I eat so much until people call me Dr. Fish Fish.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Masala curry

Time is passing in a much faster pace than I have expected. It shocked me that today is the final day of January.

Since 2007 started, daily work has been keeping me very busy. I like to be busy though, it makes me appreciate my free time more.

Particularly, I like to cook some nice food to spoil myself when I have the time.

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On past Sunday, I decided to use this instant Brahim's Masala to cook a curry.

At first, I planned to use lamb, unfortunately there wasn't any fatty lamb that suitable to cook a curry that I like. So, I have to use fatty beef instead.

It was very easy to cook a good curry with Brahim's products.

After 30 min, my curry was ready to eat.

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The meat was just nice. Not too tough nor too soft. Not too lean nor too fatty.

The potato was one of the best I have cooked to date. I always tend to overcook potato in curry. But this time, the shape was pretty and the texture was great.

Heeee... I am very satisfied with this instant curry.

Imagine gulping this down with a bowl of fragrant rice. Irresistible!! ^_^

Monday, January 29, 2007

Yummy salad ^_^

I made my own salad on Sunday.

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Including the salad dressing.

A simple recipe.

1/4 cup vege oil
2 tablespoons powdered sugar
2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar
1 teaspoon fresh thyme
1/2 teaspoon salt
Dash of pepper

Mix everything together until the emulsion as above is formed. :)

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Remember to get a pack of crunchy Chow Mein Noodles.

This is a great ingredient to bring out the accent of the whole salad.

Now, time to prepare the fresh ingredients.

Wipe 1/2 portabello cap with a damped paper towel and bake for 5 min at 325 degree F. Cut the mushroom into small slices. (Replace with other mushrooms also can)
Put some toasted Macadamia nut into the oven at the same time to bake until it turned golden brown. (Replace with other nuts also can)
These 2 ingredients will give the salad an irresistible aroma.

While waiting for the mushroom and Macadamia...
Cut a whole tomato into wedges.
Cut 1/6 of lettuce into thin and long strips.
Heat frozen sweet corn in microwave for 30 seconds.
(Any vegetable combination is ok. Choose the ones that will give you different colours, various texture and flavour).

Add on 1/4 cup of Chow Mein.

Finally, add in 2 tablespoons of the salad dressing.

Mix... mix... mix

Less than 20 min...

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Tralala~~~ a colourful, yummy and healthy homemade salad.

It was so good. I was so addicted to it that I have been eating different salad combination with that salad dressing and the Chow Mein. (That salad dressing that I made was adequate to make 6 servings of salad).

I will try to play around with the salad dressing with different herbs and different vinegars... it will be a full yummilicious fun. ^_^

Why don't you try it too? Let me know if you love it. ;)

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Hollywood ;)

Did fish fish go to see Hollywood during her trip to California?

Heee... of course!

A visit to L.A. would not be a complete without Hollywood, isn't it?

But before that, no day will be able to start without a good breakfast for me.

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So Mr. Food Guide brought me to eat a bowl of beef tendon kuey tiaw...

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... and a bowl of beef rib noodle.

Only so-so for the kuey tiaw and noodle, but the tendon and the rib were awesome!

Oh yes... full of energy to start my exploration now. ^_^

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We used the car-pool lane. It is a lane only eligible to cars with 2 or more people.

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We were heading to the L.A. downtown.

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From the highway, we could see the word "HOLLYWOOD".

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Yeah!! We were there.

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Finally, we were on the street where the word "HOLLYWOOD" was everywhere.

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Parked in a parking area with this unique staircase. Look at all those shoes!!

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Then, we started to walk on the street.

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Since it was the Christmas eve, the two characters that we met were the Grinch and his pet dog, Max. ;)

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Then, along the Hollywood Boulevard, we could see Hollywood Walk of Fame. It was a strange feeling to see people stepped on these stars.

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Some stars were nice and clean... such as the Thomas Edison's star.

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However, not every star was lucky. Look what happened to Sylvester Stallone's star. Geee... did people do that on purpose?

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If you think anyone of the people you know is the best, you can always get one of these Oscars for him/her. ^_*

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I asked Mr. Food Guide to help me to take a picture with this Christmas decoration, where I was supposed to point to the word Hollywood.

He failed to take the one that I wanted.

Eventually, I have to ask him to be my model and demonstrated on how to take the picture.

