I eat so much until people call me Dr. Fish Fish.

Saturday, September 30, 2006

DC trip : Memorial Parks

After spending quite some time looking at Washington Monument, S and I decided to move to other spots around the area.

From the monument, I could see a long pool and a white building.

The long pool is called Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool.

On the way to that direction, we past through a few tents.

Praying for the earth were conducted by people from different religions.

We reached the National World War II Memorial.

It is a national memorial to Americans who served and died in World War II.

There were a lot of sculptures on the wall to narrate the things that happened during World War II.

There were 2 ends of the memorial. The northern Atlantic end and the southern Pacific end.

Each pilar has the one name of the states in USA.

Nearby this memorial, we came to the Korean War Veterans Memorial.

Within the triangle are 19 stainless steel statues, each slightly larger than life size (between 7 feet 3 inches and 7 feet 6 inches), representing a squad on patrol, 15 army, 2 marines, 1 navy medic and 1 air force observer, dressed in full gear, dispersed among strips of granite and juniper bushes, representing the rugged terrain of Korea.

The mural on the wall beside this triangle area was presented in an interesting way. It was one of my favorite.

After walking along the Korean War Veterans Memorial, we came to Lincoln Memorial.

The building is in the form of a Greek Doric temple and it was much bigger in reality than the picture could show.

From the memorial, I could have a great view of the Reflecting Pool and the Washington Monument. They looked great on a clear sunny day.

Inside the temple, it contains a large seated sculpture of Abraham Lincoln.

Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President of the United States (1861 to 1865) and the first president from the Republican Party. Today, he is best known for ending slavery and preserving the Union by overseeing the war effort during the American Civil War.

I saw a guy having a stylish position while reading the inscription of the wellknown speech by Lincoln. Cool~~~ Just hope that you wouldn't have pain on the arms later on. :P

After that, we visited the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Constitution Gardens.

The picture above shows the famous "The Three Soldiers", which consists of 3 young men, armed and dressed appropriately for the Vietnam War era, purposedly identifiable as Caucasian, African American and Hispanic.

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall.

There were thousands of the servicemen's named who died or not found during the Vietnam War engraved on the wall.

It seemed like a trend that various item were left at the wall.

We ended our tour at the memorial park area and heading to the next spot.

On the way, we saw this old buidling.

It was the only remnant of the Washington Branch of the C&O Canal.

Wow!! Look what I found? A cute tiger tail pinned to a young lady. ;) That's really adorable!

A definite existing sight in a tourist attration area... stalls on the road side selling different souvenirs.

We stopped at one stall which is ran by a Korean Lady and got a few simple things with a reasonable price.

The next DC trip report... it will be a House.


Friday, September 29, 2006

Fish Fish's 1st Paycheck

Wow!! Guess what? ^_^

I got my 1st monthly salary today. Oh! I've worked for a month!

My 1st proper paycheck for working!!

Not from temporary work, not from summer work nor my scholarship.

It's feeling so good.

Forget about the heavy tax I have to pay. Geee... tax paying in US is really something.

That made my low enough salary even few hundred dollars lesser.

Oh well... be happy with what I am having now. I still can survive with the money, as long as I don't over-spend my budget. :P I am not the type of person that like to be in debt.

What is more importnat, I have a great boss, a nice working environment and a splendid place for me to learn things. I am loving it. Muak!

Well, silly me, I forgot to take a picture of my 1st paycheck and I've deposited it into my bank account. -_-"""

Since starting next month will be auto paying into my bank account, there will be no chance to get another so neat and nice check like today. *Hai yah!*

But, I did have a good way to spend the 1st salary of mine. ;)

1st, I went to the gym club with S to enroll for the membership. I only paid US$180 per year for full service!!! (Compared to a monthly US$70 when I was in Japan that only provide basic service!) It is a HUGE GYM CLUB with many facilities. Just to name a few... 4 weight rooms with machines, 18 racquetball courts, 5 tennis courts, 11 basketball courts (which can be used for badminton too), dance studios, rock climbling wall etc...

