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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Diving in Sipadan 2 - Nudi Nudi

I had 2 tea times today. One was with my girlfrens, the splendid one. One was with whole table of guys, the terrible one. Stoopid insensitive guys. I felt really left out. I felt like a flower vase just for decoration. Grrrr...

Even when I said bye bye to them later in the shop, none of them were noticing that. I felt really bad... better leave before I started to cry. Sometimes, I tend to cry easily. Blah!

Lesson learnt : Don't join a pure guys group, they will only show off themselves.

Hmmm... forget about that. I need good hugs.

One thing good, my notebook magically recover by itself. The IE is working really smooth today. Geeee... must be due to my overloaded memories in the hard dish that it decided to get sick.


Ok, the 2nd series of Sipadan wouldn't be much words, as I believe the pictures will tell the thousand words. ^_^

All the splendid pictures below were taken by Edward, with skillful editing by fish fish (tee hee hee).

Nudibranch, one of my favorite creatures underwater.

You will be amazed by how colourful they are. Even more variable than the butterflies on land.

A blur picture. Edward was just started to learn to use his camera underwater.

It is not easy to take a good underwater pic with current against you.

Still a blur one. Improving... I contrast this picture by using variation choice. Geee... love the background effect.

This one was very thin and quite small. I guess it might be about 4-5cm only. Quite common, but I love the hairy body of its.

Didn't spotted this nudibranch. It was spotted and taken by Edward.

Quite a common nudibranch for tropical underwater. However, I didn't spotted any in Sipadan, this was spotted by Edward.

Again, I didn't see this too. Another again spotted by Edward. He has a good eyes for nudibranch. Geee... I wish I saw this one for real, must be a very cute one in reality.

Love this picture. The contrast of different depth and the angle of seeing this nudibranch in horizontal line of its. Cool~~~

Ok... so fish fish, did you notice any nudibranch then??

Heeee... of course!!! I spotted the great ones. ;)

Don't believe me? See below.

Ah ha!! Spotted by fish fish. A nudibranch on a filter!! This was taken in an emergency time, when Edward and me almost reachd the decompression limit.

Argh~~~ this was another missed nudibranch, spotted by Edward (Again!! Hmmppf!!) accidentally when he was taking a coral picture.

Geeee... one of the most beautiful nudibranch picture he had taken during the trip.

Ok ok... now this is a picture I can be proud of. ^_^ Fish Fish spotted this!!!

Yes, nudibranch MATING!!! How cool is that? Geee... so they only mate among the same type?

What happen if different species meet? Do they mate as well... geee... really curious. Anyone can help me with the answer?? Thanks!

Ho ho ho!!! This has to be the proud story by fish fish, I have to say. Heeee...

We were doing night dive in house reef of Seaventures.

Swim swim swim... suddenly I saw one red wriggling creature. So I moved front to see it.

Wow!!! Big!!!

Looks like a nudibranch!!!

But errr... such a big one? Now, that is making me doubt. I never know nudibranch could be this big.

So, I went to call Edward and pointed to him...

Gosh... this guy turned so passionate when saw it. He tooks quite a number of pictures on it before he was satisfied to move on to the next subject.

Angeline and me was just silly silly waiting in the dark with strong current against us, trying to maintain our buoyancy and position.

Well, definitely a good time for me to learn my diving skill though.

Ok, the above picture didn't show much of how big it is...

Tralala~~~ see the comparison of this nudibranch and Edward pointer? The pointer was about 35cm, and the nudibranch length was about 2/3 of the pointer. So, that means the nudibranch is more than 20cm!!!

Later when we went to a book shop to look for the info on it, we found it!! I didn't remember the name, the only thing said is "Uncommon".

In fact, all these years, Edward have never seen such a big nudibranch.

Oolala~~~ now, wasn't Angeline and Fish Fish the very lucky ones? ^_^

Now, this is the final nudibranch I wanted to introduce in the trip.

Fish Fish Nudi. Tee hee hee...

Actually it was my glove.

The string came out.

Edward and me were in decompression limit. We had to rest longer at 5 meter point. So, nothing to do.

So, the so-woo-liao Edward decided to take my glove as a photographing subject.

When we went up, he said to me, "Seee... the one-and-only nudibranch in this world. Heeeeheeeheeehaaakhaaakhaaaak~~~" He and his very unique witchy laughing.

Ok, did I mention we reached the decompression limit??

I'll tell you a great story on why it happened in my next post. ;)



At 8:15 AM, Blogger 13th Panda said...

EEE, u mean all those are nudibranch?All looked different hor?of different colors kok..I like the ones mating though..their pattern looks like cow..LOL

At 6:18 PM, Blogger Kristopher said...

i wonder we can eat them or not? hehehe

At 3:45 AM, Blogger eVea said...

learn alot from ur blog, i never know the existence of these creatures before... some r really cute while some r ugly... haha... anyway, r they poisonous?

At 6:28 AM, Blogger fish fish said...

13th panda : LOL. I looked back at that pic, oh yes, we should have name in cow nudibranch. :P

kristopher : ;) That was the Q I asked myself too. I asked my instructor, and was teasing me, "Oh yes, put in between 2 slices of cheese to make a yummy sandwich." -_-""" You dare to try?

evea : Glad you learn something from my blog. :P There is a rule for underwater creatures, the more beautiful they are, the more venomous they are. Although some might not be the case. I'll show you the poisonous beauties in the next few post then. ^_^

At 8:25 AM, Blogger xes said...

All these sea creatures make me think of one thing. SEAFOOD!!!


At 3:07 AM, Blogger fish fish said...

xes : Hmm! Now you making me thinking of sashimi too. *sigh*


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