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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Rice Flour Steamed Meat

One of the unique dishes that I learnt from Xin's mom was called 米粉蒸肉. Literally rice flour steamed meat.

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This was the vital ingredient in making this dish.

A mixture of white rice with small portion of glutinous rice and star aniseed that was blended into powder form.

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For seasonings, she used soy sauce, cooking wine, finely chopped ginger, salt, sugar and MSG.

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She just added the seasonings one by one according to her decades cooking experience.

Then, as the pork she used was quite lean, she put some vegetable oil to give the meat a smoother texture.

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Next, was to coat the seasoned meat with the rice flour mixture.

Instead of using the conventional steaming, she chose to cook it with the microwave as the stoves were used for making other dishes.

So, she added some water, put into the microwave and cooked for a few minutes. Then, she added some more water and mixed it well again before put back into the microwave, The adding water, mixing and microwaving steps were repeat for a few times.


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Tralala~~~ a microwaved rice flour steamed meat was born. ^_^

It was good. I was impressed with the way how rice flour was utilized in such a form.

Another true taste from Jiang Xi. Why don't you try to make it too? Simple to make, unique taste and texture... definitely a dish worth to remember.

p/s : I have a lot of thing to do tonight. Need to be quick as I am going to sleep at 10pm tonight. Need to wake up at 3.00am to get ready for a 3-day trip that will depart at 4.00am. 4.00am!!! No Kidding!


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