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Friday, March 14, 2008

White Day again...

White day is a big day for the guys to reply their love to the girls that have given them prensents on Valentine's.

It is also a day for the male coworkers to repay "Gimu Gifts" to the female coworkers.

However, in U.S., there is no such practice.

One of our female coworker did bring a pleasant surprise to us, without realising that. It was a big favour she did for fish fish who have been missing some of the unique days in Japan.

So, what have she made?

Tralala~~~ heart shape PINK cookies. Buttery, soft, chewy, yummy... Melt in your mouth, warm in your heart.

What can be a better treat than this for such a day?

Thanks! Mallory. Absolutely LOVE them!!

Guys, Happy White Day!! *chu~~~*


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