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Friday, December 08, 2006

Brunch at Mama Dip's

Quite a while ago, I went with S to Mama Dip's in Chapel Hill. S had been telling me this exciting place that offers traditional Southern country cooking. I got so interested and so we went for a heavy brunch. :P

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My 1st impression on the outlook was very home-style. It looked more like a house to me than a restaurant. I like the cute sign board.

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We chose to sit outside as it was a good and beautiful morning. We just wanted to enjoy the fresh air in a quiet neighbourhood on a slow Sunday.

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I ordered a glass of tomato juice, without expecting that it was "fresh" tomato juice. Very thirst quenching. It was very different from the bottled tomato juice that I usually stock in my fridge. I like both versions though.

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This was something really awesome! Fried green tomatoes!! The real Southern starter to boost up your appetite.

The thin layer of browned cornmeal outside the firm texture green tomatoes, absolutely captured fish fish's heart. Oh yes, it will definitely be my favorite choice of starter in the future. ;)

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S and me each chose a breakfast plate. We could either choose a biscuit or toast. We decided to get both biscuit and wheat toast to have more varities.

The buttery salty biscuit was such a sin for me to commit. Worse, I put the butter and honey on it. Sooooo good! The flaky warm biscuit when combined with the smooth butter and sticky honey, it was soooo good! However thinking of the calories, I only finished half. Hehe... good self-controlling? ;)

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I also ate the toast with the omelet and this country link sausage. The sausage was nice but not really something too special to talk about.

However, the hashbrown - was really good!! Usually, potatoes are the thing that will remain a lot on my plate. This was an unusual case, I finished the whole thing and I was hoping they actually would give me more!!

Mmmm~~~ even thinking about it now making me salivating. :P

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S decided to try the fried chicken with gravy. She is a fan of Southern foods, so she had grits as her side choice. I just learnt from my workmate last week that the best way to eat grits is Butter and Salt!! Oolala~~~ sound good. I'll make sure I try one version like that the next time.

S didn't like the gravy too much. I tried some, I actually enjoyed it. Even though the gravy was too thick for me and was absorbed into the fried chicken, I was impressed with the crispiness that was remained in this piece of chicken.

Just imagine if it was the fried chicken alone - what more if it was drumstick!! I bet I would turn unconcious from the shock then.

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Although we had quite a lot of food, we decided to order a dessert... A HUGE one indeed.

Sweet Potato Pancakes. Oh my, I was quite shocked when generous portions of pancakes were brought to us.

I didn't quite enjoy the taste of this pancake alone although I like its fluffy texture. S loved it. She said it was one of the best pancake she had.

When we ordered the pancake, the staff actually suggested we tried it with molasses.

Molasses? What is that? Was the 1st thing came to my mind.

When a big bottle of molasses were brought to me, I tried to taste that alone. ^_^ I love it!!! It tasted so much like a Kuromitsu in Japan. (Black honey literally)

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Muahahaha!! See how much we poured the molasses on the pankcake? It made the pancake tasted so good.

*slurp* I even licked the molases that stained my fingers.

It was a fantastic brunch we had, although not much of the Southern representative dishes. In order to go for the real Southern goodies, we decided to go for dinner again on the same day in Mama Dip's. Tee hee hee... I know, we were crazy.

The story about the dinner, will be in my next post. ;)

Good night!


At 11:03 PM, Blogger cooknengr said...

Hey Fish Fis, wow, real southern food . I wish we have real Southern food here in Southern California.

At 6:22 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

cooknengr : Haha... what about the real soul food in my next post? ;) Don't you wish you could have a bite on the chitlins? Muahahhah...


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