I eat so much until people call me Dr. Fish Fish.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Bojangles' Famous Chicken 'n Biscuits

It was a heavy storm last night due to the coming of Ernesto. I thought I could go to sleep at 8pm. But the storm ad the lightning made me couldn't sleep well until midnight. The electricity was cut off, and only recovered around midnight. Grrrr...

Well, seem like it is going to be worse tonight or tomorrow. Let see how then.

I am going to introduce a franchised fast food restorant that is quite famous in the eastcoast. I was curious to try the fried chicken in USA. My colleague recommended me to try Bojangles'.

Bojangle's Famous Chicken 'n Biscuits.

I ordered a Cajun Filet Sandwich set with a pack of seasoned fried and a cup of Bojangles' Famous Fresh-brewed Iced Tea. Since I was curious to try the chicken itself, I made an extra order on the fried thigh as well.

The fries was too salty. The tea was too sweet.

However, this Cajun Filet was good. I like the taste of the chicken, spicy yet not too much. Once again, the breast was soft and juicy.

The thigh was a good one too.

Glad I had a good 1st fried chicken in US.

To bad I missed the chance to try the "biscuit" as I didn't know it means different thing in US.

Oh well, that give me an excuse to go for it next time again. :P


Ok, need to stop now. Mood not good. Felt like having things biting me after hanging up phone. Bless me can sleep tonight.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Happy Birthday, Malaysia!

It is only 6.30pm now, but I am very very sleepy. Gosh~~~ must have been the very late sleep last night and a very busy morning and noon today. Hmm... once my rice has cooked, I'll go for a good bath and Zzzzzzzz...

It is Hari Merdeka in Malaysia today. How is the morning? Lovely?

I missed the celebration for the 6th year. This year, Kuching is the city that hold the national level celebration. Well, no chance to witness the real one, not even on a TV.

However, I did have a few mins peep on its rehearsal.


The yet to be completed stage...
The hundreds of school children rushing to rehearse for a better performance under the sun that can grill human into BBQ homo sapiens.
I was passing by...
Even standing there for a few minutes was causing my migraine occured again.
Hope the celebration will be a nice one.

Happy Birthday, dear Malaysia.
I love you.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

First big Mac in US

Another tiring day for me. Getting things started can be quite troublesome, but it is a way of learning process.

I was going to come back to my apartment for dealing my thing this afternoon. I saw the sofa, so soft... So, I said to myself, have a short sleep then. The next thing I realised, I've been sleeping for 3 hr. -_-"""

It was dawn, I had to rush to the shops to get something. Just in time to get back to my apartment before dark. *wipe cold sweat*

My apartment has really high-speed internet now. It only takes a few second to go to the web page I want, even a more complicated one. ^_^ I'm loving my apartment more and more. Ok, ok... I promise you I'll get the pictures of my apartment ready by this weekends and show it up. :P

Also, it was my first day to my work place. Nice smell of renovated building. My working desk, much bigger than the study desk I had in Japan. I had my own compartment. Gonna have a new notebook which is provided by my boss to do my workstuff. ^_^ No need to bring my notebook everyday now. Good good!! I'll show the pictures later on my working desk too. It is still not mine yet, need to wait for the previous person to move everything out.

Ok, my 1st food post... I decided to blog about the big M in US. Well, we sure see how this McDonald's culture conquer the world in nowadays. Has anyone of you wonder what was the history behind the success today?

I was at Ohare Airport for my final transit. It was still 3 h waiting time for boarding on my last flight.

I past the big M. There were quite a crowd lining up for it. There were a few eating outlets beside it, but you see it obviously McDonald's has the good business.

I am never a big fan on fastfood, although these few months I was craving on fried drumstick (weird huh?). However, I decided to try on the taste of McDonald's in its country of origin.

It was my turn to order. I was telling the lady I want a BLT set meal. But she was mumbling some words that I didn't understand at all. I asked for a few times, she mumbled the word for the few times. Grrrrr....

"I'm sorry but I don't understand the words you were saying." I had to say that. Gosh, I was blushing that time. It was embarrasing to have a line of people behind me. -_-"""

So, she moved away impatiently and another lady came.