Oh man... I'm going to start my gym tomorrow!!! Oolala~~~ (I'm taking a day off today from my night time exercise. :P)

Then, that evening, I invited S to join me for a dinner. It was my treat.

Yeah!! The 2 girls went to have dinner at...

Champions Pizza & Wings

I paid about US$20 for the whole dinner.

S was saying it was expensive.

Well, I agreed. The look of the shop and the food quality, it was somewhat not reaching the value what we have paid for. But, the guy was nice though.

I got to learn a new foods in this not-impressive-at-all meal.

It is Stromboli with pepperoni and mushroom. Basically, a stromboli is a stuffed pizza, with Mozarella cheese inside. US$8.

It tasted not bad. Although I felt quite satiated with the cheese on my 2nd serving.

I would prefer if they put more mushroom and pepperoni rather than so much cheese.

The texture of the outer layer nice though, except for the rich thick layer of butter on the surface.

Gosh!! Imagine the calories!!

We also had small Jumbo Wings (10 pieces are counted as small). It was for US$8.

Hmmm... it was just so so. I had a much better one before. We ate 6 and left 4.

Oh well, I packed home the leftover and let see what I am going to do to make them more delicious then. ;)

As for the dessert, I chose one I have never heard of the name. Baklava.

Now I know what it is.

According to wikipedia,
"Baklava or baklawa is a rich, sweet pastry found in many cuisines of the Middle East, south Asia and the Balkans. It is made of chopped nuts layered with phyllo pastry, sweetened with sugar or honey syrup. The best evidence is that it is from Turkish origin."

Oops... looking at the description, doesn't it sounds sooooo sweet?

The fact is, it was ex~treme~ly sweet.

I still got half in my freezer. Geee...

Well, it was only a so-so dinner. But it was a great time with S. We both had a nice time to release our stress after a whole long week.

^_^ Thanks for the sweet time!!

Good night everybody. Enjoy your weekends. ;)

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

DC trip : Washington Monument

Oops... a little correction about my yesterday's post. Although I was trying to open my neighbour's door with my key, it didn't work. :P So, it wouldn't work too for him to open my door. ;) Safe.

Ok, continue with my DC trip.

S and I found a place to stay outside DC so that we paid less for that. The room was nice, but the breakfast was tasteless. It took an effort to eat the buffet style breakfast. Well, we did fill up some fuel in our body for the morning though.

After a speed check-out, we were on the road again. Driving on Interstate 395, heading north to DC.

Since yesterday night we had a good lesson from looking for the roads in the town, it saved us much time on looking for the correct direction again this time.

We reached on 14th Street faster than we scheduled.

We parked for free, but we were only given 3 hr for maximum parking.

Ho ho ho! Without wasting anymore time, fish fish was ready with her Olympus to take as much memories as possible in the town.

This was the first spot we went as we parked the nearest to it. The Washington Monument. It was the most obvious building from far, even from the highway.

Here is a short quote from its official website:

"The Washington Monument is the most prominent, as well as one of the older, attractions in Washington, D.C. It was built in honor of George Washington, who led the country to independence, and then became its first President. The Monument is shaped like an Egyptian obelisk, 555’ 5/8” high, and averages 30 to 40 miles visibility in clear weather. It was finished on December 6, 1884."

The weather that morning was splendid. The sky was so blue. There were a few flower trees nearby the monument, but were not in full blossom. It was still nice though.

If you looked at the monument from close, you'll have a different perspective on it. It was even impossible for me to see the top of the obelisk.

The sunshine gave a contrast of shade and light to it.

Watching the Washington Monument was just like looking at Claude Monet's garden on his paintings. I was enjoying every moment of it.

I'll show you other attractions in Washington DC downtown in my next post.

Meanwhile, have a pleasant day, everyone. ^_^

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Another embarassing moment

It was such a lovely sunny morning. I started my 1st work outside my desk. I've been going here and there doing my things, it was definitely a great thing as I didn't have to stay so dull and still whole day reading writing materials for the whole day. I know I am definitely not the 8-5 type of worker.