"See? Mr. Food Guide, this should be the correct way." Anyway, he still failed to get this kind of picture on me. -_-""" *Duh~~~*

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Ha!! I spotted this car. Oh my, a huge Christmas tree bought in Christmas Eve? Hmmm... a little bit too late, don't you think so?

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Later, we went into a Disneyland shop to have a rest. We bought an absolutely yummy thirst quencher, this cookies and cream malt. Mmmm~~~ delicious! My first experience on Malt beverages. Good!!

The lady was so kind, she split the malt into 2 glasses for us, yet still charged us with only one glass price. :P

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Then, we walked across the street to this shopping area...

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A very good spot to see the word "HOLLYWOOD" from far.

Yah, it was very far from what we usually seen in the TV. I was lucky as the visibility that evening was quite ok. ^_^

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Heeee... Mr. Food Guide had a long day. He was so tired he decided to just get a nap in public. -_-"""

Wake up!!

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The night was here. Oh yes, Hollywood definitely looked much prettier at night.

Ai yah~~~ see that Wax Museum? Did not have the time to visit that. Oh well, maybe during my next visit to L.A. then.

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Good night HOLLYWOOD. ^_^

Friday, January 26, 2007

One-handed beehun

Oh, I was waken up by a phone call today. Coincidently, that triggered my stomach to call me too. So, I ended up one hand talking on phone and another hand preparing my brunch.

Wash, cut, cook...

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Tralala~~~ my one-handed curry fried beehoon!!

The taste was good woh~~~ The combination of curry sauce with Maggi seasoning was a right choice. ^_^ Thank you my friend for suggesting me to use curry to cook the beehoon on the phone. Tee hee hee...

Ha!! Once again fish fish proved women can do 2 things at one time. I love to be a woman. Muak!

Outside is 12 degree Celcius now. Such a lovely day. Boohoo~~~ SHOPPING!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

How about this beef?

You might have experienced a great medium rare filet mignon that was juicy and tasty.

You might have tasted a nice long-time-cooking beef stew that was melty and soft.

However, I doubt you have tried this.

Two great dishes made from a cow's leg's tendon.

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This chewy texture 5 spices tendon was amazing. Not only it has a great texture, the taste was equally good. It was so yummy that it turned out to be the fastest dish to be cleaned by us. :P

People who are familiar with beef tendon would definitely love this.

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This one, also using the beef tendon, but it has a totally different texture.

The beef's leg were cook until it melted. By this time, the skin of the beef turned soft yet still have the "crunchy" texture. After the deboning, the melted tendon was mixed with the thinly sliced skin to cold set into a fabulous beef tendon jelly.

It tasted plain when eaten just as it was.

However, with a dip of black vinegar + sesame oil + chopped fresh young ginger?

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This cold and smooth beef jelly with the chunky skin was just too good to let go.


Tuesday, January 23, 2007

From Japan, With Love

Yesterday, in my mail box...

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From Japan...

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... with LOVE...

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... from a whole family.

Composed in three letters.

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Even with such a lovely New Year card...

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... a.k.a a photo frame.

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May I proudly represent you - my Japanese host family.

A very beautiful family.

My Okasan wrote, " America is a country of steak and hamburger. Please be cautious of getting fat."

LOL お母様、かしこまりました。この忠告を銘記致します。


p/s : Very busy lately, but I am happy with my work. ^_^ Gosh, I need to find some times to reply a few emails. -_-""" (Yes, to write a proper email takes my brain to work out more than writing a blog post.)

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Normal phenomena?

Time : 7.30 p.m

Weather : 0 degree Celcius, felt like -3 degree Celcius. Heavy freezing rain.

Location : On the way to gym centre.

Fish Fish = Polyester winter coat, wool hat, polyester trousers.

Two hunks = Cotton T-shirts, workout short pants, no hats, no umbrellas.


Weird weather only?

I guess not.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

A taste of Jiang Xi

Gosh~~~ such a cold day today. Tomorrow is going to be even colder. -_-"""

Xin's parent is in U.S. now to have their 2-month vacation (Ehhem! Should be cooking for Xin for these 2 months. :P)

Last week Friday, Xin invited us to her house for a dinner cooked by her mom. *lucky*

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When we reached, her mom was still busy cooking with her 12th dish!! Gosh~~~ we were shocked with the whole table of foods.

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A signature Chinese dish. Whole fish cooking in different methods. This version, she was using soy sauce and fresh chili. Very nice. Reminded of my mom's cooking.

