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Sunday, September 24, 2006

DC trip : 1789 Restaurant

Sunday is always one of the day I like the most in a week. Another is definitely Saturday.

Heeee... weekends has becoming more meaningful for me after I started my work. :P

Ok, sorry for the delay of this post, a continuation from my 1st post for DC trip.

S and me decided earlier we should have some fine dining in Washington DC, as another workmate of ours mentioned about good food in the area.

She specifically mentioned Georgetown. A very happening place during night time as there is one famous university, Georgetown University at that area.

So, the 2 ladies were dressed up nicely for the night.

It took us quite sometime to eventually get to the right street.

Georgetown is a beautiful spot. Quite a big area with happening streets. It is even fun just to walk along the street to see the people and things around.

We didn't choose any dining places along the busy main street.

We have booked earlier on one of the restaurant after seeing its unique name while surfing on the internet.

1789 Restaurant!!

Conincidentally, it was the established year for Georgetown University. How cool was that?

When we made the call for booking, we were told all the seats were fully booked except at 9.45pm. We had no choice but to get that time.

Luckily we did, as by the time we finally found the place, it was just about 20 minutes to our booking time. :P

I love the interior layout. A very classical kind of feeling. You could see ironic and cynical drawings on the wall regarding the old time political world. ;)

In fact, there were a lot of politicians and businessmen looking guys having dinner that night too.

It looked weird to have 2 young ladies having their dinner in between their desks. :P

Gosh... it was surely an expensive dining out night for S and me. :P But it was a good thing we shared. ^_^

This was a complimentary dish by the chef.

Hmm... it was half side of medium prawn with red carrot puree.

Well, it was just ok, although the texture of the prawn was quite nice. The puree was just... errr... puree. Nothing special.

We ordered 2 appetizers and 2 entrees.

Lumpy crab cake with hearts of palm and pistachio sauce. (US$ 15)

Hmmm... this could have been a great dish, but the saltiness of the hearts of palm overtaking the whole plate tastiness. As a result, we couldn't enjoy the natural sweetness of the hearts of palm neither the real punch of the pistachio sauce.

Apart from that, I actually enjoyed the crunchy lump crab cake. Very flavourful crab meat that gave you a good texture when chewed slowly.

Our 2nd appetizer was ordered due to the curiosity of these 2 ladies. We chose foie gras. (US$ 18)

Not until that night, I have never eaten any foie gras. Firstly was because I couldn't convince myself to try it as I have heard about the cruel way of feeding the ducks and geese for producing it. Second, I have never encountered with a good foie gras. Even if I saw one, the price was too high for me to effort it.

However, that night, since S was curious to try too, we decided to commit a sin, betraying our morality. We had our 1st foie gras.

I was surprised to see the foie gras was light pink in the core and milky brown on the outer layer. I always thought it should has a deeper shade.

When I put the 1st bite into my mouth and chewed it slowly to let it melted slowly into my mouth, it was amazing to realise how buttery a foie gras was. Although I could taste the liver flavour in this piece of bite in my mouth, I was still sceptical about the fact that it was actually a liver.

Now, I know why they called it fattened liver.

I felt very guilty after eating this although I couldn't deny the food cultural shock of that creamery texture and very buttery taste. I had to give the remaining to S.

I don't think I want to try another foie gras again as it really made me feeling very bad after indulging it.

Hmmm... I heard it was going to be banned. How true is that?

For the entrees, we had a plate of Colorado Rack of Lamb, the representative dish in 1789 restaurant.

It looked good, it smelled good, but it tasted disappointed. This was our most expensive dish for the night, which costed us US$38.

We could see how popular this dish was that night as we spotted 8 out of 10 guests were ordering it. I was having a very high expectation on it before it served to us.

Urgh!!! They made the same mistake for this as the one in crab cake.

It was too salty, once again, which explained everything. Such a great dish totally destroyed by the SALT!!! This was such a big mistake.

As a consequent, the lamb was less tasty, we couldn't enjoyed the good flavour that given by the herbs.

S was looking at me, "Are you thinking the same thing?"

"Tell me your comment."

"Too salty." S replied.

Exactly!! Ok, at least that confirmed it was not my taste buds that was working wrong that night. It was the SALT!!

The last entree, after the earlier dishes shock, we were not expecting much anymore.

So when this plate of Muscovy duck breast with fig and macadamia nut were served to us. (US$ 29) We made our decision not to be deceived by its gorgeous outlook. We need the inner beauty!!

Once again, this was a new dish for us as neither one of us had any Muscovy duck before.

I had the honour to taste it first. I must said I was never a duck meat fan until that evening. It changed all my concept.

The duck meat was amazingly soft. Very chewy and juicy when the duck meat mixed well with the fig sauce. The more I chewed on it, the more the whole great flavour spreaded into my whole oral cavity. I could feel the receptors on my taste buds kept begging for more.

Oh gosh!!! This was actually the next best meat I had after the Kobe beef.

Instead of the melty soft meat texture like the Kobe beef, this Muscovy duck had a texture that is light and chewy. There was no significant duck smell on these meat.

S was enjoying it very much too. She was loving it so much that she were clossing both eyes to indulge the meat gradually.

This dish worth a 2 thumbs up from us. It was definitely the best dish of the night and I strongly recommend it, if you happen to have your dining in this restaurant one day.

Well, in term of decoration and service, 1789 restaurant is strongly recommended by fish fish. However, in term of food quality, I seriously do think they need to cut down the usage of that sodium chloride (namely, salt!). In fact, we made a complaint after the dinner and the staff just went in instantly to pass our complaint to the kitchen. :P

We paid almost US $70 each for the 1.5 hr dining.

Well, at least that was not a bad night. It was surely an enjoyable outing for S and me. The girls' night out was definitely a great fun!!!

Thank you S!!! For the companion. Muak!


At 7:45 PM, Blogger Jasmine said...

Hey Fish fish, nice to see you're enjoying yourself ^^ If you want to visit Texas and try some good old Texas BBQ, let me know!

And yes Fois gras is getting rather unpopular... currently it's banned in Chicago. Governer of California Arnold S. recently signed a state law to bann production and sale of foie gras that is unhumane effective 2012

At 6:51 AM, Blogger cooknengr said...

Hey Fish Fish, fine dining in DC ! You know your are suppose to eat grits, fat back, BBQs, southern fried chicken, collard greens, butter milk biscuits, corn bread..... and drink a lot of sweet tea in the Carolines right ?

At 6:26 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

jasmine : Oh yes, I've heard a lot about Texas BBQ. I'll make my time to go there and try it one day. But before that, I need to save up my money and earn my vacation first. Let's meet then, Jasmine!!

cooknengr : Haha!!! Wait till I finish my DC's post, I'm gonna make you all drool over the real NC's yummies. Teeheehee...


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