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Friday, September 15, 2006

Food Food Food!

Hmmm... quite a few news on TV interested me just now.

1. Thin models may be banned from catwalk.
2. E.Coli on spinach outbreak across US.
3. Snow in one of the mountain in Oregon.

Which one catch your attention the most?

Contradict to the problem of the super skinny... I think I am storing much more fat in my body on a sunny nice Friday like today.

I chose this nice pack of whole grain chips, after did a sensory evaluation on 6 glasses of milk. Gosh~~~ my tongue was so fatigued after that.

Well, this snack looks good though. I don't know when I will actually eat it since I am cutting down a whole lot of my snack portion.

Then, there was a sweet and cute visitor came to our workplace today.

She brought a nice choices of Kellogg's products. Yippie!!!

Well, it was my 1st time encoutered with Kashi, but my workmates were telling me this brand is expensive and very good. A lot of fiber and protein!!

^_^ Tee hee hee... we are going to have these for free for the coming week. Can't wait to try all of them, one by one of course!

I brought my own lunch. I didn't know it was a cookout for the sensory panelists today. I forgot actually.

I ended up putting my lunch into the refrigerator and having this whole plate of food in my stomach.

Well, I left the beef patty out this time.

It was my 1st time tried a raw mushroom salad. Hmm... prefer cooked version.
It was my 1st time tried a turkey sausage. Not bad, though I couldn't really tell it's turkey.
I love mustard and ketchup. It tasted really good with my plate of choices.

Gosh~~~ I wonder if we are going to have eating gathering like this every Friday since we had one last Friday evening too.

Well, it is good to have a lunch together and knowing new people though.

^_^ Have a pleasant weekend. Tata~~~


At 5:37 AM, Blogger Lannae said...

Kuishinbo- Welcome to the USA! What is your job? You seem to have a lot of food at your job. What kind of grocery stores, Asian, American, Latina, etc, do you have near you? Do you cook? Your other post of cheese and hot dog layers was unusual. Also, now you know why people of the USA are so fat; it is because our portions are SO BIG! Yes, Kashi brand is very good and expensive, but worth it for manufactured cereal. I make my own granola, so I do not buy cereal, but if I did, I would by Kashi.
Good luck and I hope you have fun in the USA!

At 7:22 AM, Blogger Chen said...

reading this reminds me of the corn flakes I bought some time ago. Left sitting on the shelf for quite some time already..:P

raw mushroom? doesn't sound nice to me :P

At 6:26 AM, Blogger Primrose said...

Wowow! More cheese. Hehe! Thin models banned from catwalk? Hmm...Should be banned from magazine adverts too.

At 7:35 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

lanae : Hello lannae. Thanks!! Nice to see you here. ^_^ Well, I'm working with food. But sorry I can't tell you much on that, hope you understand. Oh yes, US portion is BIG!! Need to share with people for 1 plate. :P I cook, but I don't follow the cooking rule. I only have a very economic Food Lion near my place, which can provide me food of my daily basis. :P

chen : Expired already or not? :P

primrose : ;) We have the same thinking.


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