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Sunday, March 25, 2007

First Chinese Buffet in U.S.

Melissa flew from Japan to N.C. on last Wednesday. She was supposed to reach around 2.15pm, but some fuel tank problem caused her to be "locked" inside the flight for more than 2.5 hr before it finally departed to my city from Chicago.

I was so glad to receive her call eventually.

That night, we decided to have a Chinese Buffet after considered a few options. Melissa needed something soupy, something starchy and more oriental.

Although the place always full of cars especially during the weekends, I have never really attempted to go because of the bad comments from some of my friends. Also, not really any good chance for me to go.

Here is a little story behind this restaurant. I was doing my groceries in supermarket and greeted by one stranger hinting me to be his girlfriend a while ago. However, I lied that my boyfriend was picking me up soon. He was very disappointed and said he actually planned to bring me to this Chinese buffet.

"The foods there are really great!!! One of the best Chinese food for me." Ha! Little did he know I have heard bad reviews about the foods.

Anyway, back to my experience that night. When we went into the premise, we were greeted in a friendly way by a Chinese staff in English. Now, that was something different if compared to my Chinese foods experience in L.A.

Then, about 60-70 types of dishes were set in array for the customers.

Wooo~~~ *eyes blink blink*

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My 1st plate, with one Chinese style roasted chicken drumstick.

I like the drumstick. It has been a long time I didn't eat a roasted drumstick. Of course the taste was nothing if compared to my favorite roasted drumstick in Malaysia, but better than nothing.

They even have chicken curry (quite watery type), Char Kuey Tiaw (lumpy and tasteless) and other surprising stuffs (more bad than good).

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My 2nd plate. This time I had another drumstick. Roasted duck drumstick. Not bad too. ^_^ Two drumsticks in one meal. Ooooolala~~~ Somehow, these two drumsticks healed my homesickness although they only tasted ok.

I saw a few people taking a whole plate of prawns, like 20 prawns in one plate and finished the whole thing. Curiously, I took one.

-_-""" It was one of the worst tasting shrimp in my life. The texture was hard like rock. Man~~~ I tried the Japanese choices too, no good. Dried, tastless and worst, not fresh. For me, only freshly make sushi with fresh ingredient are good ones. Yah, I am very choosy when concerning sushi.

I enjoyed the sesame balls. It was a nice one. Not too much bean paste to make it too sweet and nice chewy texture of it.

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My 4th plate. Desserts.

Enjoyed the fruit. The desserts were just under average.

So, did I enjoy my meal?

Yes, because of the great companion from Melissa. Bad foods turned better when with a nice eating buddy. ;)

Despite 75% of the food were quite under average, there were still about 10 of them that I actually like. The noodle was not bad too. They even have banana fritter vs scary looking banana with thick layer "RED" syrup.

For a US$9.95, I would say it was a very good deal. I even got a 1 dollar discount because of my working status. ^_^

One thing however, I must give a 2 thumbs up...

They have one of the best service I have ever had in a Chinese restaurant in U.S. Going to Chinese restaurants have been a painful experience for me in U.S. with my experiences in L.A. If I ever go again to this Chinese restaurant, their services are the main reason plus I am really craving for roasted drumsticks. LOL

However, one very bad impression I had, there was a hair in my food. Oh well, as a girl grown up in Kuching, I have experienced this many times. So, just moved the hair to aside and pretended I have never seen it. It is better than to see some creatures' leg inside. *shudder*

Did I have a diarrhea that night? Fortunately, NO.


At 6:27 PM, Blogger cooknengr said...

Hey Fish Fish, you could have wrap that shrimp with a piece of bread and pretend you were eating Cucur Udang.

At 8:22 AM, Blogger obachan said...

Glad to hear that your friend arrived alright and the drumsticks healed your homesick.
I agree. Foods become tastier when with a good eating buddy!

At 10:06 AM, Blogger Zhi Yong said...

There are lots of chinese buffet here as well.. however the food was nothing compare to malaysia's.. some of the food are just being westernized..

At 7:38 PM, Blogger Lannae said...

fish fish, I see that you have the same Chinese food problem I have in my town. The food is not really Chinese, and everything is kind of bad. I think that there is no good Chinese food in the South USA.

At 8:29 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

cooknengr : Can not cheat myself cheat people. I want the real one!!

obachan : Hehe... I still miss the great 90min buffet we had together. That was one of the best buffet I had. *grin*

zhi yong : Yes my friend, I agree with you.

lannae : I can cook better Chinese food, believe or not? :P

At 4:07 AM, Blogger eVea said...

aiyo i am laffing so hard when reading the negative way u express about the food, as this is the 1st time i read such a bad review from u about a meal. haha... not kinda used to it as u've owes blog how good how tasty how tempting some some food is... ;p

At 6:05 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

evea : Heeee... it either need to good or bad to be on my blog. :P Everytime good good people will get xian. ;)


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