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Friday, February 09, 2007

Sweet Tomatoes

Oops! I am forced to change to my new blogger account today under Google. Just moved. This will be my first post using my Google Account. Still trying to get used to the new layout.

Me and T went to a great place for buffet!! A place that worth a two thumbs up.

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Sweet Tomatoes - introduced by T to me. Her regular dating place. Tee hee heee... that's romantic!

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Once entered the premise, we were greeted by a long salad bar.

They all looked fresh and healthy. Colourful salads! So many of them that I had a difficulty to make my choice.

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Hohohoh... definitely fun to take salad in such a way.

However, I advise you go during non-peak hour if you want to ponder which one to take, or else there will be a long line of sour faces waiting for you to finish picking up the whole plate of salad.

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Tralala~~~ my huge plate of salad after a rush decision. :P

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We proceeded to make our payment at the counter.

Yap, this is the unique thing about this shop. You take the salad first, pay your money then find a seat.

Next, you can take the other things in a buffet style.

Hmmm... there is one thing confusing me... is the salad for unlimited too? We didn't get a refill as I didn't know whether it is an unlimited although it is stated unlimited in the signboard. Next time must ask.

T got a buy one free one coupon which expired on that day. Lucky! It was supposed to be US$7.29 per person, we ended up paying only US$7.29 for two!! ^_^

With that, we get each of us a drink bar for US$1.79 per person. You can drink as much as you want from a few choices of drink.

The salad was really good. Very fresh. Very tasty. I thought I put too much Balsamic vinaigrette but it was very nice.

Mmmm~~~ write until here my saliva is dripping halfway liao. *blush*

After finished the whole plate of salad, we started to get other thing.

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At the soup corner, it was really cute to see these adorable warm soup bowls.

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Souplala~~~ look at the line!! A total of eight kinds of soup. For a soupaholic like fish fish, it is really like a heaven.


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I tried all of them except the french onion soup, which didn't look scrumptious to me at all.

The soups were the best part. I am addicted to them now. Among them, I loved this rice and chicken soup the most. I had 2 bowls of this!! :P

Its taste strongly resembled our Chicken Porridge. *Feel so warm* *So nostalgic*

Apart from the soup and salad, there were also 3 types of pasta, baked products and...

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... FANTASTIC muffins!

I was never a fan of muffin as they taste quite so-so to me.

I took one of the cherry and nut muffin and tried.

Holy cake. That was really one piece of good muffin. My concept on muffin changed.

Densed inner part with generous portion of cherry and nut, while the outer layer was baked with a nice crispiness. Too bad I was too full to try the other. I'll make sure I save some space for trying the other muffins next time.

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I ended up my 1st buffet lunch in U.S with this plate of dessert. *Burp~~~*

The damage - I put on 1kg that day. -_-"""

Still, I am ready to get another damage again. :P


At 1:14 AM, Blogger Johnny said...

wow! the salad bar is huge...so many choices...for me, i can have that...just salad...for the entire day...:)


At 9:11 AM, Blogger sweet said...

hi fish fish!!! its me again!

in sweet tomatoes where i live, far from nc, but you visit it, land of of the in n out, you can go back for salad seconds or thirds! or fourth! or on your first time going, get two plates! (;

i love the muffins at sweet tomatoes also! so delicious!

At 12:11 PM, Blogger yung-i said...

i love sweet tomatoes. wonderful.

At 1:38 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

johnny : Oh yes, I can eat salad the entire day too.

sweet : Hello sweet, thanks for telling me that. The next time I'll make sure to ask if the salad are for refill too. ^_^

yung-i : Heeee... another person who likes sweet tomatoes.

At 12:10 AM, Blogger Janice Dhing Woon said...

Hi Fish fish,
this is my 1st time writing a comment in your blog coz previously, i must be a blogger in order to give comment.
i tot i give it a try after you switch to google coz i've a gmail account.

Before I open this entry of yours, I tot you'll be reviewing some "sweet tomatoes" you used for one of your salads.. haha.. didn't know it's actually a restaurant. :p A very adorable name.

This buffet looks very delicious.. don't think we can get this type of buffet in Kuching at that price.
The Hartz buffet is already RM16.

At 7:17 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

janice : *wave wave* Oh, I didn't know new blogger allows gmail accounts to comment. Good. I have not eaten any Hartz buffets for years. It used to be very cheap and quite yummy. I wonder how is the taste of the food now.


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