I was so concentrated into it that I turned up eating my lunch at 2.00pm. After that, I continued my work until my work mate asked me to join a meeting with dinner. Really glad I went as I learnt so much thing from the invited guest for giving the speech. ^_^ Got a lot of free gifts from the guest too. :P

However, that made me ended my day at my work place at 7.40pm. By the time I rushed home, it was just 5 min before the starting of Dancing with the Stars.

So, I ran up to my room. Tried to open my door as fast as possible. However, the next second, I saw dim light in my room. OMG! I forgot to turn off my light. I was thinking how careless I was. But then, some crackling sound came out from the room. Someone was opening the door from the room.

o_O""" My instinct told me to look at the apartment number. Oh oh... I made a HUGE mistake!! Instead of my 323, it was 223.

A six-feet sexy chocolate skin guy was standing in front of me.

Wah~~~ how could I make such a clumsy mistake. I was somebody else apartment!!!

He looked at me, with delighted surprise rather than an annoying look.

"Oops!!! Wrong room! I went to the wrong floor. I am sooooo sorry." I wished I could dig a hole to hide inside. But I couldn't, I could only smile to him, trying to hide away my blushing face.

"No no no... it's totally alright. In fact, I am really happy you come to the wrong door. I was just new here, and you were the 1st neighbour I met." Gosh, his smile was gorgeuos.

"Oh really? You are the 1st neighbour too I encounter in this block." I replied.

"Oh, by the way, I am Christ. Nice to meet you." Oh, his smile was really lovely. Reminded me so much of the guy that I saw last time in New Orleans. :P

"I am fish fish. Nice meeting you too."

"Let me give you more information about myself." He handed me a name card. I didn't give mine as I didn't have any yet.

We ended the short conversation, I ran up to my room. This time, my own room. Really glad that he didn't mind.

And now I am, sitting in my comfortable living room, watching my favorite.

Oh gosh! Do I have to meet a cute guy in this way? Come on, give me a break! -_-"""

Sunday, September 24, 2006

DC trip : 1789 Restaurant

Sunday is always one of the day I like the most in a week. Another is definitely Saturday.

Heeee... weekends has becoming more meaningful for me after I started my work. :P

Ok, sorry for the delay of this post, a continuation from my 1st post for DC trip.

S and me decided earlier we should have some fine dining in Washington DC, as another workmate of ours mentioned about good food in the area.

She specifically mentioned Georgetown. A very happening place during night time as there is one famous university, Georgetown University at that area.

So, the 2 ladies were dressed up nicely for the night.

It took us quite sometime to eventually get to the right street.

Georgetown is a beautiful spot. Quite a big area with happening streets. It is even fun just to walk along the street to see the people and things around.

We didn't choose any dining places along the busy main street.

We have booked earlier on one of the restaurant after seeing its unique name while surfing on the internet.

1789 Restaurant!!

Conincidentally, it was the established year for Georgetown University. How cool was that?

When we made the call for booking, we were told all the seats were fully booked except at 9.45pm. We had no choice but to get that time.

Luckily we did, as by the time we finally found the place, it was just about 20 minutes to our booking time. :P

I love the interior layout. A very classical kind of feeling. You could see ironic and cynical drawings on the wall regarding the old time political world. ;)

In fact, there were a lot of politicians and businessmen looking guys having dinner that night too.

It looked weird to have 2 young ladies having their dinner in between their desks. :P

Gosh... it was surely an expensive dining out night for S and me. :P But it was a good thing we shared. ^_^

This was a complimentary dish by the chef.

Hmm... it was half side of medium prawn with red carrot puree.

Well, it was just ok, although the texture of the prawn was quite nice. The puree was just... errr... puree. Nothing special.

We ordered 2 appetizers and 2 entrees.

