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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Dinner at Mama Dip's

As I said in my previous post, S and me went to Mama Dip's for dinner again that evening.

The place was full with people even though the time was already about 9.00pm.

This time we sat inside as it was quite cold outside.

We had a dinner menu this time. Mmmm... we had a real soul food dinner that night. ;)

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In soul food, it is very common to have cornbread. This version of cornbread in Mama Dip's was absolutely delicious. Its crumbly texture, salty yet slightly sweet taste with the nice aroma made it a truly great thing to munch before proper meal.

Although we didn't finish the cornbread and hardly touch any of the normal bun, I loved the cornbread so much that I decided to take it home. ^_~

I was too greedy, I ordered 2 main courses. :P

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The 1st one was this grilled beef liver. It was actually calf's liver that lightly battered and grilled with onions, covered with gravy and topped with a strip of bacon. Every main course came with 2 sides, one of them I chose rice and gravy.

It was my 1st time trying a beef liver. Surprisingly, it was delicious. However the portion was too big for me. Man~~~ I have never thought of how big a beef liver was, but with this piece of huge liver, it enlightened me that things inside cow are BIG~~~

Beef liver, definitely something I would like to eat again.

Luckily, S was kind enough to help me finished half of it. Tee hee hee...

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I have to spare some stomach for my 2nd main course. *My eyes always can eat more than my stomach* -_-"""

It was deep fried cat fish, special menu for the night, so I was tempted to try it.

Again, a big portion came. The 2 pieces catfish were breaded with cornmeal and fried.

It was quite tasty when eaten while it was still warm, the lemon juice did a good job in enhanching the tastiness. However, I had to eat this quick as when it turned colder, the fishy smell overtook the nice taste of the catfish.

I had to give S 1/4 of the portion to finish the whole plate.

Gosh!!! I was really a big eater fish.

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S ordered something unique in soul food. It is called chitterlings in a proper way, but more commonly known at Chitlins. A true southern "delicacy".

Chitlins are actually carefully cleaned pig intestine that are boiled or stewed, and are often battered and fried crispy after the cooking process.

In Kuching, we have one famous dish that is called Kueh Chap, which used pig offal including the pig intestines and I LOVE IT!

However, I was totally defeated by the strong smell of Chitlins, even though it has been deep fried. The smell was even stronger than "Smelly Tofu" in Chinese Cuisine.

I was going to put it into my mouth when I get one piece with my fork. Unfortunately, as soon as the whole thing neared my olfactory system, I detected that I must not ate it, or else I would vomit.

I turned up requested for a new fork as I couldn't use my original fork. So sad... I actually really hope to have a taste on it, maybe it was actually as tasty as a smelly tofu?

Ok, when can I be brave enough to put that into my mouth? Yeeee... imagine kissing after eating that. *KOWAIII*

S had that once and she was curious to confirm the taste once again. Amazingly, she actually finished half of the plate. *salute*

Yah, we ate too much...

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As a result, all the side dishes were hardly being touched. We did try one sip on each though.

Here was a small embarassing thing for fish fish... :P

I ordered for "Yam", thinking that it was "Yam" in Malaysia.

Then, when all the side dishes were served, I looked at the staff and asked her,

"Where is the yam?"

She looked at me and pointed to the "Sweet Potato".

Just as when I wanted to argue with her that "Sweet Potato" is NOT "Yam", I saw S was giggling.

*light bulb on*

So I just answered, "Oh, ok, TQ."

Then, as soon as the staff went away, I stared at S and blamed her, "Why didn't you tell me YAM is actually SWEET POTATO? You know I don't like sweet potato in normal occasion."

"Well, I was going to, but you seemed to be so enthusiastic on it, so I decided to remain silent. Now you will remember the proper meaning of yam in U.S, isn't it?"

Hmmm... true also. Ok, you win S. So, I ended up missing the taste of "Malaysian yam". *sob sob*

Anyway, it was a splendid dinner with S. It was a thank you dinner to her for spending the time and driving me to have such a good moment.


Mama Dip's is a place you must go for real Soul Food. ^_^


At 3:34 PM, Blogger misakichan said...

Yam = Sweet potato? o_O Note to self.

Hmmm... livers and intestines just aren't my kind of thing...

At 8:24 PM, Blogger Jasmine said...

In the US, the yam we know back in Malaysia is commonly known as taro, easily available in the asian markets.

At 6:18 AM, Blogger eVea said...

now i understand y u r able to work so hard in gym.. coz u r a big eater! haha... ;)

At 7:28 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

misakichan : Liver and intestines that are prepared in a very proper way are great delicacies. ;)

jasmine : Heeeee... yap, I know now. Had a good discussion session about yam and taro with my workmate today.

evea : Also, gym got many nice muscles to see. Tee hee hee...

At 8:39 PM, Blogger Pink Cotton said...


really mouth watering lahhhhhhhh


hmm i actually love the description of the pig intestines b4 u describe the taste lah!!

isit really so smelly????Aiyer..must b din wash it clean2 :P

At 7:11 AM, Blogger JMom said...

hi fishfish, long time no visit, sorry :(

So you went to mama Dips! I like their food too, and I have ordered their liver and fish before. I have never tried their chitlin's though. I like intestines well enough, but only when prepared by someone I know to be reputable :P AND if I can smell it, then it's a big NO NO. You should never be able to smell a well cleaned chitlin. You were a smart not to eat that :)

At 7:13 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

pink cotton : if not smelly hor, S would lost big part of the chitlin's already.

jmom : Oh, where is the place that can eat nice and clean chitlin's? I want to try!


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