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Thursday, December 07, 2006

An unexpected free meal ^_^

While I was having my lunch today, someone came in and told us there were a lot of free foods downstair for us to get.

So, after lunch, I went down to have a look.

Indeed!! There were many foods there, including a lot of bun, chips and sweet stuffs. I was full from my lunch, but that didn't mean I couldn't take the portion for my dinner. :P

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Tralala~~~ the choices that I took. 3 types of sausages, 4 types of ham and 4 types of cheeses plus baby carrot, fresh blueberry and *ehhem* a bit size choco cream puff. -_-""" (Carb!! No!!)

I ate the choco cream puff during my tea time. Therefore, I have to omit my chocolate and kiwi consumption today. The choco cream puff was so so, I was attempted to try because I have never eaten any cream puff yet in U.S.

Half of the plate was my dinner for this evening. Another half will be my dinner for tomorrow. That make my cooked dinner for tonight turn to become tomorrow's lunch. ;)

Yippie!! Meals for tomorrow is settled.

In fact, I am quite worry this morning when I looked into my fridge for making breakfast. My vegetables all used up, except for onion and carrot and chicken breast and sausage, which I am quite tired now after 4 days consuming the same thing. I wanted to go to the supermarket to get something different but I was quite busy with work and workout these few days. :P

Heee... tonight I can have a relaxing night with no cooking!! Cooking can be troublesome after a long tired day. Yap, I'll definitely need to do a good shopping this weekends, make sure I have enough food to survive for next week. :P

Time to take a shower and Zzzzzzz... Been a busy day.

Night night.


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