Lumpy crab cake with hearts of palm and pistachio sauce. (US$ 15)

Hmmm... this could have been a great dish, but the saltiness of the hearts of palm overtaking the whole plate tastiness. As a result, we couldn't enjoy the natural sweetness of the hearts of palm neither the real punch of the pistachio sauce.

Apart from that, I actually enjoyed the crunchy lump crab cake. Very flavourful crab meat that gave you a good texture when chewed slowly.

Our 2nd appetizer was ordered due to the curiosity of these 2 ladies. We chose foie gras. (US$ 18)

Not until that night, I have never eaten any foie gras. Firstly was because I couldn't convince myself to try it as I have heard about the cruel way of feeding the ducks and geese for producing it. Second, I have never encountered with a good foie gras. Even if I saw one, the price was too high for me to effort it.

However, that night, since S was curious to try too, we decided to commit a sin, betraying our morality. We had our 1st foie gras.

I was surprised to see the foie gras was light pink in the core and milky brown on the outer layer. I always thought it should has a deeper shade.

When I put the 1st bite into my mouth and chewed it slowly to let it melted slowly into my mouth, it was amazing to realise how buttery a foie gras was. Although I could taste the liver flavour in this piece of bite in my mouth, I was still sceptical about the fact that it was actually a liver.

Now, I know why they called it fattened liver.

I felt very guilty after eating this although I couldn't deny the food cultural shock of that creamery texture and very buttery taste. I had to give the remaining to S.

I don't think I want to try another foie gras again as it really made me feeling very bad after indulging it.

Hmmm... I heard it was going to be banned. How true is that?

For the entrees, we had a plate of Colorado Rack of Lamb, the representative dish in 1789 restaurant.

It looked good, it smelled good, but it tasted disappointed. This was our most expensive dish for the night, which costed us US$38.

We could see how popular this dish was that night as we spotted 8 out of 10 guests were ordering it. I was having a very high expectation on it before it served to us.

Urgh!!! They made the same mistake for this as the one in crab cake.

It was too salty, once again, which explained everything. Such a great dish totally destroyed by the SALT!!! This was such a big mistake.

As a consequent, the lamb was less tasty, we couldn't enjoyed the good flavour that given by the herbs.

S was looking at me, "Are you thinking the same thing?"

"Tell me your comment."

"Too salty." S replied.

Exactly!! Ok, at least that confirmed it was not my taste buds that was working wrong that night. It was the SALT!!

The last entree, after the earlier dishes shock, we were not expecting much anymore.

So when this plate of Muscovy duck breast with fig and macadamia nut were served to us. (US$ 29) We made our decision not to be deceived by its gorgeous outlook. We need the inner beauty!!

Once again, this was a new dish for us as neither one of us had any Muscovy duck before.

I had the honour to taste it first. I must said I was never a duck meat fan until that evening. It changed all my concept.

The duck meat was amazingly soft. Very chewy and juicy when the duck meat mixed well with the fig sauce. The more I chewed on it, the more the whole great flavour spreaded into my whole oral cavity. I could feel the receptors on my taste buds kept begging for more.

Oh gosh!!! This was actually the next best meat I had after the Kobe beef.

Instead of the melty soft meat texture like the Kobe beef, this Muscovy duck had a texture that is light and chewy. There was no significant duck smell on these meat.

S was enjoying it very much too. She was loving it so much that she were clossing both eyes to indulge the meat gradually.

This dish worth a 2 thumbs up from us. It was definitely the best dish of the night and I strongly recommend it, if you happen to have your dining in this restaurant one day.

Well, in term of decoration and service, 1789 restaurant is strongly recommended by fish fish. However, in term of food quality, I seriously do think they need to cut down the usage of that sodium chloride (namely, salt!). In fact, we made a complaint after the dinner and the staff just went in instantly to pass our complaint to the kitchen. :P

We paid almost US $70 each for the 1.5 hr dining.

Well, at least that was not a bad night. It was surely an enjoyable outing for S and me. The girls' night out was definitely a great fun!!!

