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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Pei Wei Asian Diner

Last Sunday, I went to do a 3-hour ice cream selling in the NC State Fair. I was appointed to make milkshake. Non-stop. After my shift, I was really exhausted.

My 2 friends and me decided to spoil ourselves a bit. We decided to eat outside for our diner. We chose to eat at a diner.

Ehhem... this "Diner" is not the typical diner that you and me know.

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It has a very Asian name - Pei Wei. It is all over the States. It is actually a sister diner of P.F. Chang's China Bistro.

Pei Wei is more casual than P.F. Chang's., with customers ordering at the counter. It has a huge menu on the wall for you to choose your food before placing your order at the counter. Or, you can get the common menu book and decide your choice.

Personally, I have yet to try P.F. Chang's. I heard good reviews from my American friends, though I am sceptical about the authenticity, I would like to try it someday too.

Until then, I am glad I tried Pei Wei. This Asian dining place is affordable, clean and good service.

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Inside, we were the only Asians. It is not hard to see the targets are mainly non-Asians.

I enjoyed its nice ambiance. You don't feel the greasiness of a typical Asian restaurant.

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The food was served in a speedy way. We only need to wait a few minutes for our plates to bring to us.

The 2 ladies ordered Spicy Korean Vegetables and Tofu. We all agreed it was too salty, not spicy enough. We wouldn't say it is a real Korean flavor.

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I chose Asian Coconut Curry Beef. I was satisfied with my choice. The beef was soft, thick and flavourful. Although the curry was a bit too coconutty, I did like its spiciness. In fact, I believe the level of the spiciness will be too high for half of the Americans.

It will be a better plate if they used eggplant and the longer long bean was not so thin and hard.

For the beef, I will go back again. Hey... it is fun sometimes to just try Americanized Asian Food. ;)

Friday, October 19, 2007

Ramen Noodles???

Yoohoo~~~ I am back to my blogsphere.

This week has been really insane for me. Busy with work until late at night. Busy with ice cream scooping for the State Fair... Not even much time for my Neopets.

My Neopets fever is cooling down a lot now. At least I can go to bed without my mind keep thinking... "Oh~~~ I didn't play my Neopets!" and crawl out from the bed again. Yes, I was that addicted.

Still, my network at home is irritating. Sometimes good, sometimes soooo bad. But at least I can check some emails now.

Oh... the title... I should be talking about my title.

I was watching Wheel of Fortune.

Choked me to see one of the answer was "RAMEN NOODLES".

Well, Ramen literally means "Pulled Noodle". Therefore, if I am to translate "Ramen Noodles", it will be "Pulled Noodles Noodles".

Does this make sense to you?

I went to check Wikipedia... there was this term "Ramen Noodles" too despite it described "Ramen" as "Hand-pulled Noodles".

Usually, I am not too particular in the usage of a certain term.

But... Ramen Noodles?

"Sir! Objection!"


Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Connection still down...

The stooopid network at home still down. I wanted to upload my pictures for a few days already, but everytime I do that, it just turned up to "Not responding".

So, until then, please be patient.

Life in work have been really really busy. Try to finish this project as soon as possible. Just finish my work and it is already 8pm. Been working more than 10 hrs today.

:P Now using my work place computer just to update my blog a bit.

Grrrr... if it is still continue like that at home, I will bomb them a complaining letter next week. I feel like the stress from my very disturbing internet connection is going to explode anytime soon.

Ok, time to go home for my favorite Dancing with the Stars.