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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Free burger from the Big M! ^_^

I have to say this was by far one of the best Saturday I had ever since I came to U.S. Definitely a great way to spend the last day of June, the marker line to welcome 2nd half of 2007.

I spent a nice time with Tristan having dinner at Ruby Tuesday. Then, we went to watch the roadshow of Dancing with the Stars. AWESOME!! It was one of the greatest show. Orgasmic!!! (Update later for both). Those of you who follow this program, you will be jealous. Muahahaha...

Well, today I'll blog what Tristan and me did after that show.

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Both of us received a few coupons from McDonald at home. One of them was a coupon for a FREE Southern Style Chicken Sandwich WITHOUT ANY PURCHASE! (Oops! I exchanged the coupon with my sandwich before I took a picture of the coupon. So, the above was just a replacement.)

The coupons were gone...

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... but we got 2 nice sandwiches (in U.S., it is common to call burger as sandwich.)

For a normal price $2.50, we each got one for FREE!!

Oolala~~~ look at that big piece of chicken breast.

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Thick too!!

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The best part, it was yummy. Nothing extra. Just that simple piece of flavourful chicken breast with soft fluffy bun and exciting pickle...

I hate to admit it, but it was such a guilty pleasure for a late supper. :P

Man~~~ it was just too good to be free.

Thank you so much Mr. Big M. I am loving it!


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