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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

First big Mac in US

Another tiring day for me. Getting things started can be quite troublesome, but it is a way of learning process.

I was going to come back to my apartment for dealing my thing this afternoon. I saw the sofa, so soft... So, I said to myself, have a short sleep then. The next thing I realised, I've been sleeping for 3 hr. -_-"""

It was dawn, I had to rush to the shops to get something. Just in time to get back to my apartment before dark. *wipe cold sweat*

My apartment has really high-speed internet now. It only takes a few second to go to the web page I want, even a more complicated one. ^_^ I'm loving my apartment more and more. Ok, ok... I promise you I'll get the pictures of my apartment ready by this weekends and show it up. :P

Also, it was my first day to my work place. Nice smell of renovated building. My working desk, much bigger than the study desk I had in Japan. I had my own compartment. Gonna have a new notebook which is provided by my boss to do my workstuff. ^_^ No need to bring my notebook everyday now. Good good!! I'll show the pictures later on my working desk too. It is still not mine yet, need to wait for the previous person to move everything out.

Ok, my 1st food post... I decided to blog about the big M in US. Well, we sure see how this McDonald's culture conquer the world in nowadays. Has anyone of you wonder what was the history behind the success today?

I was at Ohare Airport for my final transit. It was still 3 h waiting time for boarding on my last flight.

I past the big M. There were quite a crowd lining up for it. There were a few eating outlets beside it, but you see it obviously McDonald's has the good business.

I am never a big fan on fastfood, although these few months I was craving on fried drumstick (weird huh?). However, I decided to try on the taste of McDonald's in its country of origin.

It was my turn to order. I was telling the lady I want a BLT set meal. But she was mumbling some words that I didn't understand at all. I asked for a few times, she mumbled the word for the few times. Grrrrr....

"I'm sorry but I don't understand the words you were saying." I had to say that. Gosh, I was blushing that time. It was embarrasing to have a line of people behind me. -_-"""

So, she moved away impatiently and another lady came.

"What do you want for your order?"

"A BLT set meal. Grilled chicken please, with a diet coke" Instantly, she got my order right, in a beautiful way.

Gosh... I almost wonder is my English too alien with the previous lady. I felt guilty for the line behind. The good thing is, she was the only one that I don't get her English slang at all. Bless me of not encountering more with this type of English, I'm going to have shorter life-span.

I like the English in the place where I am staying now. It is easy to be understood. Heeee... hopefully in months, I'll be able to pick up their accent.

There you are, my BLT set meal. I had the grilled version for the chicken breast. It was good. The breast in US seem to be softer and tastier than the one back home. Hmm...

This burger was big. For a single portion, it will be for US$4.

I decided to go for set as with an addition of US$2, I get a huge pack of french fries and big cup of diet coke.

I forgot about that even though I am a big eater, that portion is going to be too much for me.

*chomp chomp chomp* And the burger seem to be remained in the big size. The bun was good. The mayonnaise was too salty. (Now I think I know why they give you a big portion of soft drink as well.) I like the lettuce and tomato, very fresh. The grilled chicken was very tender and juicy as well. By the time I finished this whole thing, I actually felt very full already.

However, in order not to waste my food, I spent another 40 min to finish up the diet coke and the HUGE pack of french fries.

Man~~~ I ate that pack of french fries until I almost vomit.

Never felt so relieved in my life only because I finished a pack of french fries.

Oh yes, the next time if I go to big M again...

I'm gonna shout "Burger!! Single portion please!!"

Well, McDonald's lovers, I'm sure you will enjoy your McDonald's experience the next time if you are in US.

;) Tata~~~


At 3:49 AM, Blogger Kong-Kay said...

bet u order belacan, laksa and taugeh.

At 12:33 PM, Blogger Skwermy said...

Yes, I am sooo sick of Mickey D's now....it's 2 mins from my work, so us lazy IT people just chug on over there to get the Big & Tasty Meal everytime....Ugh, Sick....

At 3:46 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

kong-kay : Hahaha... that is so Malaysian BLT. ;)

skwermy : Geee... I'll be sick after 3 meals of Mc continuously. That's why I take time to cook my own meal now. :P

At 6:10 PM, Blogger zh1yong said...

haha, bet u will encounter more 'accent' problems later on then.. been having a hard time with scottish accent too!

At 6:40 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

zh1yong : Heard that Scottish are very unique with their accents.

At 9:39 PM, Blogger zh1yong said...

Hah..very unique indeed! u couldn't even understand a single word!


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