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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

A weekday movie - Dreamgirls

I don't usually go for a movie on weekdays. However, Tristan and I made an exception today. It was a small date we decided a while ago. Both of us wanted to watch Dreamgirls but we were just too busy that time. Thank goodness for the 2nd run cinema, we still have the chance to watch it on big screen with only US$1.50 per ticket.

There were only 6 audiences in the whole cinema. Wooo~~~ we owned the whole room... errrr... at least for that 2 hrs. :P

I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!! From the starting song "Move" until the movie ended with "Dreamgirls", everything was so addictive.

Somehow, the story reminded me a lot of Destiny's Child.

Geeee... what a coincidence, I am watching TV now and Lakisha that sang one of Dreamgirls' song is going home tonight in American Idol. I wish she could stay longer actually.

I will definitely get Dreamgirls' Original Soundtrack. ^_^

So, have you watched Dreamgirls? You should if you haven't.

Thank you Tristan, it was a great girls' night out for me. ^_^


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