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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Farewell, Jake!

Today is extremely cold. The coldest day since I came to NC. Funny thing was, I only wore a thin long sleeves shirt and a light sport jacket.

In the mid day, I even walked to 2 meetings with the shirt only. People looked at me in a strange way, as some of them were wearing their thick winter coat. No kidding!

Hehe... either my fat layer is too thick... or the daily sport have somehow build up my thermostate system. :P

However, I could feel the cold in the evening. So, I had to give up my gym and walked back home before it was too cold for me to handle.

It is Hari Raya today. Although I am far far away from home, I had quite a lot of nice food for lunch and dinner... for FREE!! :P Why? I'll tell in my next post.

Meanwhile... lots of pictures in this post! For the Farewell Party of Jake and Ying!!

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On Sunday evening, I started to cook this huge pot of thing.

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It took about 3 hrs for it to turn into this.

This was a pot of nicely braised beef with quite a number of secret ingredients in it. One of them, was the Japanese miso!! :P

However, this was not the end product.

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This, was the end product.

Yap, I took all the time to cook the beef just to do a Macaroni Goreng. ;)

I love it! So flavourful. Didn't expect the result can be this good. However, it was quite difficult to cook a HUGE pot of this. Therefore, my macaroni was overcook, tend to be too soft. Also, it was quite "dry" if compared to the typical CHO Goreng in Malaysia.

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Oh yes. I was all ready to go for the party!

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It was my boss house. Such a lovely place.

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This was the top favorite spot of mine. It has been always my hope to get to live in a place like it. Just imagine the warmth of the hot red fire will just heat up your cold dark winter is able to make one excited. :P

The main focus that night, however, was all the yummilicious...

It was a potluck party, so we have all kinds of FOOD!!!

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This was venison pot pie by Ja. He got the venison for free and very fresh. His neighbour hunted a deer and gave a portion of the venison to him.

Oolala~~~ what a good timing. We were the lucky ones!

Oh, one more thing. Ja used to be a professional cook!! Heeee... enough say to make you all know how good this pot pie was. ^_^

However, the venison might be too fresh that it tasted more like a good beef than a venison. Whatever it was, one thing for sure, it was sinfully good.

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Je bought the chicken and mixed it with assorted raw vegetables. The gist for this dish was the home-made Thai style dressing by her.

Mamamia... the sweet and sour dressing boosted up our appetite just when we needed to indulge a lot of food. Great choice!

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S made a simple yet very home-cooking kind of Mabo Tofu. I missed tofu so much. Some of the guests didn't like tofu, but definitely not fish fish. Apart from being too sweet for a Mabo Tofu, I liked the texture.

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Such a cute tray of baked potatoes, wasn't it? Tris made this by adding up cheese and bacon chips. It was fun to eat it with bare hands.

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My boss cooked this dish.

He told us this was actually a tradition dish in our workplace. A secret recipe that has been handed from generation to generation. It was called Dallas's Bean Dish.

I love this dish. If not because I was already quite full by the time I tried it, I would go for a 2nd round on it.

Thinking of it now, why didn't I Tapau some back home!! Silly fish!

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Among all the dishes, the cutest and most spooky dish for the night was definitely this spider's nest by Pai!!

So cute!! I could almost feel the Halloween was getting a big leap nearer.

Oh no, the spider was inedible. However, little Corina liked them so much that she decided to kidnap one of them home. LOL

Well, the beautiful green and white were actually a combination of guacamole, sour cream and cream cheese. For the bottom layer, there was pinto bean dish.

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That just fixed aptly with these tortilla chips!!!

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Fish Fish's 1st plate.

Clock wise from the * sign : Corn bread (I loved it!), the chicken, the venison, the tofu, the macaroni, the pinto bean and the potato.

Then, I ate the Dallas's Bean.

The 3rd round? It was time for the great dessert!!!

Another lucky thing for us!!!

My boss got 2 big cakes for FREE from The Cheesecake Factory!!

Each of them must be at least 5 lbs!!

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One was Vanilla Bean Cheesecake.

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Another one was something I could scream about!!


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Lovely layers, wasn't they?

Well, you could really see the vanilla bean spreaded so nicely inside the cake.

It was nice, but as I am not a fan on vanilla flavour, so I actually enjoyed the crusty bottom the most. :P

With half a slice of this...

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... and another half a slice of this, they formed one huge slice of cheesecake!!


I would rather call it God Diva!!! I felt like a goddess that was over-spoilt!!!

The densed creamy cheesecake with the bitter taste of the dark chocolate... with godiva chocolate chunk in between giving you a more than pleasure texture surprise. It was a flourless piece, so imagine how rich the taste was! It made me wanna laugh when I was eating it.

I finished the whole thing with a lot of efforts, as my stomach were more than a bloating stage!!

One lesson learnt! No matter how good the thing is, eating it with a full stomach will definitely spoil the enjoyment.

The next time if I am going to have such a luck for another Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake again, I will surely gulp them into my stomach first. :P

Argh... another silly thing!! Why didn't I think of Tapau this home as well. *sob sob sob*

Too late!

Jake and Ying were enjoying themselves very much too. They are really nice people. Too bad they have gone. Hopefully they will enjoy the new place! Bless the 2 of you from the bottom of fish fish's heart.

Before they went away, they gave each of us a surprise! SOOOO SWEET!!!

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They gave our boss this nice imitated Shang dynasty vase. ;) Like the colour.

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For each of us, we got a box of 4 Chinese mugs or cups.

I got one set with the lid.

So nice! Gonna use it for nice warm green tea during the winter! Or maybe a nice cup of Hot Godiva Chocolate Drink!!!

Hehe... I am such a Godivaholic. :P


At 9:18 PM, Blogger Lannae said...

Looks like all your co-workers are all great cooks! I love how the pot pie looks, very pretty!

At 1:47 AM, Blogger Lee Ai Ling said...

Godiva chocolate cheesecake! God, how I envy you!

At 6:26 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

lannae : They sure are! ^_^

lee ai ling : Heee... chocolate cheesecake will never be the same for me again. ;)


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