"What do you want for your order?"

"A BLT set meal. Grilled chicken please, with a diet coke" Instantly, she got my order right, in a beautiful way.

Gosh... I almost wonder is my English too alien with the previous lady. I felt guilty for the line behind. The good thing is, she was the only one that I don't get her English slang at all. Bless me of not encountering more with this type of English, I'm going to have shorter life-span.

I like the English in the place where I am staying now. It is easy to be understood. Heeee... hopefully in months, I'll be able to pick up their accent.

There you are, my BLT set meal. I had the grilled version for the chicken breast. It was good. The breast in US seem to be softer and tastier than the one back home. Hmm...

This burger was big. For a single portion, it will be for US$4.

I decided to go for set as with an addition of US$2, I get a huge pack of french fries and big cup of diet coke.

I forgot about that even though I am a big eater, that portion is going to be too much for me.

*chomp chomp chomp* And the burger seem to be remained in the big size. The bun was good. The mayonnaise was too salty. (Now I think I know why they give you a big portion of soft drink as well.) I like the lettuce and tomato, very fresh. The grilled chicken was very tender and juicy as well. By the time I finished this whole thing, I actually felt very full already.

However, in order not to waste my food, I spent another 40 min to finish up the diet coke and the HUGE pack of french fries.

Man~~~ I ate that pack of french fries until I almost vomit.

Never felt so relieved in my life only because I finished a pack of french fries.

Oh yes, the next time if I go to big M again...

I'm gonna shout "Burger!! Single portion please!!"

Well, McDonald's lovers, I'm sure you will enjoy your McDonald's experience the next time if you are in US.

;) Tata~~~

Monday, August 28, 2006

First greeting from US

Hi Hi~~~ everybody. Finally I can blog from my room freely with high-speed internet in my own apartment. Woo hoo!!

I am in US now. ^_^

Yeah, after 24h (not including waiting time for transit), I reached my new destination safely last night.

Nearly couldn't catch the flight at Narita as when one old guy was feeling very sick, the flight have to go back to let the man and his luggages off from the flight. Had a nice talk with a lady from Colorado that sat beside me during the flight. She told me quite a few useful information. Thanks!

Well, I took United Airlines this time, as it was the cheapest during this peak season. Well, the experience was ok. Not as horrible as the one I had with North West Airlines. Food better, service not too good and the seat was more comfortable. Too bad, it was a full flight.

My boss fetched me up at the airport with his wife. Beautiful and very nice wife. Lucky him. Ok, my boss is a handsome guy too. Man, I look so short in between them. :P I know I am going to be lucky work under him. ^_^

Then, my apartment. That was a great surprise for me. Instead of giving me the studio type room that the officer said earlier, they gave me a 1-room apartment. One thing unique about this 1-room apartment is the size, it is even bigger than normal 2-room apartment in this dormitory village. It is the size of 2 studio!!! Geee... too big, now I need to feel headache on keeping it nice and clean. I will (promise to myself). Many cupboard, rack and cabinet for me to keep my things. I really like. Ok, it was quite old, but it is nice. I am only paying US$30 more if compare to a normal studio. Heeee...

Well, my busy day started this morning. After a canned wild rice soup for breakfast, my colleague brought me to open a bank account before we went to lunch at Bojangle's. The lady that helped me with the setting up of the account had a nice talk with us. She just got her US citizen last week. She was in US since 10 years ago. She and her husband only applied for it this May, and they were accepted in 4-month time. Bojangle's chicken was good. I'll put the pictures of the food in my next post. Today tired, no energy to edit.

Did a lot of shopping today at Food Lion and K-Mart and a shop selling all kinds of Japanese food. Still a lot of things to buy. I am going to my workplace for signing contract etc tomorrow.

Oh yeah, my diet programme is coming really soon. I need to get that US$100. Hmm!!

To do a relaxing start, I am cooking brown rice risotto with skinless thigh meat and a lot of veggies. How do that sound? :P

Man~~~ 1 lb of skinless breast meat = US$4.99 and 1 lb of skinless thigh meat = US$2.99. If you were me, which one would you buy?


