I eat so much until people call me Dr. Fish Fish.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Harry Potter : An IMAX Experience

You hear people talking about Harry Potter everywhere, be it the Movie or the Book.

I joined in the fun too... in a more different way. ;)

I paid US$1, in return I was given an IMAX ticket that worth US$11 to watch Harry Potter.

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This is the proof. :P

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It was my first time watching a movie in an IMAX theatre.

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It was absolutely a very fresh experience too have a huge screen that showed a 3D finale of Harry Potter.

In fact I was a bit dizzy because of the "real movement". :P

Are you interested to watch it too in IMAX? ^_^

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

My pet is a durian :P

I am still active in blogs, but more to just reading other people blogs. Lately, I read more on Kuching's blog and a few blogs from KL. Writing blog take a long time for me as I like my post to have many pictures, especially yummilicious food.

However, my greatest passion now is on Neopets. Today, mark the happiest day for me when lab ray decided to grant one of my pet a new look. Woolala~~~ it was sure a pleasant surprise for me.

Being a tropical greedy fishy, I gained a lot of weight during my childhood thanks to durian season. My father worked in a place with a whole hill of durian, hundreds durian tree. I have seen durian have as tall as me, weight more than 15kg. We always had the premium durian for free as dessert, teatime and even supper. LOL

But... never ever I would have thought of to have a DURIAN PET!!!

Neopets makes my dream comes true!!

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Tralalala~~~ May I present you my beloved Kushinbochan.

Cute or not?

See its sexy cute little lips just make me wanna kiss it.

I heart it.

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Even when it is sad also can be soooo cute.


I heart it.

Cheesie has a real Cheddie for companion... I am so envy because I can't. Her Cheddie is Super Kawaii!!

In fact if you guys don't know, I am a super dogs' lover. I used to take care of 8 puppies when I was in primary school. Not only that, I also have 8 other types of animals at that same time. I really miss those time.

Everyday, my neighbour could see me riding my old BMX in a full speed going here and there hunting for big bag of food for my pets in my short dress. Man~~~ how many times I have revealed my pink panty that time. -_-"""

My headmaster that time had a mistress, it was almost like a daily routine for me to pass through the mistress house to see if his car was there. Man~~~ I was so keypo that time. Well, if you asked me if I knew the term "mistress" or not at age of 8, I didn't know. I just know she and he had a special relationship, according to the adult. :P

So, my virtual pets can't really lay on my legs, lick my face nor stare at me with its watery eyes... but it is my great companion. They make me smile. Best of all, they are immortal. :D

Oh yah, if you want to become a member of Neopets too, click on my Green Zafara on the sidebar, it will bring you there.

Nope, Neopets is not limited to kids. In fact, many people over 40's are playing it, in case you don't know. ;)

Errrr... I still want to eat durian next time though, but definitely not this durian. LOL

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Cold Chicken Salad

Wanted to eat something simple yet nice? Not much appetite in summer? Well, this below dish will be a good option, at least for myself. ;)

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All you need for seasoning is this Japanese sesame dressing. It is called Gomadare. I was looking for the one that is used for noodle, but could only find one for shabu shabu. Well, it would do the work too.

Next, get some nice chicken breast. I used split chicken breast as it is cheaper and I like the meat cooked on the bone to maintain the shape and more tasty to me. The cooked meat can easily be separated from the skin and bone. Cut the meat into small chunks.

While letting my chicken breast boiled for 20 min, I cut some cauliflower to grill at 350 degree F. The cauliflower was grilled till it still has some firm texture.

Also, I grilled some deep fried soy puffs until the outer layer was crispy. Then, cut them into small pieces.

To finish up the work...
Just mix the chicken, cauliflower and soy puffs together with the Gomadare.

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Tralalala~~~ My healthy and fast chicken salad.

It was just yummy to serve warm. Since it is summer now, I made it a cold versoion. Put into the freezer for 15 min to get a quick cold. Then my cold chicken salad was ready.

