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Friday, September 29, 2006

Fish Fish's 1st Paycheck

Wow!! Guess what? ^_^

I got my 1st monthly salary today. Oh! I've worked for a month!

My 1st proper paycheck for working!!

Not from temporary work, not from summer work nor my scholarship.

It's feeling so good.

Forget about the heavy tax I have to pay. Geee... tax paying in US is really something.

That made my low enough salary even few hundred dollars lesser.

Oh well... be happy with what I am having now. I still can survive with the money, as long as I don't over-spend my budget. :P I am not the type of person that like to be in debt.

What is more importnat, I have a great boss, a nice working environment and a splendid place for me to learn things. I am loving it. Muak!

Well, silly me, I forgot to take a picture of my 1st paycheck and I've deposited it into my bank account. -_-"""

Since starting next month will be auto paying into my bank account, there will be no chance to get another so neat and nice check like today. *Hai yah!*

But, I did have a good way to spend the 1st salary of mine. ;)

1st, I went to the gym club with S to enroll for the membership. I only paid US$180 per year for full service!!! (Compared to a monthly US$70 when I was in Japan that only provide basic service!) It is a HUGE GYM CLUB with many facilities. Just to name a few... 4 weight rooms with machines, 18 racquetball courts, 5 tennis courts, 11 basketball courts (which can be used for badminton too), dance studios, rock climbling wall etc...

Oh man... I'm going to start my gym tomorrow!!! Oolala~~~ (I'm taking a day off today from my night time exercise. :P)

Then, that evening, I invited S to join me for a dinner. It was my treat.

Yeah!! The 2 girls went to have dinner at...

Champions Pizza & Wings

I paid about US$20 for the whole dinner.

S was saying it was expensive.

Well, I agreed. The look of the shop and the food quality, it was somewhat not reaching the value what we have paid for. But, the guy was nice though.

I got to learn a new foods in this not-impressive-at-all meal.

It is Stromboli with pepperoni and mushroom. Basically, a stromboli is a stuffed pizza, with Mozarella cheese inside. US$8.

It tasted not bad. Although I felt quite satiated with the cheese on my 2nd serving.

I would prefer if they put more mushroom and pepperoni rather than so much cheese.

The texture of the outer layer nice though, except for the rich thick layer of butter on the surface.

Gosh!! Imagine the calories!!

We also had small Jumbo Wings (10 pieces are counted as small). It was for US$8.

Hmmm... it was just so so. I had a much better one before. We ate 6 and left 4.

Oh well, I packed home the leftover and let see what I am going to do to make them more delicious then. ;)

As for the dessert, I chose one I have never heard of the name. Baklava.

Now I know what it is.

According to wikipedia,
"Baklava or baklawa is a rich, sweet pastry found in many cuisines of the Middle East, south Asia and the Balkans. It is made of chopped nuts layered with phyllo pastry, sweetened with sugar or honey syrup. The best evidence is that it is from Turkish origin."

Oops... looking at the description, doesn't it sounds sooooo sweet?

The fact is, it was ex~treme~ly sweet.

I still got half in my freezer. Geee...

Well, it was only a so-so dinner. But it was a great time with S. We both had a nice time to release our stress after a whole long week.

^_^ Thanks for the sweet time!!

Good night everybody. Enjoy your weekends. ;)


At 1:49 AM, Blogger Red Sponge said...

Ur post remind me the first time I received the salary 2 years ago.

I really can feel the excitement of urs! lol!!

Great that U like ur working environment. =)

At 9:47 AM, Blogger Adriene said...

congratulations on ur first pay check meow meow!

At 10:27 AM, Blogger Blackwidow said...

FF chan, Carb wa chotto tabenai desu nen.

At 12:07 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

red sponge : ^_^ Yap, it was making my adrenaline runnng wild.

adriene : Moshi mosh~~~ Wow!! Didn't know you own a blog too. Irasshaimase!!

blackwidow : Hehe... :P


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