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Saturday, May 12, 2007


On the movie night with Tristan, we went to a fast food restaurant for dinner.

U.S. is truly a fast food nation. Besides the globally well-known few such as McDonald and KFC, there are still bunches of them that not-known by other regions even in the same country.

Zaxby's, is one of them. The focus of business is in the Southeast. Today, they have 350 locations in 10 states and plan to make it 1000 in year 2010.

Their mission is "Consistently Create Encore Experiences That Enrich Lives One Person At A Time"

Make sense? :P

I am not a fast food fan, but I always love to try some new fast food restaurants that still not in my tasted-list.

Since Zaxby specialty is chicken, we each ordered some chicken dish.

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This was Tristan's The House Salad.

The salad plate has a unique name - Zalad plate. ;)

Tristan chose grilled chicken.

I tried one. Impressive. This grilled chicken breast was so tender. Great texture and good taste. It didn't taste like a chicken breast to me. I would not mind to ditch my favorite leg for this kind of breast. ^_^

Like what they claimed - Indescribable good!

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I tried the signature Chicken Fingerz with Zax Sauce. Nice too, but not as good as the grilled version. Good finger food to munch while gossiping with your girl friend. LOL

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I also got a Zappertizer - Spicy Fried Mushroom. I expected a more spicy version, too bad it was too mild for me. I like the batter though. Very crispy. Another good finger food.

Oops... what a greasy fingers I had after that. ;)


At 5:49 PM, Blogger kayatan said...

I like Zaxby cos of its grilled chic. I like fast food cos I can get my food drive through. It works good for me with little one, drive in and through for meals, no need to open stroller, close stroller (very heavy leh, if u carry yrself).
Glad that my little one is turning 4, no more diapers, no more 'nen took', no more heavy stroller, aiyo, soon, he will have gf and forget mama :)-.

At 10:51 AM, Blogger fish fish said...

kayatan : Happy Mother's Day! Hehe, don't worry, he will bring back a gf to give you double love. ;)


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