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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Linguine with Chili

Today is such a lazy Saturday for me. Did not go out at all, stayed at home whole day to surf internet.

I made something very quick and simple for my dinner. I felt like eating pasta.

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So, I cooked some al dente Spinach and chive linguine. For pasta sauce, I decided to use a can of Hormel Chili. Browned some ground beef and beef frank. Then, poured in the Chili and cooked for 5 minutes.

The whole thing took less than 10 min.

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Tralala~~~ my first time eating a chili bean with pasta. It tasted nicer than I have thought. It was like eating pasta with bolognese sauce, but milder. I like it.

When I just arrived in U.S., I thought "Chili" was the common "chili sauce" I knew in Malaysia. LOL What a silly mistake I made. :P Well, at least now I can differenciate both of them well. ;)


At 1:19 PM, Blogger Janice Dhing Woon said...

so what's the diference between the 'chilli' in U.S. and 'chilli' back home? i find the chilli sauce in germany is a bit sourish and has a peppery taste, a bit like a starchy mild tobasco sauce.
Yes, i'm enjoying the beer and sausages here.. i just love Paulaner beer... it has a tinge of sweetness in it like honey.. it's a wheat beer.

At 8:46 AM, Blogger Primrose said...

Yeah, when you said chili, it didn't sound very appetising wor. But it looks like minced meat with oyster sauce which is yummy. Haha! So tell us more about this chili bean. Similar to mexican chilis? They like to chili this and chili that too!!

At 7:30 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

janice and primrose : Our chili means chili segar or chili sauce. For them, chili means "a spicy stew-like dish cooked with chili and meat". In full term, it is chili con carne, there is a vegetarian version too.


They prefer to call "pepper" for what we call "chili". ;)


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