I was looking for.

Until this point, Natasha was into her margin line to be outside of her home sweet home. She wanted to go home. So, Kristopher had to say bye bye to us for his little princess to have her nice nap.

Bye bye Natasha~~~ Hope to see you again, sweetie. I want to introduce Annabel to you. Hohoho~~~

Guess what? The bloggers' meet didn't end just here.

Except for Wilson that was bloated with the food inside his stomach, the other 3 of us headed to the 3rd place.

Man~~~ 1st time a bloggers' meet we went to three places for food. Ha!!! It was fun.

We headed to Aha Cafe. It is Wena favorite cafe too. Yeah!

It was a bad idea to have 3 girls blocked together... because the temptation to have good food will spreaded to all at once.

So, we decided to have another sin, for a tea time, we had something rich. *eh hem*

Miracle8 had a nice plate of dory fillet.

Wena prefered a plate of grilled salmon.

While fish fish was so tempted by the look of this salivating lamb shank.

Oh man~~~ It was good. Could have been better if the mutton was softer and the sauce was milder. The sauce were too salty. Too much salt tend to spoil the original umami of the meat. Still, I finished whole of it. Tee hee hee...

Oh, I like these 2 ladies. They made my day by spending good time on having nice girls' talk. Heeeee...

Thanks a lot girls.

Thanks Wena for the treat. Next time must on me. ;)

Friday, June 02, 2006

aha cafe

I am going to a birthday party later on. Geee... they seem to make it a grand one, even go for hair styling and make up, with formal wear. Headache, all my clothes are still in shipping, what to wear?

I went to a very nice cafe that providing healthy food. Healthy foods in term of ingredients that they are using or ways of cooking.

It was a "date" with my primary school friend, SK. We have known each other since Primary 1. Everytime I come back to Kuching, usually I will buzz him for a meal together. He is going to start his Master study in medict. All the best, buddy.

He recommended on aha cafe, as he knows I am quite a health concious person. :P (I dare not say I am at the moment, too much unhealthy lifestyle.)

It was a Friday night, but there were only he and me at that moment. It was like we booked the whole place for free. Tee hee hee...

I love the ambience. Simple yet nice. Nice slow and healing music was playing at the back.

We had a very nice time talking in Xin An hakka for 2 hours, while having our dinner slow and relaxing. He is the only one out of two guys that speak Xin An hakka with me. :P

This is a glass of mania booster. It was basically a mixture of honey dew and papaya.

SK was having a glass of Super Red C. Can't remember what was inside.

This plate was for him. A more healthy dish for cooking spaghetti. Can't remember the name again. :P

I chose Marinara Carbonara. Carbonara is my favorite way for cooking pasta, so I tried the version in this shop. I have to say this is one of the best pasta I have tasted in Kuching till date. It suits my palate. The only complaint is they overcooked the seafood. Would be much better if they can control the texture of the seafoods better.

The cream was good though, not too rich. So it did not cause satiating easily. The pasta was cooked in andante that I like.

It was a great night out. Aha cafe will definitely worth my revisit.

In fact, I just revisited it yesterday. ;P This, I will tell more in my next post. ;)


Thursday, June 01, 2006

Chicking Eating House

Selamat Hari Gawai!

It is Hari Gawai today, went up to Serian to visit my sister's friend. It has been a few years I didn't come back to Kuching to join the Gawai celebration, the feeling is nostalgic. Had some nice Kueh Jala, but didn't had any chance for a sip of good Tuak, the famous Sarawak's rice wine. Ai yar~~~

I went to Chicking Eating House with my family for an early lunch a couple weeks ago. This restaurant is owned by my brother's friend. He has started to sell chicken rice since 8 years ago, learnt in Singapore, worked a few years there. Then, he decided to come back to his own hometown to run the business. In a few years, he has turned his chicken rice stall into this nice Chicking Eating House.

This new location has been there for about 6 months, and business during lunch time is good.

We were among the earliest to reach that day, for an early lunch.

For 4 people...

We ordered a plate of boiled chicken. It was good. The meat was soft and juicy, even for the breast part. The only thing I don't for boiled chicken is the skin.

We also ordered a plate of BBQ chicken, which is the latest new added choice in the outlet. The meat was firmer compared to the boiled version.

Usually, I would prefer BBQ chicken more to boiled chicken, but I prefered boiled chicken more this time. Hopefully after more drilling, he will make more tasty BBQ chicken in the future.

Among all, I think I like the chicken rice the best. You can see the rice was nicely cooked, soft yet each rice grain was presented in its greatest shape. Not overcook. The rice also not greasy as other typical chicken rice, fish fish could easily eat 2 big plate of this alone though I didn't. :P

So, if you are looking for a nice place with good hygiene for a plate of chicken rice, why don't you try Chicking Eating House next time? ;)