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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Bumpy Bubba in Baltimore (5) - Philips Seafood Restaurant

The 2nd night, we went back to the harbor area for our dinner.

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The daytime aquarium that we went looked fabulous and pretty at night. We only realised that it was a tropical forest shining in the dark. Cool~~~

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We made a reservation for 12 people at this Philips Seafood Restaurant.

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Well, looking at the line of people waiting to be seated, we were really glad we made our reservation the day before. *wipe cold sweat* Just imagine if we had to wait for another 2 hr again just to be seated. -_-"""

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Although with the reservation, we still waited for about 30 min to be eventually led to our table.

While waiting, G, the only guy in this trip, decided to gulp down 2 glasses of drink. Oh my, definitely not for me. I would just past out and missed my whole meal. In fact, I was not feeling good the whole evening. Terrible migraine kicked into my head as I think the abrupt cold and warm broke down my body's thermostat.

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The night was entertained by a live performance by this band. The pianist a.k.a the singer didn't look like one to me at all, but he did a very good performance. Truly enjoyed the music.

Well, there was a slight problem in the beginning. We booked for 12 people, then 4 didn't join, so only 8 of us. Then, another lady's niece in our group joined, so there was a total 9 of us. However, we were given only 8 seats. When we told one of the staff, she would just try to squeezed in an extra chair. It was ridiculous as the table was too small for 9.

When we told her it was impossible for 9 people to share that table, she defensed back that we were only 8 in the beginning. Well, our trip planner not a lamp that would save her fuel.

"Well, for your information, we booked for a table of 12. It was only when we were here, initially we have 8, and I did tell the final number was 9."

The staff went away with a sour face. She was not happy. Neither did us. Such a rude staff. Then, we saw a long table that was not occupied. We requested to change to that table. So, there we were, changed to a new table with a new great guy that in charged of our dinner. The table could fit in 12 people. Hmmm... I doubted that might be our initial table, then later they tried to changed us to smaller table in order to fully occupied the space. Or else, we wouldn't have to wait for 30 min.

Anyway, put aside this matter, the dinner went better and better.

The lady staff earlier was horrible. The guy that came later was great. Such a big different.

The dinner started.

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Some of us ordered booze. This was T's Slushy Blue Margarita. Pretty color.

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We began with this bucket of buns. I chose the wheat bun. Simply loved the bread. It was good, both the texture and taste. Spread a thin layer of the butter on this warm bun made the whole thing even more orgasmic. Owwww!

Our appetizers for the night were a complimentary selection for us. Y^_^ Y

At first, we only ordered 3 as we did not want to take advantage over this good offering. However, our waiter recommended us to get the 4th as he said that was a good appetizer that he would want us to try.

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So, our appetizer included a plate of Fried Atlantic Calamari. This was way better than yesterday's night version. Crunchy yet lighter batter, fresh and soft calamari ring. Mmmm~~~ it has been quite some time I didn't has this type of good fried seafood.

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Our 2nd appetizer was this Crab Stuffed Mushrooms. A portion too small for 9 people, wasn't it? I didn't know that there were only 3 of them. It was later that T told me. So, a few of us had half of the mushroom while the other didn't able to taste it.

The 3rd and 4th were not in the pictures as they were finished before I managed to take them.
They were Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail and Philips Crab Dips.

My conclusion of the appetizers. Good taste, unfortunately, the portions were too small.

Judging from the appetizer, I therefore concluded that the main menu would be in average size.

I was indeed so wrong in the choice I made.

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The main entrees.

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My Flounder Imperial stuffed with crab imperial. I never had any flounder in U.S. before, therefore I was curious about the texture and taste of this fish. In Japan, it is known as Hirame or Karei, depending on the side of both eyes are. Hidare Hirame Ni Migi Karei. Meaning "Left is Hirame and Right is Karei". I have never had a Hirame, but I tried Karei before. Hirame and Karei at good grade are premium sushi in Japan. Most of the nowadays Hirame are the cultivated version. To get a wild fresh Hirame sushi, not only it is rare, the price will be very high too.

