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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Stooooopid Highspeed Network

These few days, the highspeed internet at my house keep giving me problem. On and off, on and off, on and off. Instead, the admin notified us about it... all they said was
"The internet will have some problem starting September 27. Date problem will end -Don't Know"

Well, if you are surprised with this, there were even more things that surprised us with the way how they managed things.

They changed all the washing machines not even with an early notification. The only notice we got was the day before the changing. By the time we realised that, not only all the washing machines have been changed, but also we need to pay extra 50 cents for each load.

Then, the phone. They changed all the phone numbers in this village all of sudden. The funny thing was, not even a notice telling us the number have been changed. It was when a friend kept calling me for the whole night and wrote me an email telling me my phone number was not available then I knew about it.

I had to call the office in order to get my new number. Another friend situation was even worse, two weeks after my phone number changed, when I asked about her new number then she knew about it.

Since I could not use the internet for the whole day time, I decided to go to watch a movie. Tranformers finally was on show. ^_^ I went to watch alone. Nice way to spend a slow Sunday evening.

I have been going to work every weekends for the past whole month, and my stress was building up. I am so glad I do not have to do it this week though tomorrow will be a busy day for me. On Saturday, I was supposed to do volunteer work for pouring wine in a Muscadine Harvest Festival, but ended up having a lot of fun there (details will be coming up in later posts).

Then today, a fun movie, a relaxing shopping and a good homecook dinner. Sometimes, happiness is just as simple as this.

So I guess stoooopid network is not all that bad, as long it is not lasting for too long.


At 12:53 PM, Blogger ilovepearly said...

Your not the only one.
I had suffer more then 5 days of no high speed but it was due to a bad router.
As for the washer, I also notice them charging more....if only we get paid more......

At 8:26 PM, Blogger Janice Dhing Woon said...

to be honest, i'm amazed the States could be this disorganised.

At 5:22 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

ilovepearly : IF only we get paid more. 200% agree.

janice : Hehe... I was amazed too when I just first got here. But I just have to admit Japanese people have one of the highest quality in servicing. Ah~~~ I really miss that.


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