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She cooked 2 versions of chicken. One was this chicken that was marinated with 5 spices before cooking so that the spices flavour penetrated the chicken nicely.

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The next one was a soysauce chicken cooked with rehydrated dry squid. The umami of the squid brought out the umami of the chicken.

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We have sliced Chinese sausage. I have been missing this stuff. Make a fried rice with these sausage, it is going to taste so good.

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Drief tofu stir fried with Chinese chive. This dish was simple yet nice. The kind of home cook that will make me want to use my chopsticks before a proper meal. :P

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I like this one. It was actually a dried bamboo shoots that brought all the way from Jiang Xi cooked with chicken. The texture of the bamboo shoots were unique, giving me a pleasure moment of chewing them. Ate quite a lot of this one.

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This was a pride dish by Xin's father. The 5 spices beef. It was Neal's favorite too. Need a good experience in cooking this dish with good flavour, perfect texture and beautiful outlook. Xin's father sure made it perfect. Great dish!

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It is very common for Chinese cuisine to use animal internal organs as a cooking ingredient. This was actually chicken gizzard cooked with spicy green chili. One would be deceived by its "mild" outlook. The fact? It was the most spicy dish of the night. The chili masked the unique smell of the gizzard nicely.

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My favorite dish of that evening. I have been missing king trumpet mushroom for a long time. While in Japan, it was a common mushroom I would buy as it was cheap. In U.S., it is considered as expensive for me. Furthermore, the supermarket near my house does not sell this mushroom. Xin's mom simply cooked it with sliced pork with some simple seasoning, but this was exactly the kind of mild and yummy food that I have been craving. Love it!!

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A Chinese cooking would not be perfect without this signature dish - stir fry green veggie. ^_^

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Anyone of you able to guess what this was by its outlook.

This was actually a gelatine cubes from pig feet. It was cook until the whole pig feets were melted, making the fat separated from the gelatine. Then the gelatine was frozen in the refrigerator. The gelatine turned hard before it was cut into these thick slices.

A very impressive cold dish. It looked so simple, yet it actually involved quite a long time to make this dish. It was very soft and melt in one's mouth easily. I would never be able to guess it was actually gelatine if they didn't tell me.

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The pretty mommy was cooking in action! ^_^

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She was actually cooking the last dish. This was a special dish from Jiang Xi. The rice noodle was a handmade version from Jiang Xi province only. It released a very unique "rice" aroma that would make you think fermented seasoning was used, it was the aroma of the rice noodle itself. She cooked it with sliced beef and black fungus. Crunchy texture of black fungus with the al dente noodle, definitely was an alluring texture for me.

The special aroma of that rice noodle... it was a unique aroma I have never encountered from other noodles. Strange, but I was getting addicted to it.

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This was something great. The Chinese "cheese" - fermented tofu that is called Tofuru in Mandarin. Usually, one could easily get it from an Asian supermarket. However, this was a special one. You could only get it from Xin's grandma. Yap, it was made by Xin's grandma. ;)

Flying all the way from Jiang Xi to N.C. just for her beloved grandchild. I was really happy when I saw this. My favorite to go with a bowl of hot porridge.

That evening, I ate with white rice. One of the best Tofuru that I have tasted. So creamy and flavourful. Spicy and salty. By adding a bit of sesame oil in it, brought out the taste even better. This was like a durian, either you love it, or you hate it.

I love it. Hehe.

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Look at all the happy faces. Oh yes, a great meal sure brought many happiness to everyone. ^_^

Just when we thought the foods were "too many choices"...

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Xin's mom brought out another bowl of clear tofu and silver fish soup. *slurp* Definitely something great for a fish fish who loves soup so much.

Yap, I am a soupaholic. :P Not so much on the thick soup, more to this kind of clear soup. I can gulp down 3 big bowls of this soup as a meal. My mom never worry she might cook a too big pot of soup as all her three children love soup like crazy. :P I miss her soup!

It fact, Xin's mom reminded me of my mom so much. I really felt a kind of intimacy when talking to her.

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Xin is surely one lucky girl. Her mom even cooked a pot of green bean soup as dessert for us! I love this kind of dessert. Simple, mild and nice thing to rinse a heavy meal.

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But then , we also had some heavy Western style desserts again. :P

*burp* *burp*~~~~~

I was so full that night.

Thank you so much.
楊妈妈,楊爸爸... 真谢谢你们为我们煮了这么棒的一顿好吃又感動的正宗江西菜肴. ^_^