I eat so much until people call me Dr. Fish Fish.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Fish Fish way of Merdeka Open House

Come come come... today is the Merdeka in Malaysia. I am cooking a special dish to hold a virtual open house for my readers. ^_^ You see, I eat. Muahahaha~~~

Well, it was Babe in the City-KL's idea that triggered me to cook this dish. However, since I was very busy with work lately (average 14 hr working per day), I haven't got much time to do a dish from scratch. In fact, I've been eating frozen food and instant noodles for the past whole month.

Still, that will not stop me for joining the fun of the half-century celebration.

Last week, coincidently, I got an email from another section that mentioned free goat meat to give out.

Listen carefully... it is GOAT meat!

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Oh boy~~~ I was one of the fastest to go to get this free goodie just in case others that know this piece of gem took it away from me. Well, I have never seen any goat meat in the supermarket, yes, even if I have the money to buy, I don't know where to buy one. I was very happy the moment I got it.

When I took the goat meat back to my place, my co-workers all looked at the goat meat and showed a shocking and "ewwww" look to that piece of meat. Haha... Tomorrow, I am going to change that concept of them upside down.

Today, coincidently, again, my co-worker went to Asian supermarket and I joined in the shopping. She is from Thailand, and I was really glad that.

I was looking for eggplant, unfortunately, those long purple eggplants that we use daily at home were just too soggy and dim for me to buy.

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Then, my co-worker pointed out these beautiful and cute green eggplants.

"Fish Fish, these are Thai Eggplants, best to cook curry."

Oolala~~~ did I hear the word curry? How did she know I wanted eggplants so badly for my curry!!

Happily, I got the biggest pack and tugged into my cart. LOL

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Curry leaves are something essential for me on a good curry. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any in the market.

Then, again... my co-worker took a bunch of fresh green leaves and put into her basket.

"What are these?"

"Oh, fish fish, these are Basil. You remember the Thai Fried Rice that I made? These were the vegetable I added inside."

Of course I remember. The fried rice she made was one of the best Thai Fried Rice for me.

Then, it clicked me again.

Hey~~~ the Basil she was talking actually resembles aroma of curry leaves. Well, it has different aroma and taste than the Basil that is usually being used in western cuisine.

So, once again, I added a bunch of Basil into my cart too.

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Once at home, I took out the last pack of Brahim's Kuah Rendang in my fridge. *sob sob* *need restocking*

In 15 min...

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The goat meat was cut into big chunk.

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Eggplants were sliced in quarters and basil leaves were plucked from the stems.

Then, the cooking started.

Browned meat.

Added Brahim's Kuah Rendang.

Added half pot of water.

Cooked for 30 min.

Added in egg plant. Cooked for another 5 min.

Added in Basil. Cooked for last 2 min.

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Tralala~~~ I turned all the ingredients into a Goat Curry!!

Surprisingly, the eggplants and basil were perfect choices!

I love Thai eggplant. Although it is easy to cook until soft, yet it still be able to retain a very unique chew-able texture that was hard to find in normal purple eggplants.

The Basil gave such a good action to the whole curry. Without these Basil, the curry will be much less attractive.

Regardless of having a big plate of KFC as dinner earlier, I just have to chomp down a bowl of this curry first.

I decided to cook the rice that imported from Japan. It was a gift by someone very kind. But the price is ridiculous... 1kg for US$25. Yes, this is the most expensive rice in my life. :P

While eating the curry and fragrant rice alone... my mind flew back to the old time... Ah~~~ home sweet home.

Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!

Happy Independence Day, dear Malaysia.

p/s: Haha... I know this is not a very authentic Malaysian curry, but I hope you like it. ;) I LOVE IT!

Monday, August 27, 2007

One year is too fast!

Forget about my boss hard drill on me today. *ouch*

*ehhem* Allow me to announce loud loud...


Wow!!! I am impressed with myself for the past whole year.

No car, rarely using buses...

I survived with 2 legs. LOL

There were quite a lot of things happened the past whole year.

I have visited 11 states in U.S. AMAZING?

I went to Hank Williams and Lynyrd Skynyrd concert and experienced a real Southern Rock Concert with cool rednecks. WONDERFUL!

I went to live performance of Dancing with the Stars and saw my favorite hot and sexy bum guys in the competition. AWESOME!

I tried not less than 20 American chained restaurants till date and found out that I love southern things. YUMMY!

Sadly, there are still hundred of them yet to try in this fast food nation! GOSH!

I am addicted to my Neopets again after a long hiatus. Since then, I almost sleep less than 5 hrs per day and work long hrs in day time. I want my sleep!! BAD!

Strangers came up to me and told me I have a good smell. There was one stranger asked if I want to be his girlfriend. LOL He is obviously an Asian fetish. FUNNY!

Ok, I promise myself I must start to go to gym again. Yes, I promise myself. Sure I will go, will I? SIGH!

Hehe... well, since it is my 1 year anniversary, can I have some good HUGS from my readers?

Thank you~~~ ^_^

Friday, August 24, 2007

Silly Fish!

I am so Paloi (a hometown slang to mean silly).