Thank you S!!! For the companion. Muak!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Way too embarassing!!

Gosh!! It was supposed to be a lovely day for me. The seminar went well. Everything was smooth. We even had our New Employment Orientation ended 2 hr earlier.

So, I went home and decided to give myself a good rest.

I was into the mood of cooking something Kuching-style to heal my homesickness.

I want to indulge something that has the sweetness and sourness of Kuching.

Therefore, I make a combination of ingredients inside my fridge and started to cook.

Little did I know that was the starting of my nightmare of the day.

The smoke was produced furiously when I tried to caramelize the sliced onion and mushroom in the frying pan.

The next moment, terrible high-pitch siren came out from my ceiling.

OMG!!! I triggered the fire alarm in my apartment to activate. It was too late for me to realise that.

*Panic Panic Panic*

*Get a big paper board tried to fan the smoke away from the alarm*

Still, the siren made the noise like it was nobody business.

The resident downstair screamed at me... but I couldn't hear anything he said.

I was ready to wear my shoes to run down for getting the apartment's admin for help.

It was only a mere few min of the happening, but it seemed like years to me.

Then, I heard siren of fire truck.

*Finish* *My face blushed*

I rushed out to see a fireman was downstair. There were another few residents nearby him. -_-""" Must be the alarm have shocked them.

"Er... my cooking. It was my cooking!" Yeah, I was stupid that time, not even know how to say a simple sentence to explain my situation to him.

But then, the kind fireman, he nodded with a very understanding expression. He smiled back at me. Somehow, that soothed me.

"Don't worry ma'am. I'll fix that. Now all you have to do is to open the door and window to ventilate the room."

I nodded. In fact, I have opened the door and window earlier.

Soon, the alarm went off. I thanked and apologised to him.

He told me not to worry, as they have this kind of thing happening everyday.

Well, I am impressed with their efficiency.

I like his politeness.

In fact, he looked quite cute to me. I only realised that before his went away. *Too late*

Ok, curious to know what was the dish that caused all this trouble?

Kuching Kio Chap Mee!!

It was delicious. Definitely one of the plate of Kio Chap Mee that I will never forget in my life. In term of... errr... you know I know.

What a day!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I need sleep

Been quite busy these 2 days. Gosh!! I miss my bed soooo much now. Will do a quick shower and meet my Mr. Chow!!

Tomorrow I'll have a whole day New Employment Orientation. -_-""" Just hope that it will not be the boring type.

I'll continue my DC's trip posts tomorrow. Today need rest.

Lots of yummilicious picture coming up!! ^_^

Argh~~~ I feel the pain for MC. Those people so suey one!!! Stole everything from her, not even letting go a pack of tissue!! Hmmm... I bless their butts chomp by the grey shark. How I wish I can give her a good hug now.

Good night everyone. Have a nice day.


Monday, September 18, 2006

DC trip : 1st fast food on the road

^_^ I am a lucky girl!

I'm not even one month in US, but the mole under my foot is working its magic.

Guess what? My workmate, S was planning to go to Washington DC, and she decided to give me a free ride!!!


She was the driver, while I was her live navigator. ;)

Well, with her skillful driving and my proper navigation, we started our journey on the freeway.

Finally, we crossed to the next stage.

Oh yes~~~ welcome to Virginia.

By that time, we were quite hungry.

It took us quite a distance for us to get to one of the fast food restaurant that I have curious to try on.


Somehow its TV commercial attracted me to try on it.

See how bad a commercial influence? -_-"""

The food was nice, but the branch that we went were quite not-hygiene.

We shared 3 pieces fried chickens. It was not bad, but no as good as Bojangle's.

My first time on biscuit!! I missed to try it when my first visit to Bojangle's.

Mmm~~~~ buttery salty taste matched with flaky texture. Imagine if this absorbs some of the nicest gravy. Too bad, I only had it just like that.

Of course, how would I miss the self-proclaimed great charbroiled burger by Hardee's.

I like mushroom, so we had a Mushroom N' Swiss Thickburger.

