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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Hidden Bridge in Kuching

It was 15 July Chinese calendar, ghost festival. It is the best not to go anywhere on this day for the Chinese believe. However, that day, Edward and me decided to go jalan jalan in the wood.

We went to a hidden place to step on the bamboo.

Oolala~~~ it was definitely a fun time for me.

The first bridge we encountered was a normal wooden suspension bridge.

Swaying ourselves across the bridge to start our hiking in the 45-minute path.

We came across a huge vine that conquered its host. See the empty core? The tree was dead while the vine grown into the size of a huge tropical tree.

The view of the hiking path was spectacular. You get away from the concrete world. Breathing the nice air even in a hot mid day.

The river was reddish brown, due to the decomposing of leaves into the river. It was such a temptating depth that fish fish almost want to jump down to have a good dive.

"Can. You bring one tank. I bring one tank." Edward said.

Urgh!!! Pulled me back to the reality. Yes, imagine to carry a more than 10 kg into this point will be... errr... forget about it.

We didn't swim. But this monitor lizard made us really jealous with its so graceful swim.

Man~~~ first time for fish fish to see a monitor lizard swimming. Definitely a very nice encounter. It is a very good swimmer, much much better than fish fish. -_-"""

4 years ago, there was a serious flood in whole Kuching. During that time, this area was flooded until the level of the path where we were walking.

Edward was telling me, this sandy area was the consequent of the flood. The great power of the flood brought this sand to this area and formed the topology like this today.


Ok, we saw the sandy area in the river, meaning...

Tralala~~~ we reached the bamboo bridge!!! This is a quite hidden place in Kuching. Not many people know about it. Not even a qualified licensed tourist guide. ;)

This bamboo bridge is not the small and short bamboo bridge you see in cultural village. It is a real bamboo bridge for the villagers to connect them to the outside world. An authentic experience you won't get else where. There are 4 villages built deeper into the place, take you hours to reach the final village.

However, our hiking for the day was only until this bamboo bridge.

It was time for me to have my virgin walk on it.

Ready? Get set... GO!!!

Woohoohoo!!! It was fun and excited. Especially in the middle of this bamboo suspension bridge. It was swaying quite strong.

The bamboo bridge was about 50m from one end to another end. The suspension part was about 40m. You can see the river under it clearly when you are walking across it. If you are afraid of height, strongly not recommended for you to try it. :P

Especially if you have a monkey like Edward trailing behind you. He will jump jump jump and goo goo gaa gaa behind you. SO SUEY ONE!!!

This is how the bridge was built for its handle part.

From one section of the bambo to another section of the bamboo, they use simple wire and hole punching for the connection. It will make you wonder how strong that will be.

This bridge is rebuilt every 6 months as the bamboo will turn fragile after a few months of usage. One before Gawai and another before Christmas, when all the villagers working in the city come back for the festive seasons.

The view from the bridge was breathtaking. River water so calm, scenery on both side of it so green. Thick cloud and the blue sky. I never know such a great place can be seen in Kuching, so near to us, yet we never know its existance.

Edward was in a good mood for posing on the bridge.

"Good!!" He said.

But fish fish not gonna let go the chance for revenging the bullying from him just now.

Tee hee hee... so I went to him and gave him a good punch.

PAHSAH!!!! *punch* *punch* *punch*

*Pa Lan Ting*

Hahaha!!! The monkey fell off from the bamboo. Muahahahhahaha... fish fish won!!

Don't worry... this monkey has 9 lifes.

See? He is still smiling. ;)

Thanks a lot Edward, for the great time. Bamboo bridge is going to be my another unforgettable moment for this long holidays of fish fish.



fish fish :"Eh, I posted the bamboo bridge, check it out."

Edward :"Ok. Wait. Errr... you didn't put up my Pa Lan Teng pic, did you?"

fish fish :"Hahaha... what do you think?"

Edward :"CHAM!! Like this who else gonna dare to learn diving with me? They will see me as siao lang lar~~~" (cham = terrible, siao lang = crazy person)

Tee hee hee... he is sure one of the most siao guy I have ever seen. But he is also one of the safest person to lead you into the challenging word. Trust fish fish on this. ;)



At 12:42 AM, Blogger Kristopher said...

beautiful place.... i wonder where iizzit? ...

At 8:09 PM, Blogger Wilson said...

is really amazing seeing this hidden bamboo bridge. how they build that? fish fish, that day is there any local folks there showing you guys around?

At 9:17 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

Kristopher : in some hilly area. :P

wilson : it is a gotong royong result by the 4 villages of people. We bumped into a few friendly villagers but there were only Edward and me doing our own hiking. He has been there quite a few times, so he is familiar with the place. ;)

At 1:28 AM, Blogger zh1yong said...

Nice bridge.. never knew that such a long bridge can be built by connecting lots of bamboo..
Issit the hiking trail long? how long for you to reach your destination at the bamboo bridge?

At 1:52 AM, Blogger fish fish said...

zh1yong : To the bridge, about 45 min. To explore until another end out, about 6 hr with my walking speed. You should really try to walk on one, it was thrilling!!


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