Saturday, August 26, 2006

Bye Bye Meow Meow Land, Hi Hi USA

Hello everybody,

So sorry for my silent for these few days. I've been very busy getting myself ready to leave Kuching.

Now I am in Changi Airport. In another 50 min, I'll be heading to Narita for a transit to Chicago, before heading to my final destination.

Yap, kuishinbo adventure will continue from USA. ;)

Till I settle down.

Tata~~~ Muak.

Monday, August 21, 2006

I saw Brunei again!

I was in Brunei 7 years ago, after my Mulu trip, with another 4 friends. The trip was full of planning.

This time, it was totally an impromptu decision. Mom bought the ticket for me one week before the depature.

So, I carried one luggage, and off I went to Brunei alone.

My flight stopped at Miri Airport. You can see quite a number of seahorses decorating the city.

Uncle came to fetch me all the way from Brunei.

We went to Boulevard for having dinner.

Heee... it was Sugarbun!! It has been 11 years since the last time I had a proper meal in Sugarbun. Well, the chicken tasted good, too bad it was not the freshly fried hotness. Hmmm... Need a good quality control on this.

Then with around 2 hr car trip, we finally reached my uncle's place at night.

Oh, meet the little Isabelle!! She was quite shy the 1st time she saw me. Gosh~ the last time I saw her, she was only 1 year old. Now, she has turning into a stunning 2.5 year old sweetie.

Haha... but she turned into little devil the next day after she is more familiar with me. You should see how clever and naughty she is.

I stayed in Brunei for 4 days 3 nights. Instead of doing all the tourist thing, I spent my time in a more relaxing way with my uncle's family. That was the main reason why I was there. Still, I did take a number of photos to do the tourist thingy. :P

Here are the few selected.

The most happening place in Brunei - Gadong. Very jam with traffic like any other busy center of city. The only difference is, you will not see any night pubs or places for disco.

Now, that will tell you how quiet Brunei night life is.

There are quite a lot of restaurants for you to indulge your hunger though. Some were good, so were just so so. Good hygiene condition. But most of them have big portion if compared to Kuching. Uncle was trying hard to bring me to places with good foods as he knows I am very particular on this. :P

There were a few I especially like.

A very fresh curry fish head. Can you see the glittering eye of the fish?

One of the nicest fishball I had in Brunei. The elastic bites on these hand-made fish balls told you the good ingredients that were applied on these balls. Yes, good food can never skip the utilization of nice raw materials huh.

Yum Yum!!! 2 thumbs up for this.

A very disappointing nice bowl of Singapore style big prawn noodle.

The prawn was very fresh and was cooked to the right hardness.

Too bad, the cilantro spoilt the whole bowl. I had to put up my white flag after a few chomps on this nice bowl of laksa. If only I told the owner earlier. *iish*

Yes, I am very cilantrophobia.

The biggest mosque in Brunei definitely is a gorgeous view at night. The gold color shining bright even from far.

I missed the chance to witness the great celebration on the Brunei's Sultan's 60 Birthday as I went to Sipadan that time. No more splendid lightings to enjoy anymore, though you can still see the sign of lamps hanging everywhere, especially in front of the Sultan's Palace.

However, even after the celebration, there were still banners wishing the Sultan's birthday.

Aunt told me it was the best firework performance for the celebration. They hired specialists from Japan to play the firework. No wonder. Well, if you have seen firework in Japan, you will be able to imagine how superb the firework must have been.

Ah~~~ I miss firework. *sigh*

We went to Jerudong Park one of the night. Jerudong Park used to be a great place for having exciting rides. But since it has been handed to the private section, the management quality of the park going down continuously.

It was quite sad to see how Jerudong Park has turning into nowadays. Gone those exciting moments I had in Jerudong Park into my deep silent memories.

Well, at least I spent some quality time with my uncle whole family regardless of the shock that Jerudong Park attacked me.

At least, the village on the water is still a great view. It was fun to see how busy those water taxi forth and back to commute villagers to the city area.

Brunei is a calm and nice country. However, it is definitely too quiet for me. It was a nice trip for fish fish to rest herself. In fact, I was having a lot of sleep when I was there. I guess it was because I was very relax when I was there.