It had a special function for this Sunday actually. That, I will tell you in my next post. ;)

Curious to try? Get one bottle of Gomadare and you are ready to get busy in the kitchen too. ^_^

Thursday, July 19, 2007


Dear Malaysians reader, my sister sent me a link to this YouTube clip today.

I was washing my plates when I turned it on.

Woolalala~~~ why she sent me Negaraku? was my first reaction when I heard the intro.

Then... it changed into a rap song. Holy cow!!

I was laughing by listening to the music.

Then, I sat down and replayed again.

This time I heard the whole song, each and every word.



What can I say?

Now it is your turn to listen if you haven't.

Well, bless him. He has a blog - click here. I enjoyed his creativity.

Is this the first National Anthem being modified into a rap song? Malaysia Boleh.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Three times a charm ^_^

Woohoo!! I got my new rice cooker, a free replacement from Oster after the previous one was spoilt.

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Although it is exactly the same rice cooker as the earlier one, somehow this new baby is more pretty in fish fish's eyes. LOL

Ok, I need to make the phrase three times a charm turns real.

Primrose, I am going to cook 3 cups of rice at 3 o'clock this Saturday with this baby to Tai Kat Lai Shi.

Well, I will not get this new baby if not because of the kind-hearted 黄大仙. It was a long story how he came to be the saver of this rice cooker. In short, I taught him witty Japanese and he helped me to "scold" the manufacturer after he read my post about the rice cooker. ;)

Thank you so much Mr. Wrong. This time you are very right. ^_^

Oh ya, when Mr. Wrong acts fierce, don't play play.

Ok, time to think of what kind of dishes should I cook to eat with the rice. :P

Any suggestion of dish that will sweep bad luck away? Thank you.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Nice smell

Yesterday, it was quite a hot day and I walked quite a bit. So, My body was actually pretty sticky and sweaty. -_-"""

I was copying something while enjoying the cool air inside the building.

Then, a guy past me by.

He stopped suddenly. Then, he walked back to me.

Noticing him, I looked at him.

All of sudden, he popped an unexpected question to me, "What perfume are you using?"

o_O I thought I heard it wrong.


"I smelled something really nice. I tried to find the source. It came from you."

"Errr... I don't use perfume. Maybe that is my sweat. :P" Haha!! I really meant it.

"It is a very good smell. I like it."

Woolala~~~ What can I say except, "Thank you~" and smiled to him.

He smiled back at me and walked away politely.

Well, Mr. Stranger, that was indeed something very unexpected from you. However, after a tiring and busy day, with mood getting gloomy like the weather outside... Such a simple yet delightful words from you really lighted up my day. ^_^

Somehow, I felt pretty that moment. Tee hee hee...

Thank you.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Bogart's American Grill - The Lunch

Few weeks ago, my two co-workers and I went to have lunch with our boss. It was a "business" lunch. The boss wanted to discuss our work in a more relaxing way. *making me nervous*

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When they decided to choose Bogart's American Grill, I was thrilled as I had a dinner there once and I was impressed with their food.

In order not to ponder too much on the menu in front of my boss as I usually would do, I went to have a good scan on the menu on their website and decided my choice. :P

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Tralalala~~~ their "Jambalaya Our Way".

Traditionally, Jambalaya is made in one pot, with meats, vegetables and is completed by adding rice.

The Bogart's Jambalaya however, as aptly named, has its own way. Instead of using rice, it was substituted with creamy grits. The buttery grits was a pleasant surprise. It melted in my melt with the rich flavour of shrimp, chicken tasso ham and of course Andouille sausgae. The Spicy creole tomato sauce was just something that I was looking for... spicy and hot. Irresistible!

It might be not the authentic Jambalaya one would expect, but it was a good fusion style of southern breakfast item with Louisiana Cajun style cooking. ^_^

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Three of us decided to share a dessert as we were already full from the main dish. Our boss chose a nice slice of apple pie.

