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Friday, October 27, 2006

Lexington Barbecue - A must try!!

Today is marking a full two-month fish fish in USA. Geee... time seem to be fast, yet slow. I am counting down for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas!!! Because these are the festivals that I can eat, eat and eat... :P

Hehe... sometimes I am really wondering why my Chinese Horoscope is not a PIG!

Speaking about pig, since today is a day quite special to me, I decided to post about one of the most unforgettable meal I experienced ever since I came to US. (Yah, I know 2 months a bit fast, but I trust my own taste buds. I am sure this place will still be remaining one of the top place I will remember the most whenever people mention BBQ!)

Before I start on that, let me ask you a question for those that are in US...

Do you know that North Carolina is famous with its BBQ?

If yes...

Do you know that there are 2 types of North Carolina BBQ?

The vinegary eastern style and the tomato-laced western style.

I found one very interesting article in washingtonpost.

East vs. West : Which is Best?

Yap, the writer drove more than 5 hrs each to just compare the 2. Geee... I learnt a lot from that article. You should go and read it too. ;) Coincidently, I went to one of the place that was being compared. ^_^ Lucky!

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I went all the way to Lexington for trying the Lexington style BBQ (a more common way to say western NC BBQ), as Lexington is well-known as the Mecca for western style BBQ. It took us about 2.5 hrs to reach the small town.

It is a small town, but very nice small town. I like it. In fact, Lexington is best to be visited during the Lexington Barbecue Festival. Here is a little story about it. In fact, the Travel and Leisure Magazine ranked it as One of the Top Ten Food Festivals in USA. Heee... I must try to go for the festival next year.

Although I didn't go to the festival this year... I had a good time for my 1st visit to Lexington.

We went to this eating outlet, Lexington Barbecue, since there were quite a few number of reviews that said this is a great place to experience the true Lexington style BBQ.

See the amount of the cars? That were just a portion of them! It was 4.00pm, which is usually will be considered as non-peak time for an eating outlet.

The more amazing part... this shop is located on a confusing highway, just beside a bridge that was under construction. The highway is actually a Business Loop 85 @ Highway 29-70.

All these didn't stop the people from going to it!!

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A peep at the back of the shop. Wooo~~~ look at those woods!!

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In the menu, it is clearly written :

We use pork shoulders only. They are cooked about nine hours over hickory and oak coals. We salt the meat before cooking but we do not baste. This is the true Lexington Style Barbecue.

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Being a highly curious gluttons... my friend and me ordered one tray of this coarsely chopped BBQ...

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... with another tray of sliced BBQ.

They both came with the coleslaw.

Immediately, I was really hooked on the coarsely chopped BBQ. It was divine. The meat was so flavourful. The more I chewed on it, the more it triggered my taste buds. It tasted much much better than its look. So, never be deceived by the cover. ;)

However, I am not recommending the sliced BBQ. It became "tasteless" to me if compared to the chopped version.

The coleslaw, was very GOOD!

Usually, I am not so much into coleslaw back in Malaysia because I didn't like the mayonnaise based coleslaw. However, this one was totally different. I could just eat this vinegar coleslaw non-stop. Definitely is a healthy choice of side dish!

It fact, it has turned my concept on coleslaw to a different direction. ;)

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Hehe... the 2 girls didn't really satisfy with just those 2 trays. We were really curious to taste more!!

We ordered a tray of fried onion ring and hush puppies.

It was ok. Nothing particular that impressed me.

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So did the Barbecue beans. Something like a ketchup bean, but with strong smoky flavour.

Just went we thought we have had enough varieties to try... a serious sandwich in the mebu caught my attention!!

Guess what?

It was neither a meat, fish nor vegetables sandwich.

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Hoglala~~~ Skin sandwich?? Heeee... does it sound gross to you? It sound extremely interesting to fish fish. Such a good food for challenging.

*TRY TRY TRY!!!* My mind ordered me.

*Yes Master* I obeyed to it.

I was really glad I did.

I must say, it was one of the best sandwich I have ever tasted. In term of the idea, the look and the taste - Perfect!!! Who ever thought of this combination was a genius!!

Some part of the crispy deep fried rinds absorbed the sauce from the coleslaw. It gave a different texture for my biting pleasure. The tangy coleslaw and crackling rinds kept tickling my tongue... notty notty.

We didn't finish all the other stuff that we ordered, so we had to take home all of them. However, this sandwich... we ate the whole thing regardless of the bloating stomach that we already had before it was served.

If you really asking for my opinion...

For this Lexington Barbecue...

The Chopped, The Coleslaw and The Skin Sandwich are the MUST TRY!



At 10:06 PM, Blogger umami said...

fish fish, you cracked me up with your description of the pork rind sandwiches. and well done too on getting by on only 100 usd in oct!

At 7:16 PM, Blogger cooknengr said...

Hey Fish Fish, Fedex some Pork Rind Samich over here!

At 11:53 PM, Blogger Dennis said...

Hey fish fish, when're you going to go vegetarian again?

At 6:58 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

umami : Another 2 more days to go! Must ganbatte!

cooknengr : You come here get it better. Fresh out of oven. ;)

dennis : Do you mean the long term? I actually now eating much more veggies, only small portion of meat, except during party. :P But I will do vegetarian lifestyle for a few weeks when I detox my body. But still, I will go to eat Phan's cooking one day!!


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