Thank you sooooo much, uncle, aunt and my little cousins. I will miss you all. See you the next time we meet. Ok, I don't know when, but we will sure meet again.

Oo la la~~~ by that time, these 2 will really grow up even more.


Friday, August 18, 2006

Get back to normal emo

Hello everybody. Sorry I was being emo 2 days ago. I am ok now. Really nice to see all the concern. I am a lucky one.

Gee... I didn't sleep at all after I shut down my pc that day. There was one happening that made my sleepless night more thrilling.

Around 4.30am, mom was talking on hp with someone. *Gosh~~~ what was she thinking still disturbing someone else*

So, I went outside and sat beside her.

Then I realised, it was my neighbour she was talking with.

Her security alarm rang twice. Then, a police car went to her house.

There were actually 2 guys using torchlight walking around her home compound. They must have been touching something that caused the alarm to ring. Of course, these guys disappeared.

Geee... wasn't that scary? These 2 guys must have been up to something evil, visiting their house without permission in the middle of night. Luckily, no injury nor any loss for the three of them.

Now, I am worry about my family safety too.

Seriously, I hope my neighbours will be moving in more soon. Gosh!!! What are these people thinking? Buying house yet don't want to stay.

Most of them are Chinese, and they have a taboo... not good to move into a new house during the "Ghost Month". This year, there are 2 ghost months. So, I guess we will have to wait longer time before we start to see more neighbours around us.

Ok. I need to sleep now. I've been talking to this char bor till so late. Her companion is always healing. Arigatou! Sorry dear, don't yawn yawn yawn for your tomorrow's working ar. Tee hee hee... :P I chia you one Kopi Kau to replace back your lost sleep. :P

Nite nite~~~

p/s: Pictures post later, too time consuming for me to edit and compose them at the moment. Gomenne~~~

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Imsonia night

Hmmm... I tried to persuade myself to sleep. But I failed.

One thing have been really bothering me. Something emo.

Mind keep working, thinking a lot of things. Been doing some deep thinking.

The ironic fact is, it has nothing to do with my coming soon US chapter.

Man~~~ what I am thinking.

Hate myself.

I turned up jumping from blog to blog now.

I want my sleep.


Tuesday, August 15, 2006


I came back to Kuching on the final day of March.

From April until now, it has been almost 5 months I am enjoying my holidays.

However, this relaxing moment is going to end soon.

I will have my 1st real work starting from September 1.

Yes, fish fish finally is going to work for real. :P

I want to thank you all for the support that has given to me when I was so anxious with my working future. There were even some of you who were so helpful, sending companies information for me to try. It really touched fish fish's heart.

Starting to work meaning I am going to leave my hometown soon, leaving Malaysia soon.

Nope, it is not going to be Japan this time.

Tee hee hee... I am heading to the west.

A country where I went for my international conference.

I have eyed for this work since last year July. I contacted my boss again in February, he told me there might be a chance in March. Yet, April came, my heart was sinking. I sent him another email eventually, asked him about the chance for me to get the job. He said there might be a good chance in May or June.

I decided to take the risk and waited again.

The good news came to me end of May.

Since then, after 2 months of progress, I have almost all the thing ready to start the work. That's why you saw my KL's trip post. That's why you see I try to have fun to the fullest. That's why you see I have no time to become a regular blogger these few months.

I have to get into a mood of settling my thing for the new destination now. Gosh, I still haven't pack anything yet. :P Geee... tonight need to write out a list of all the thing I need to prepare.

Man~~~ I am so excited now, to have my formal 1st full time job.

I will be going to... USA. ;)

*wave wave* Hi, fish fish is going, my dear readers from there.

Yes, that will be the country where I will have my next adventure in life. My next chapter.

^_^ Cheers! For the coming uncertainty.

Wish me luck!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Away from meow meow land... again :P

Moshi mosh~~~ fish fish is not in Kuching again.

I flew to Miri yesterday noon.

Then my uncle fetched me from Miri Airport.

We stopped at Boullevard for an early dinner at Sugarbun. Tee hee hee... it has been many years I didn't go to any Sugarbun. It was a nice meal with my uncle.

