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Monday, September 18, 2006

DC trip : 1st fast food on the road

^_^ I am a lucky girl!

I'm not even one month in US, but the mole under my foot is working its magic.

Guess what? My workmate, S was planning to go to Washington DC, and she decided to give me a free ride!!!


She was the driver, while I was her live navigator. ;)

Well, with her skillful driving and my proper navigation, we started our journey on the freeway.

Finally, we crossed to the next stage.

Oh yes~~~ welcome to Virginia.

By that time, we were quite hungry.

It took us quite a distance for us to get to one of the fast food restaurant that I have curious to try on.


Somehow its TV commercial attracted me to try on it.

See how bad a commercial influence? -_-"""

The food was nice, but the branch that we went were quite not-hygiene.

We shared 3 pieces fried chickens. It was not bad, but no as good as Bojangle's.

My first time on biscuit!! I missed to try it when my first visit to Bojangle's.

Mmm~~~~ buttery salty taste matched with flaky texture. Imagine if this absorbs some of the nicest gravy. Too bad, I only had it just like that.

Of course, how would I miss the self-proclaimed great charbroiled burger by Hardee's.

I like mushroom, so we had a Mushroom N' Swiss Thickburger.

Great stuff.

The bread was soft.

The burger patty was juicy and flavourful yet it gave you the caramelized sweetness that treated with charbroiled technique.

It blended very nice with the sticky sweet mushroom sauce when you give a good chew on the combination.

Heeee.... that was sure a huge portion for the 2 girls. ;) We finished the whole thing anyway.



At 6:08 AM, Blogger Pink Cotton said...


*drool on fish2's blog*


hey i don understand why they call a thing that looks like a bun a biscuit ler...care to xplain to me? :)

At 9:10 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

pink cotton : My dear, I also don't know why. It seems like in America, a biscuit is not the "biscuit" we call in Malaysia. They call our biscuit "snack" or "cookies".

At 2:41 AM, Blogger implosion said...

verrrry fattening leiiii. Watch out fish fish!


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