I eat so much until people call me Dr. Fish Fish.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Just talking

I am putting a lot of weight lately, really need to do something about it. -_-""" I need workout!!

Today, I went to watch Enchanted with a friend. Had a very fast but wonderful fried chicken dinner with her. We reached there 5 min late, surprised to see a long line for buying tickets. Missed out the first 10 min, but it was indeed a better movie than we thought. Love it.

I hope spring will be here soon. Truly not a fan of cold winter day. I just love long day time. Warm and shiny sun. Every cell of mine will jump with excitement. Oolala~~~ time for the outdoor. At home, everytime I get very tanned, I am the least worry about my dark complexion. My family and friends will be screaming at me, "fish fish, why turn so dark again?" *shrug* In fact, everytime they meet me, either the "why you are still so dark" or the " why so fat or thin" remarks.

Anyway, I know I have been pretty quiet in my blog. I do still read blogs. One of them, not the regular type of blog that I thought I would read regularly. The fact is, I have been reading it for almost a year. Oolala~~~

SUET LI and her Sweat Betul. I admit, the first time I visited her blog accidentally, I was in a cultural shock with all the "wtf"s. Now, I am treating those as transparent. Apart from her usage of wtf (seem like she and her group of friends have different way in interpreting this term), I actually pretty like this girl's blog. A lot of photos, writing that helps me to ease my pressure at work, and it is so nice to see a smart and beautiful young Malaysian girl like her living her life and experience in U.S. She earned her own pocket money while she was waiting for her school day to start. I adore her attitude in spending her money wisely. She takes good care in saving her money rather than being stingy. I rarely write a personal email to bloggers in person, maybe hardly any this recent 1 year, but I wrote to her a long email lately, that I surprised myself. You might enjoy her blog too.

Also, I have two proud things I want to announce today.

I officially visited the 14th state in U.S. Last week went to Tennessee with a group of people for 3 days. It was truly fun, except some minor issues. The best part, the whole thing was for free. I only need to take a day off from my boss on Friday. Definitely worth it. I love those girls' companion, they were smart and beatiful and Ah Ding Dong!! It was a great chance for me to know them deeper and closer. They taught me more about American culture while I am having fun telling them stories in Malaysia and Japan. ^_^

Ok, the 2nd good news is maybe a more important one for my future in U.S. All this while, I am holding a J-1 visa with a two-year contract. In the visa, because of the special skill list reason, it stated clearly that I need to fulfill a 2-year residency in my home country after the J-1 visa ended unless if I get a waiver for it. Meaning without a waiver, you could not change your status at all legally. Getting the waiver is a very important step. Eventually, I started to apply early September last year. Then I learnt to know that Malaysian government took 3 months to issue the letter of no objection. The U.S. Department took 2 months to process an answer yes or no. So, I waited for 5 months, keep checking my status online from time to time...

Finally, I saw the phrase "Preferable recommendation".

Then, few days ago, I finally received the official waiver in my mailbox.

Yes!! I am freed from the requirement. The procedure was a pain as I was having problem with my passport number format (long story), trying to get my documents being certified (another long story) and etc. The waiting was a long-haul for me to the extent I started to wonder if they will ever process it.

All these finally gave me something worthy. I am happy. In fact, I am considering myself very lucky, only people who know the details really get what I mean by this.

This was just the beginning, but I am glad it is a good one.

Hopefully in the near future, I will have better news to tell you all. ;)

Now, gimme a hug, won't you?

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Chap Goh Mei's dinner

Chinese New Year 2008 came, but soon, it will be ended in another few hours.

These past 2 weeks, I have been very busy with writing. Annual reports, final report, technical reports... so much writing that I don't even feel like to turn on my Yahoo Messenger at night neither writing any email. Needless to say spending time on editing photos and write my blog. I have had enough figures for me to edit.

These reports really consuming a lot of time, at the same time, boss wants me to start working on my next two projects.

He says it is a way to train a person to handle multitasks. One year ago, if he said that to me, I pretty sure I would cry so loud at night, thinking why my life is so bitter. But todays, the minute he sent us last minute notice saying "Crew, it is time to write me another report. This time I want blah blah blah... Sorry for the short time, but I need it as soon as possible."

Me and my co-worker will look at each other and said, "Not again." Then, we would start to sit down and try to do the task. When this happens, usually I will have to cancel my working plan for the day, delay it to the next day. And if can't finish it, going back in the weekends to finish it.

Trust me, I almost "hate" my boss when I felt he was so pushing. Strangely, I think his way of "training" seems to be effective on me now. I don't feel the stress I used to have. My work still stressful, but I look at them as my challenges. I can now actually see through them the opportunities behind these works.

Hehe... is that me I am "growing up"? Maybe. Hopefully.

Anyway, tonight I shall spoil myself a bit since it is the last evening for Chinese New Year 2008.

I cooked more simple than my Chinese New Year Eve dinner.

Only three dishes. All get done within 30 min.

First dish, a very thinly sliced pork stir fried with portabello mushroom using finely chopped ginger, Sao Xin wine and light soy sauce.