Then off we went to the next country, Brunei.

Yes, I am now typing this post from Bandar Seri Begawan. Hello Acrix, I am at your hometown now. ^_^

This is my 2nd time visiting this place, after 7 years. Nothing much is changing, but uncle have moved to another place.

There was a heavy rain welcoming me.

Oh yes, will be some pictures of BSB coming up in my next post then. ;) Hopefully.

So, Sipadan series is postponed again. Oops! :P


Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Hidden Bridge in Kuching

It was 15 July Chinese calendar, ghost festival. It is the best not to go anywhere on this day for the Chinese believe. However, that day, Edward and me decided to go jalan jalan in the wood.

We went to a hidden place to step on the bamboo.

Oolala~~~ it was definitely a fun time for me.

The first bridge we encountered was a normal wooden suspension bridge.

Swaying ourselves across the bridge to start our hiking in the 45-minute path.

We came across a huge vine that conquered its host. See the empty core? The tree was dead while the vine grown into the size of a huge tropical tree.

The view of the hiking path was spectacular. You get away from the concrete world. Breathing the nice air even in a hot mid day.

The river was reddish brown, due to the decomposing of leaves into the river. It was such a temptating depth that fish fish almost want to jump down to have a good dive.

"Can. You bring one tank. I bring one tank." Edward said.

Urgh!!! Pulled me back to the reality. Yes, imagine to carry a more than 10 kg into this point will be... errr... forget about it.

We didn't swim. But this monitor lizard made us really jealous with its so graceful swim.

Man~~~ first time for fish fish to see a monitor lizard swimming. Definitely a very nice encounter. It is a very good swimmer, much much better than fish fish. -_-"""

4 years ago, there was a serious flood in whole Kuching. During that time, this area was flooded until the level of the path where we were walking.

Edward was telling me, this sandy area was the consequent of the flood. The great power of the flood brought this sand to this area and formed the topology like this today.


Ok, we saw the sandy area in the river, meaning...

Tralala~~~ we reached the bamboo bridge!!! This is a quite hidden place in Kuching. Not many people know about it. Not even a qualified licensed tourist guide. ;)

This bamboo bridge is not the small and short bamboo bridge you see in cultural village. It is a real bamboo bridge for the villagers to connect them to the outside world. An authentic experience you won't get else where. There are 4 villages built deeper into the place, take you hours to reach the final village.

However, our hiking for the day was only until this bamboo bridge.

It was time for me to have my virgin walk on it.

Ready? Get set... GO!!!

Woohoohoo!!! It was fun and excited. Especially in the middle of this bamboo suspension bridge. It was swaying quite strong.

The bamboo bridge was about 50m from one end to another end. The suspension part was about 40m. You can see the river under it clearly when you are walking across it. If you are afraid of height, strongly not recommended for you to try it. :P

Especially if you have a monkey like Edward trailing behind you. He will jump jump jump and goo goo gaa gaa behind you. SO SUEY ONE!!!

This is how the bridge was built for its handle part.

From one section of the bambo to another section of the bamboo, they use simple wire and hole punching for the connection. It will make you wonder how strong that will be.

This bridge is rebuilt every 6 months as the bamboo will turn fragile after a few months of usage. One before Gawai and another before Christmas, when all the villagers working in the city come back for the festive seasons.

The view from the bridge was breathtaking. River water so calm, scenery on both side of it so green. Thick cloud and the blue sky. I never know such a great place can be seen in Kuching, so near to us, yet we never know its existance.

Edward was in a good mood for posing on the bridge.

"Good!!" He said.

But fish fish not gonna let go the chance for revenging the bullying from him just now.

Tee hee hee... so I went to him and gave him a good punch.

PAHSAH!!!! *punch* *punch* *punch*

*Pa Lan Ting*

Hahaha!!! The monkey fell off from the bamboo. Muahahahhahaha... fish fish won!!

Don't worry... this monkey has 9 lifes.

See? He is still smiling. ;)

Thanks a lot Edward, for the great time. Bamboo bridge is going to be my another unforgettable moment for this long holidays of fish fish.



fish fish :"Eh, I posted the bamboo bridge, check it out."