The quiz of the answer was in my photo's title!! How clever was I? By the time I realised that, Cathy have already gave me the correct answer!!

Hey Cathy, you were very fast!!! Even on a Sunday when my blog's traffic was the lowest, you came up with a quick yet perfect answer!!

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Her answer was Dippin' Dots. 100% correct.

Gosh!! I got a correct 1st answer for my quest. Next year I'll make sure it will be much much harder. LOL

Ok, Cathy, here is an extra question for you. Tell me which flavour was I trying? No extra prezzie for correct answer on this one though. LOL

Also, did you got the answer correct because of the title of my photo, or you've already know the answer once you look at it? I am curious.

The other 2 people who gave me the correct answer was Turtle and Lannae. No prize though. But I'll be happy to treat you one Coldstone Sweet Cream the next time we meet. ;)

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These dippin' dots are named Ice Cream of the Future. Geeee...

Sound very sofisticated?

Well, I enjoyed the flavour. It was good. But for texture, I guess why I love ice cream is because of the creamy smooth texture.

So, dot dot ice cream might sound fun to me, but too future for me too. LOL

*stop calling me old fashion's mind*

Congrats Cathy! Now, send me you address and name to me email. I'll send you the gift within 3 months if you are not in Malaysia.

Sorry for giving you the 3 months, because I am not sure when is the next time I'll be going to Godiva again. So please wait ok? I promise it is going to be a yummilicious 2 pieces nice Godiva choco. ;)

Oh, do you have any preference? White, milk or dark?

Thank you everyone that have participated. I enjoy seeing the answers, especially the mushroom. LOL

Saturday, August 18, 2007

For the future

I went to a shopping mall yesterday with a friend by using bus for the 1st time. :P It was a fun time with her, except for the dinner. We ate in a "Japanese stall" that sell "chicken teriyaki". The dog eye see man low FOB cashier girl is really something. Oh well... I've been eating a few times over there, usually it was nice. But this time, this girl spoilt the whole image. Yes, she is causing the stall to loss a regular customer who actually keep brining new customers for them. Also, the food this time was "wuek". Enough say.

Anyway, although the dinner was horrible. I did experience a nice thing. New thing for me. ^_^

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Tell me, what do you think this is when you see it.

Make a guess... I'll tell you the answer in my next post.

Think future!! Haha...

Oh, the 1st person who guess it right will get a 2-piece Godiva chocolate from me. If you are in U.S., I will send it to you. If you are in Malaysia, I will give it to you the next time I go back to Malaysia. If the guesser is from other country, I will send it to you from U.S.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Popcorn was on fire

Something unexpected happened today, which I wish I brought my camera along. Grrrr...

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Anyway, I went to watch Surf's Up with a friend today. It was her first time to watch a movie in U.S. ever since she came 2 months ago. It was supposed to be a nice day for her.

The theatre was really packed with audiences. Full house. That was just 1 movie. Imagine there were 14 movies showing at the same time.

In fact, the staffs have to clean up the splattering sticky and oily popcorn on the floor that it delayed the time for the movies.

Finally, we went happily into the theatre...

The movie was entertaining, all the way until an hour later...

*BEEP~~~ BEEP~~~* *Blue light kept blinking*

Oh oh... not again?

The fire alarm went off.

When I was there a few weeks ago, the same thing happend. It was because someone press the alarm unintentionally.

So, this time I was thinking must be the same reason again.

Relaxingly, my friend and me followed the crowd to go out from the building.

*Sniff sniff* Oolala~~~ I could smell thick smoke!

OMG! The smoke was coming from the concession stand.

Quick quick search for me camera. *curse myself* Yah, how smart I was to leave my camera back home when I needed it.

Oh well...

I was "eavesdropping" at the staffs that talk loudly beside me.

She was talking on the phone. "The popcorn blew up!!!"

Then another staff on the other side, "My hand was caught on fire."

"Oh, let me see... let me see..." One staff replied to the burnt hand staff.

So... apparently, the fire alarm went up because of a popcorn machine was exploded. Nope, no one was in panic. Even the firemen were in slow actions.

What a sight to see. ;)

Now tell me, do I have some kind of attraction? To be able to experience fire alarm went off in the same cinema twice? One of them even for real? Seriously, my other friends went to this cinema many times too, but none faced this even once.

My friend who went with me was so excited. She is going to tell a good story when she goes home.

We didn't wait for the movie to show on again. They need the health inspector to check the place before they can operate again.

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So, we got our refund ticket and continued with our shopping and dinner.

Oh man... that was indeed something for a Saturday.

Sunday, August 05, 2007


This summer has been pretty good to me, until today.

I walked with a friend to watch 2 movies. It was only a 30 min walk, but the distance was more than enough for the heat to attack me. My migraine is attacking me, after it has gone for a long time.

Never in my practice to take bath right after back home, but I made an exception today. I even had a cold water bath.

Just popped in 2 "panadols".

I need a sleep now before wake up to do an overnight reading on 5 documents. :( Need to discuss with boss tomorrow.

The bad news is, the coming week is predicted to be even hotter. Grrrrr...

Someone please pass me the ice.