It was good. The brown surface of the thin pork slices gave accentuated the whole dish flavor. Enriched more by the Sao Xin wine. I planned to eat only half, but I ended up finished 2/3 because they were really good.

I am proud of this dish. :P

This is a modified version of tomato fried egg.

Instead of using tomato, I wanted to have something new. So, I did a fusion style using red pepper, beaten whole egg and light soysauce.

Oolala~~~ despite a bit dry because I used minimum volume of oil, it turned out pretty good. I enjoyed the succulent yet crunchy texture of the striped red pepper the most.

Soup, how could I miss that.

This is an example of the very simple yet good to indulge homemade soup.

Browned ginger slices and dried shrimp was boiled with tofu. Because I used the charred bottom of the previous pork dish, it went into the soup, added extra "sweetness" to this bowl of soup. Love it!!!

Of course, nothing can beat the combination of the above dishes with this bowl of fragrance jasmine rice.

Mmmm~~~ this was soul healing.

Best, I talked to mom over the phone again when I was chomping my yummilicious. ;)

Oh~~~ I am excited for the next three day. I will go to a 3-day trip with a bunch of fun people.

So, tonight will be a very early sleep for me, at 10p.m.

Have a great weekends everybody. ^_~

Thursday, February 07, 2008

My New Year Eve Dinner

I came home early yesterday to cook myself a whole table of "Reunion" dinner.

After a nice walk home with my co-worker, immediately I got myself busy around the kitchen.

After less than an hour...

Tralala... my simple yet not too bad Chinese New Year Eve's dinner! ;)

A total of 8 dishes, just to take a good symbol into my dinner.

Of course, I cheated a little bit. :P

I actually cooked 5 dishes on the spot while the remaining three...

A bowl of braised beef tendon and pork with mushroom that I prepared few days ago. I love this! Proud of myself on this one. LOL

Then the grilled chicken and grilled pork were the one I brought back from my work place. Good stuff too. Especially the pork. Very flavourful.

The tomato with egg is my favorite dish. I used Shao Xin Wine and Light Soy Sauce to cook it. Yum~~~ The colour red and yellow also gave a nice good symbol to the dinner.

Unfortunately, I failed this one. Rice wine and ginger steamed shrimps. I steamed the shrimped for too long, it should be 5 min, but I cooked for 20 min. -_-""" The sauce was perfect, but the prawn was... ehhem... better not to mention. But I did finish them all despite the horrible texture.

Thank goodness the coming were getting better.

A nice bowl of stir fried tofu puff with beef ball. It has been quite a while since I ate deep fried tofu puff. It was definitely a very normal yet powerful to warm me up dish. I never failed to ask for extra Tofu Puff in my Kueh Chap bowl.

It reminded me of my mom home cook deep fried tofu puff.

My homestyle stir friend vegetable. Just garlic, crispy dried shrimp and light soysauce. High heat, splashed the vegetable and flip a few moment.

Tadah~~~ never get tired with this.

Of course, soup is a must for such a festive meal.

I was supposed to have a whole fish, but since I don't have it, I decided to substitute it wil round fish ball. LOL Better than nothing, right?

In order to make my one-man dinner turned more interesting, I called my family back home.

Chomp chomp chomp while chat chat chat with them. Little did I realize I ate 2 bowls of rice that evening.

I hope the next Chinese New Year, I will be able to eat this meal with my beloved.


This morrning, I wore red shirt, red shoes and red... ehhem... to my work.


Received a little surprise from a co-worker. She came in with 3 big packs of Chinese sweets and gave me a few.

Ohh~~~ this was awesome. I never thought of how much this sweets meant to me until I tasted it again in a foreign land on Chinese New Year by an American.

Thank you dear. It was full of joy when I munched on this. Delicious!!!

How is your Chinese New Year? I heard Kuching's firework and firecracker were insane as it was a very good weather night.

I miss that!!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year

No beautiful firework.

No my beloved ones beside me.

Not going to be a reunion tomorrow for me.

But I will try to imagine the explosion sound in the air.

Being spoilt and indulged with love.

While cooking myself a quiet proper dinner tonight.

Busy work will keep my loneliness away.

Happy New Year everybody.

I miss home.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Too busy even to sleep

I am so tired now. It's crazy to think how busy my life turned after the new year. Yesterday, I only slept for 2 h so that I could finish up my writing that I promised will pass to my boss.

At least tonight I could sleep sweet before I wake up again to worry about my next projects.

I was so eager to go home for Chinese New Year this time actually, but I could not make it. My family that I truly miss so much. A few friends that I miss a lot. Of course, the irresistible familiar hometown taste. But, if I am in Kuching now, I don't think I will even have the mood to eat around as my mind will be keep thinking about my unfinish work. These lately, I almost go to the bed keep having my work in my mind.

Well, the good thing is, I am learning so much from my work, although it would be good if the pay can be higher and more vacations. LOL Oh well... at least I am very flexible in my daily working time.

Ok, I will try to upload the video during my trip this weekends. I don't know why it takes forever to upload a video, such a pain and I was impatient for that.

At this point, you probably know by now that this is a fish fish nagging post. Indeed, it is. :P

*yawn* I will talk to you all next time.