Our choice?

What would be a better option to rinse the mouth after a great hot and spicy plate of Jambalaya than this scrumptious creme brulee?

The lightly caramalized thin sugar layer was so easy to break with a light touch of shiny spoon. I was impressed with the custard base underneath it. Creamy and not too rich, indulging the well-balanced sweetness spoon by spoon without feeling fatigue with the flavour easily. Just what a nice creme brulee that I was looking for.

The best part, you get the food equally good with only half the price of dinner. ;)

Next, I shall show you their dinner. ^_^

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Flirting in Ruby Tuesday

Ehhem, since today is going be a food post with a little side story, might as well make the title a little bit more interesting. :P

I was having a dinner with Tristan before we went to see Dancing with the Stars roadshow. We went to Ruby Tuesday as I have never tried there yet though I have seen its commercial in Food Network many time.

Well, we wanted to have something more healthy, so both of us chose the same thing.

Fresh salad bar (buffet style) with white bean chicken chili.

For only 8.99 per person...

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I had a huge 1st plate of very colourful salad. Love it. A perfect choice for hot summer day.

Lots of fiber, vitamin and protein.

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The white bean chicken chili was great. Went really well with a slice of roasted garlic butter bread. I enjoyed white bean chili more than normal chili. Love the taste of navy bean.

Don't worry guys, despite gulping down this big bowl of bean, I didn't release any gas during the roadshow. :P

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The salad bar was nice. I decided to go for another huge plate. Man~~~ I was really bloated. Too gready. Oops!

Well, Ruby Tuesday does have the fresh salad bar, but our "refreshment" was even more refreshing.

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Tralalala~~~ please meet our waiter for the day - J.

This was the best waiter I have had in chained restaurant like Ruby Tuesday.

First, he is a cute guy.
Second, he has great smile.
Third, his service was great service and nice attitude.

He made us felt like a million bucks. Usually I could tell if a waiter is pretentious, but for his case, he was very sincere.

He made my meal taste so much better than it supposed to be.

After our meal, I decided to do something shameless. Tristan had to close one eye. Haha.

Here was what happened...

"Hi, I have a request."

"This is my first time to Ruby Tuesday. I enjoyed it. I would like to take a picture of my waiter."
(The fact was I really wanted to say "Can I have your number?")

His face turn red, making his smile even melting Tristan and me more. (Thank goodness Tristan's boyfriend was not there.) "Sure. I'll be happy to." A little surprise on his face, but professional enough to accept his client's request.

*Was I his first client to make such a request.*

So, I took out my camera, he started to post.

"Errr, just me?"

"Yap, I just want your photo." (Man~~~ I sound like a lady wolf.)

"How do you want me to pose?" (He was confused whether to take the plate or not.)

"Just relax and pose as you like." (I smiled to him.)

There you go, the picture on top. ;) Man, people around looked at our table curiously.

Now look back at the picture, do you feel he is cuter now? Tee hee hee...

Anyway, when he came back to return my card... (I just have to tip him more than 20% for the great time I had.)

"I have you all have a good time with us."

"Oh yes, absolutely."

"I hope to see you all very soon. Do come back and see me."

Wah~~~ he did not say "US". He said "ME"!! Obviously, he was enjoying these two sweet ladies companion too. ;)


My answer, "Definitely." (Yes, I will make sure I want J. Ha!)

Now, I was not flirting, was I? :P

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Meow Meow is turning 3

I am blogging for 3 years today.

1st year was in Kyoto.

2nd year was in Kuching.

This year is in North Carolina.

So, will I still be blogging next year this time? Only time will tell.

Will I still be in North Carolina, I think yes.

I gain so much from blogging, including you guys who have been with me for these years.

Thank you.

It amazed me how much foods I have eaten for the past 3 years. :P I am going to eat even more. ^_^ Hopefully, once my Neopets fever is over, I will blog in a daily basis.

I love my meow meow, happy birthday. ^_^