Edward :"Ok. Wait. Errr... you didn't put up my Pa Lan Teng pic, did you?"

fish fish :"Hahaha... what do you think?"

Edward :"CHAM!! Like this who else gonna dare to learn diving with me? They will see me as siao lang lar~~~" (cham = terrible, siao lang = crazy person)

Tee hee hee... he is sure one of the most siao guy I have ever seen. But he is also one of the safest person to lead you into the challenging word. Trust fish fish on this. ;)


Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Diving in Sipadan 3 - The hidden horse

^_^ Finally, someone got the correct answer for the short quiz. DD, yes, it was you that guessed the answer. ;)

Well, dear everyone, the answer is....

See the thing that I am pointing with the yellow arrow?

Now, is that look like some living creature to you?

Have you got the answer?

Yes, I want to introduce to you...

PYGMY SEAHORSE!! (Hippocampus bargibanti)

Not just some normal seahorse, but a very small type of seahorse called pygmy seahorse. It can grow up until 2cm. Imagine how small it is for a seahorse.

That is why you see the three of us were searching for it up and low. Eventually, Patrick was the one that found it. There were supposed to be 4 on this gorgonian seafan, but we only managed to spot one.

Do you know why?

It was because of this. See how it morphs itself to the seafan?

The pygmy seahorse blends so perfectly with its host that the species was not discovered until 1970, when a zoologist noticed that several were clinging to a Muricella, in an aquarium. (source from here)

The picture above shows the pygmy seahorse with blooming polyps.

However, after slight touching with our pointers, these polyps were starting to contract.

Now, don't you think the seahorse is becoming a part of the seafan with its irregular bulbous tubercles on the body?

Eventually, all the polyps were closed fully making the seahorse easier to be seen.

This is not a very clear picture. However, I want to show you what is the real colour of this pygmy seahorse when taken with flash light.

Two colour morphs are recorded for this species, one is pale grey or purple with pink or red tubercles, the second is yellow with orange tubercles. Both are found only on gorgonians (sea fans) of the genus Muricella, in depths of 16-40m. (source from here)

Edward took so many shots of this little cutie until it is getting impatient.

It jumped twice to cling itself to other "twigs" of seafan, but still, it didn't able to get itself away. The way it jumped, super kawaii!!


"Ah~~~ quick!!! You slow hands! I am very sleepy now. Finish your business quickly and let me go to sleep, ok?"

Finally, Edward was done with the photographing. Well, at least he had enough pictures for him to choose.

It was definitely not an easy task to take a great picture of such a small thing with current against you at a 20m depth, what more with a camera that you just new bought for a few days. We seriously need some more light for better shots. However, Edward first attempt on it was a nice one too, considering he is an amarteur only. :P If fish fish the one took it, geee... I don't even dare to think about it.

You should see how Edward learnt to take his macro shots by focusing on his own toe hair. Muahahahhah... Well, not a bad way to learn shot... if you have long hair for your toe. Oops!!

I am ending my post today with a whole view of this pygmy seahorse from head till tail.

That was how Edward and me reached decompression limit. It was quite risky for us to do so. However, the moment of encountering with this seahorse, definitely priceless.

In fact, pygmy seahorse was the one that made me touched the most of my whole trip to Sipadan. I will never forget how cute it is with its mouth blowing and contracting.

Oh yes, I want to meet with it again. Someday... on some seafan. ^_^

Tomorrow I'll be off trail from Sipadan. I am gonna bring you to some exclusive place in Kuching.

Oolala~~~ now where will it be?

;) Tata~~~

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Guess what it is.

Here is a short quiz to you before I go to my next post about Sipadan.

This is the question.

What do you see in the picture below?

Hint : Look carefully. ;)

I will give you the answer in my next post.

Tata~ ^_^

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Diving in Sipadan 2 - Nudi Nudi

I had 2 tea times today. One was with my girlfrens, the splendid one. One was with whole table of guys, the terrible one. Stoopid insensitive guys. I felt really left out. I felt like a flower vase just for decoration. Grrrr...

