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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Bogart's American Grill - The Lunch

Few weeks ago, my two co-workers and I went to have lunch with our boss. It was a "business" lunch. The boss wanted to discuss our work in a more relaxing way. *making me nervous*

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When they decided to choose Bogart's American Grill, I was thrilled as I had a dinner there once and I was impressed with their food.

In order not to ponder too much on the menu in front of my boss as I usually would do, I went to have a good scan on the menu on their website and decided my choice. :P

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Tralalala~~~ their "Jambalaya Our Way".

Traditionally, Jambalaya is made in one pot, with meats, vegetables and is completed by adding rice.

The Bogart's Jambalaya however, as aptly named, has its own way. Instead of using rice, it was substituted with creamy grits. The buttery grits was a pleasant surprise. It melted in my melt with the rich flavour of shrimp, chicken tasso ham and of course Andouille sausgae. The Spicy creole tomato sauce was just something that I was looking for... spicy and hot. Irresistible!

It might be not the authentic Jambalaya one would expect, but it was a good fusion style of southern breakfast item with Louisiana Cajun style cooking. ^_^

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Three of us decided to share a dessert as we were already full from the main dish. Our boss chose a nice slice of apple pie.

Our choice?

What would be a better option to rinse the mouth after a great hot and spicy plate of Jambalaya than this scrumptious creme brulee?

The lightly caramalized thin sugar layer was so easy to break with a light touch of shiny spoon. I was impressed with the custard base underneath it. Creamy and not too rich, indulging the well-balanced sweetness spoon by spoon without feeling fatigue with the flavour easily. Just what a nice creme brulee that I was looking for.

The best part, you get the food equally good with only half the price of dinner. ;)

Next, I shall show you their dinner. ^_^


At 1:32 AM, Blogger Janice Dhing Woon said...

that 'jambalaya Our Way' looks so mouth watering.. i can't find spicy food like that here in Germany. Only asian restaurants serve real chilli but their chilli are not good either.. they soak it with too much salt.. till the chilli is more salty then spicy.

At 9:25 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

janice : Salty chili? LOL

At 6:48 AM, Blogger Ringo said...

You have been cheesed! Muahahha.

Reference: I came i saw i cheesed you

At 7:43 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

ringo : Cheesy, thank for the meme. But I might not be doing it, not too much into meme nowadays. Hehe... I am sure you understand. ;)


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