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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

A BUTTERY Wedding Cake

Two of my workmates in other section, B & P who have been dating for quite some time, got married suddenly in early of January. They were working as usual during morning. Then, they just sent us an email telling us they were on the way to get married.

Yes indeed, we were shocked yet happy for them. But, but, but... we didn't prepare anything to give to them. -_-"""

Therefore, during our monthly meeting, we decided to hold a little celebration for them. Two restaurants certificate as a wedding gift, plus...

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... a handmade wedding cake by L.

The butter used on the icing layer alone was 2.5 lbs!!

Imagine how much butter was used for this butter cake!! *gulp*

I love the way how she decorated the wedding cake with real rose. Simple yet so nice.

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The top layer was kept into a box and gave to them.

I was confused.

Then, L explained to me...

"It is common for Americans to keep the top layer of their wedding cake in freezer. During their 1st annivesary, the couples will eat the top layer together."

Geee... that is something new for me. I never know that. Definitely one very fresh information. I like it. ^_^

Yet, when I was telling another friend, he told me a different view...

"Sometimes, the newly wed will get into a huge conflict. One party will want to get a divorce. Then, another party will go to the freezer and stare at that top layer with a blank mind."

Oh~~~ that sounds so sad. This really makes me ponder, think twice before saying out the word "divorce" to your spouse, it can be very heartbreaking if you really don't mean it.

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Anyway, it was an enjoyable moment with that BUTTER CAKE.

Look at the thick layer of that butter icing. Melty, salty and yummy butter icing. Matched nicely with the sour raspberry in the middle.

Well, I forgot about Calories. Just have to erase that sometimes in my mind to really enjoy a piece of cake. :P


At 12:17 PM, Blogger Serenity said...

every now and then, a gal must have her cake & eat it. yum!

At 7:31 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

serenity : Yap. The Japanese girls always say they have extra stomach for a piece of good cake. ;)


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