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Monday, January 14, 2008


Ok, you ladies out there who likes to do aerobic dancing, ballroom dances, flirty sexy Latino dances, ever hear of this word?

I learnt that word a few days ago. Without knowing anything much, but seeing its description as,

A fusion of Latin and International music and combines high energy and motivating music with unique moves and combinations. Zumba is a “feel-happy” workout that is great for both the body and the mind and utilizes the principles of fitness interval training and resistance training to maximize caloric output, fat burning and total body toning. It is a mixture of body sculpting movements with easy to follow dance steps.

Me and a few friends decided to sign up for a free workshop on it.


The coming classes will be $45 for 5 session. Very good deal. I think I will sign up for it. That 1 hr dancing really making my fat burn like oil. Oolala~~~

Which explain my tired body now.

Time to take a bath. Trip blogging will retrieve tomorrow. Just in case if you are not patient, head over to the Mr. Food Guide's blog, he can blog as fast as he eats. ;)


At 12:43 PM, Blogger MamaBoK said...

Dancing is good.. :) and $45 for 5 sessions.. not bad at all. ;)

At 8:20 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

mamabok, yes, very good deal. But I am still thinking whether to go or watch my favorite live dancing competition. Both were on the same time. *headache*


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