Well, the size was way too big for me, especially with my migraine kept bothering me for the whole night. I tried my best to eat the thing in the plate, but I failed. By the time I ate 2/3 of the flounder, I could feel the fish was going to splash out from my throat anytime. So, feeling very guilty, I had to waste the remaining. :(

I hate to waste food. So, it was definitely not a good moment for me that night looking at my unfinished plate being taken away. Lesson learnt : Must ask how big is the portion next time.

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Beside the flounder, I actually ordered a Cold Water Loster Tail too to come with my entree. My first clawed lobster. Clawed lobster is known as true lobster.

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While my active scuba diving time, I had quite a few chances to eat fresh spiny lobsters. My diving group would catch our own spiny lobsters. Sometimes, the harvesting was so good that we would get a whole bucket of these.

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One of my unforgettable lobster feast. 13 lobsters in one plate. While lobsters are expensive seafood, we actually had the whole thing for free. Too bad the preparation was in a wrong way.

Imagine if this whole plate was prepared as the lobster tail above, no doubt that would be one of my seafood heaven experience. *Man~~~ I miss diving so much now*

Back to my clawed lobster tail. I was really glad I ordered that. Despite that I was sick, I finished the whole lobster tail in a very short time. The tail was cooked in perfection. The taste, the look, the texture and the cooking method, everything about it was great. Oh yes, I think I am falling in love with lobster tail, thanks to this great encounter.

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Well, beside seafood, there was meat for you to order too.

This was L's filet mignon cooked in medium.

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I should have ordered this, T's Roasted Rockfish. In fact, I was pondering between flounder and rockfish as these 2 terms were new to me. Yah, I went for the wrong one. The portion of the rockfish was just right and the fish looked much better. While my flounder was masked by the creamy stuffing, this was how I like a fresh seafood to be cooked. Simple is the best. No unnecessary extra seasonings.

Another thing that you ought to notice was the asparagus at the back. This was truly a great stuff. Young asparagus that grilled to give you the best taste. Yum Yum~~~

We were so full!! Wait, that was not the end.

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Dessert time!!

Our waiter introduced each dessert in detail for us. We chose 3 desserts. Two types of cheese cakes and one bread pudding.

Usually, I wouldn't miss such a good chance for some sweet stuff, but I past this time, except for a little try on the bread pudding. I was too sick too take anymore thing.

However, watching how the others enjoyed the dessert was definitely a fun thing.


*Oh yes~~~*


It was such a pretty view of how the girls experienced wave by wave of happiness with the dessert. Ha! :P

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The dinner turned even better when each of us given a nice cocktail glass as a souvenir. Here is the look of the glass.

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The great aftermath. ;)

The service was the best among the meals we had. The food was better than the rest that we experienced. I would have enjoyed more if not because of the silly migraine.

Thanks Ap, the pills that you gave me that night really healed me the next morning!

Time to head to my weekend's gym.



At 9:39 PM, Blogger Lee Ai Ling said...

wow wow wow...you had so much fun! Happy Chap Goh Meh!

At 5:15 PM, Blogger Zhi Yong said...

wow, whats a flounder fish? issit the fish that expand when provoked?! btw, i hate to waste food as well, i would always finish it all no matter how hard it was, which sometimes i force myself into finishing a big dish.. a bad habit huh?

At 6:33 PM, Blogger cooknengr said...

Hey Fish Fish, nice flounder, you don't need to deal with the 翻魚 pantang.

At 8:27 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

lee ai ling : Thanks dear.

zhi yong : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flounder This is flounder. The fish that you said, is called puffer fish, or fugu in Japanese.

cooknengr : Ai yar, most fish in U.S. is in fillet form, no chance to Fan Sheng.

At 7:32 AM, Blogger Yuen Li said...

Just dropping by to say "Hi". :)

At 8:18 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

yuen li : Hey!! Haven't heard from you for a long time. You seldom blog these few months. Too busy? How are you?


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