Even when I said bye bye to them later in the shop, none of them were noticing that. I felt really bad... better leave before I started to cry. Sometimes, I tend to cry easily. Blah!

Lesson learnt : Don't join a pure guys group, they will only show off themselves.

Hmmm... forget about that. I need good hugs.

One thing good, my notebook magically recover by itself. The IE is working really smooth today. Geeee... must be due to my overloaded memories in the hard dish that it decided to get sick.


Ok, the 2nd series of Sipadan wouldn't be much words, as I believe the pictures will tell the thousand words. ^_^

All the splendid pictures below were taken by Edward, with skillful editing by fish fish (tee hee hee).

Nudibranch, one of my favorite creatures underwater.

You will be amazed by how colourful they are. Even more variable than the butterflies on land.

A blur picture. Edward was just started to learn to use his camera underwater.

It is not easy to take a good underwater pic with current against you.

Still a blur one. Improving... I contrast this picture by using variation choice. Geee... love the background effect.

This one was very thin and quite small. I guess it might be about 4-5cm only. Quite common, but I love the hairy body of its.

Didn't spotted this nudibranch. It was spotted and taken by Edward.

Quite a common nudibranch for tropical underwater. However, I didn't spotted any in Sipadan, this was spotted by Edward.

Again, I didn't see this too. Another again spotted by Edward. He has a good eyes for nudibranch. Geee... I wish I saw this one for real, must be a very cute one in reality.

Love this picture. The contrast of different depth and the angle of seeing this nudibranch in horizontal line of its. Cool~~~

Ok... so fish fish, did you notice any nudibranch then??

Heeee... of course!!! I spotted the great ones. ;)

Don't believe me? See below.

Ah ha!! Spotted by fish fish. A nudibranch on a filter!! This was taken in an emergency time, when Edward and me almost reachd the decompression limit.

Argh~~~ this was another missed nudibranch, spotted by Edward (Again!! Hmmppf!!) accidentally when he was taking a coral picture.

Geeee... one of the most beautiful nudibranch picture he had taken during the trip.

Ok ok... now this is a picture I can be proud of. ^_^ Fish Fish spotted this!!!

Yes, nudibranch MATING!!! How cool is that? Geee... so they only mate among the same type?

What happen if different species meet? Do they mate as well... geee... really curious. Anyone can help me with the answer?? Thanks!

Ho ho ho!!! This has to be the proud story by fish fish, I have to say. Heeee...

We were doing night dive in house reef of Seaventures.

Swim swim swim... suddenly I saw one red wriggling creature. So I moved front to see it.

Wow!!! Big!!!

Looks like a nudibranch!!!

But errr... such a big one? Now, that is making me doubt. I never know nudibranch could be this big.

So, I went to call Edward and pointed to him...

Gosh... this guy turned so passionate when saw it. He tooks quite a number of pictures on it before he was satisfied to move on to the next subject.

Angeline and me was just silly silly waiting in the dark with strong current against us, trying to maintain our buoyancy and position.

Well, definitely a good time for me to learn my diving skill though.

Ok, the above picture didn't show much of how big it is...

Tralala~~~ see the comparison of this nudibranch and Edward pointer? The pointer was about 35cm, and the nudibranch length was about 2/3 of the pointer. So, that means the nudibranch is more than 20cm!!!

Later when we went to a book shop to look for the info on it, we found it!! I didn't remember the name, the only thing said is "Uncommon".

In fact, all these years, Edward have never seen such a big nudibranch.

Oolala~~~ now, wasn't Angeline and Fish Fish the very lucky ones? ^_^

Now, this is the final nudibranch I wanted to introduce in the trip.

Fish Fish Nudi. Tee hee hee...

Actually it was my glove.

The string came out.

Edward and me were in decompression limit. We had to rest longer at 5 meter point. So, nothing to do.

So, the so-woo-liao Edward decided to take my glove as a photographing subject.

When we went up, he said to me, "Seee... the one-and-only nudibranch in this world. Heeeeheeeheeehaaakhaaakhaaaak~~~" He and his very unique witchy laughing.

Ok, did I mention we reached the decompression limit??

I'll tell you a great story on why it happened in my next post. ;)