Great stuff.

The bread was soft.

The burger patty was juicy and flavourful yet it gave you the caramelized sweetness that treated with charbroiled technique.

It blended very nice with the sticky sweet mushroom sauce when you give a good chew on the combination.

Heeee.... that was sure a huge portion for the 2 girls. ;) We finished the whole thing anyway.


Sunday, September 17, 2006

Home sweet home!

Oops... I was away from NC since Saturday noon. Just reached back home 40 min ago and had a nice bowl of fish fish's home-cook instant noodle. Yum Yum~~~

Well, where was I?

Tee hee hee...



Oh yes, it was a great fun!!!

Detailed updating coming soon. ;)

Meanwhile, I shall go to meet my Mr. Chow. Seriously need a shower now, very smelly. -_-"""

Tata~~~ Muak!!

p/s: Comments and mails reply later. Sorry!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Food Food Food!

Hmmm... quite a few news on TV interested me just now.

1. Thin models may be banned from catwalk.
2. E.Coli on spinach outbreak across US.
3. Snow in one of the mountain in Oregon.

Which one catch your attention the most?

Contradict to the problem of the super skinny... I think I am storing much more fat in my body on a sunny nice Friday like today.

I chose this nice pack of whole grain chips, after did a sensory evaluation on 6 glasses of milk. Gosh~~~ my tongue was so fatigued after that.

Well, this snack looks good though. I don't know when I will actually eat it since I am cutting down a whole lot of my snack portion.

Then, there was a sweet and cute visitor came to our workplace today.

She brought a nice choices of Kellogg's products. Yippie!!!

Well, it was my 1st time encoutered with Kashi, but my workmates were telling me this brand is expensive and very good. A lot of fiber and protein!!

^_^ Tee hee hee... we are going to have these for free for the coming week. Can't wait to try all of them, one by one of course!

I brought my own lunch. I didn't know it was a cookout for the sensory panelists today. I forgot actually.

I ended up putting my lunch into the refrigerator and having this whole plate of food in my stomach.

Well, I left the beef patty out this time.

It was my 1st time tried a raw mushroom salad. Hmm... prefer cooked version.
It was my 1st time tried a turkey sausage. Not bad, though I couldn't really tell it's turkey.
I love mustard and ketchup. It tasted really good with my plate of choices.

Gosh~~~ I wonder if we are going to have eating gathering like this every Friday since we had one last Friday evening too.

Well, it is good to have a lunch together and knowing new people though.

^_^ Have a pleasant weekend. Tata~~~

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Cheese~ Oh! Cheese~

There was a mysterious note on the refrigerator few days ago.

"To eat. Cheese cake in freezer."

No name nor date when this note was on.

I opened the freezer and there was a nice big blueberry cheesecake inside with a small slice that was already missing.

Hmmm... looking good, looking fresh.

So, I cut 1 slice for myself.

Ahhhh~~~ the power of cheese. It did cheese up my day.

Then, I was trying to search for the source so that I could say thank you.

Interestingly, everyone was thinking it was someone else that made it.

Neither of us guessed her, as we didn't see her in the workplace at all.

Until yesterday...

The mystery was finally solved. It was actually Paula that made the cheesecake for us.

How sweet!!!

By the time we knew that, the cheesecake only left a small cut in the freezer. :P

Thank you Paula, it was a great one. We love it.

Then this morning, I received one email in my mailbox. Staff in another department was calling for people to do sensory test for their cheesecake.

Mmm~~~ cheese cake sensory? Sound good.

So, I went and did the test.

Amazing to see the portion of the cheesecake that I was given for a simple sensory evaluation. It was more than enough to be a good breakfast!

Both were good.

919 was milky creamy.

248 was soft and more salty.

I prefer cheese with a nice touch of saltiness in it. So, my choice was 248.

How about you? Milky? Salty?

Tomorrow will be another sensory evaluation on milk! Tee hee hee... it is definitely a fun thing to do sensory evaluation on good food. ;)