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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A tagging from Wilson - 4

It has been a long time I didn't fulfill any tagging. Yes, I am a lazy fish.

This one is for Wilson. Promised to do one for him. Oops... sorry for the delay. :P I will make it into a simple one.

Four jobs I would stink at:
Well, I have never really worked before except a few months temporary teacher. So, my answer is I don't really know what work will make fish fish stink. Perhaps I will have the answer in another 10 years.

Four pretend nicknames I’m making up for myself:
There are enough nicknames I got from my friends, so I don't give myself extra ones. I would love to be called as pretty, sexy, skinny and tally ( which is totally opposed to what I really am now). :P

Four movies I have watched more than once:
1. The sound of music
2. Chong Qing Shen Lin
3. Long vacation (it's drama)
4. Tomb Raider (I wish there is a real human like her)

Four places I have lived (except Kuching):
1. Simunjan
2. Bangi
3. Kajang
4. Kyoto

Four things I love to do on my weekends:
1. Diving
2. Hiking
3. Sleeping
4. Eating

Four TV shows I geek out to, or used to geek out to (all in Japanese), it is one of things I miss the most of staying in Japan:
1. Ainori (a pink van that creates lots of couples)
2. Docchi no ryori (a match between 2 great chefs)
3. Hitachi Sekai Fushigi Hakken (discovery about world's interesting places and culture)
4. Sekai Ururun Taizaiki (homestay around the world)

Four alcoholic beverages I’ve enjoyed on offshore vacations :
Don't really drink alcohol. However, would love to have a glass of nice Premium Pure Japanese Sake.

Four things I could NOT live without (materially):
1. Money
2. Camera
3. Computer
4. Spectacles

Four of my favorite foods:
1. Fruits except apple
2. Vegetables except cilantro or its relatives
3. Eggs except century egg
4. Real chocolate

Four places I would rather be right now:
1. Red sea
2. Sipadan
3. Kirimanjaro (I will need a few months special training on my stamina for this)
4. Bhutan

The tagging will be stopped here. ;)

Have a nice day. Tata.


At 8:18 PM, Blogger Wilson said...

Hi fish fish thanks for tagging :)

At 8:02 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

My pleasure, wilson. ^_^

At 12:17 AM, Blogger GG said...

Ummm.. what's tagging? Sorry, I'm very new in bloggers. :) Anyway, nice blog~ keep it up!

At 7:16 AM, Blogger fish fish said...

gg : Hello gg. A tagging is like a topic that is given by a person for you to do. Just like Wilson did the Four, he past it to me, I did it. I can choose to either pass it to other people or end it here. Hope my explanation is clear.

At 7:21 PM, Blogger GG said...

oic.......thanks for the explaination! i got it now. :D


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