I eat so much until people call me Dr. Fish Fish.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Too busy to blog because of QAF

Hello~~~ *ehhem* I have disappeared for two weeks. Not because of Neopets, but rather than a TV series that I found in youtube. One of the best and most controversial series! I like it so much that I have totally neglected my Neopets for 2 weeks. In fact, I think my Neofever have finally healed, thank to Queer as Folk. LOL.

Yes, that is the title of the series, Queer as Folk. Not the UK version, but the US version. I love Brian and Justin soooo sooo much. This show have ended in 2005 with their season 5. But only a couple weeks ago I stumbled on it while looking for the song You Are My Sunshine. Geeee... I found another Sunshine. I just introduced that to my sister yesterday, she is hooked on it now. LOL

I was so crazy into it that I finished the 22 episodes in Series 1 in 2 days last weekends. The last time I was so crazy on a TV series, was when I watched Long Vacation.

Then, I finished Series 2 that have 20 episodes in 2 nights. Imagine working 10 hrs at day and watching 8 hrs at night. Almost only had 5 hrs of sleep per day. Nevermind, it worthed it.

Now, I am waiting for the last three parts of season 3 last episode to be loaded. Also, still waiting for Season 4 episode 10-14 to be uploaded by the good samaritan.

This is my favorite scene. I have watched it for more than 10 times. LOL Another of my favorite scene is the cowboy stripper dance.

However, if you are curious to know what it is all about, why don't try to watch the 1st episode of season 1? Saliendra16 uploaded the whole season 1 and parts of the season 4.

Whole season 2 and almost all season 3 was uploaded by chaostoro.

If you want the trimmed version with only Brian and Justin part, with Japanese subtitle, CHJ7700 did a very good job on that.

Now, I am waiting for the unfinished parts.

Meanwhile, I will just focus to finish my powerpoint slide by wednesday for my presentation in May. First time practice today. Good and bad. Good that my boss loves my slides. Bad that there will be a lot more modification to make. Gosh, only slept for 3 hr yesterday night to finish my work. Blame myself for getting so addicted with this QAF. But tonight, I will sleep for 10 hr. ^_^

Hao Lian Ah Pek, you don't want to see this. Don't say I didn't remind you.

I will blog again when I have submitted my powerpoint for the conference. It will for sure Tristan engagement party's pictures this time. Sorry Tristan. Whoops!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

A great party and two movies

I just came home 10 min ago. For the past two days, I have been enjoying myself with quite a few things.

This evening, my coworker Tristan was having an engagement party, hosted by her fiance's family's friends. It was a great party, details with photos will be up on my next post.

After I came home, it was almost 9.30pm. Then, I got a call. Esra, who went to the party too, asked if I wanted to join her for "27 Dresses". Hehe... I have been planning to watch this movie since a few months ago, of course I joined.

Absolutely a movie that I enjoyed so much. Esra loved it too. In fact, I think most of the girls will love it. It is about weddings, about bridemaids. I do agree, brides are trying to make bridemaids look less attractive with those ridiculous dresses to play safe. LOL

Tristan, if you are reading this, please go and watch this movie. I am pretty sure you will enjoy it as much as I did with Esra.

Oh, by the way, we both would love a nice kiss with a guy like Kevin. LOL *just kidding*

Rewind back to the night before, I actually went to another movie "The Bucket List" with 4 friends. 4 girls and 1 guy. Another great great movie. Suitable for both men and women. Earned so much tear from me. I am weak with this kind of movie. Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman combination were fabulous.

It is about the story of two friends who met each other during their final stage in life. It might be not making sense at all for people who are trying to analyze it rationally with some of the scenes. For me, I love it simply because it touched my heart.

After watching that movie, we were discussing it. I said I will make a bucket list too when I know my time will be coming soon. On top of the list, I will put, "Go to a male strippers club for once and shout like a teenage girl for their 6 abs". Do you believe that? The only male in the group raised his eyebrows when he heard that. LOL

*yawn* A bit too much fun for two nights continuously. *Gosh! I drank 2 beers at 2 nights! Which is a lot for the now me.*

I love the moments I spent with these wonderful people.

Time to get a good sleep. Goodnight everybody.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

The due date is faster than I thought

I am pretty sure the calculator usage for these few days will be very high in U.S. as the due date for annual tax filing will be in 5 more days.

Well, I have submitted my Federal Tax Return as I will be getting US$200++ from it. However, my State Tax Return requires me to pay them what I owe. *grumpy* So I am holding it until today, thinking that I can file and save it tonight, print and send it out tomorrow.

Stooopid online State Form, I am not allow to save what I have typed. *grumpy grumpy* Tomorrow will have to put my schedule on-hold to file it again and hopefully send them out before the post office off hours.

Anyway, since I am going to pay them, I will try with online payment. Credit and debit cards are the easier way, but will be charged US$2 for every US$100 payment. Everything is money! OK, being a stingy fish, I am going to use the online Bank Draft option.

*sigh* It sounds good to stay abroad, as what people I know back home always envy about me. Little do they know in my daily routines (I am pretty sure for my friends in U.S. too), there are many tedious work that one has to deal with one after another. Especially as a foreigner who still not have any secured future like me, I have to plan things few steps ahead.

At least my first step, the waiver was settled a while ago.

So after the tax payment, I have a few important personal things piling up for me to accomplish besides my daily researches and technical writings. Dealing 3.5 projects at the same time not that fun although I do learning more and more from my tasks.

I really want to go home next year ler~~~ Homesick pretty bad lately liao. :(

Where is my mom's cooking, char kuey tiaw, nasi lemak, kueh chap, hakka lui char, char kueh, popiah, san-suan, kio chap kueh tiaw, mani chai beehoon... (I can go on and on and on) even the instant Premium Mamee Curry Mee.

*sigh* Don't want to think liao. Better go to sleep now.

Good night.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Back from Blacksburg, Virginia

Last Friday, I went to a 3-day trip with a group of people. The trip was for free, including the meals and accomodation.

Certain part of our roadtrip was very foggy. Quite mysteriously beautiful. In clear day, the mountainous view is said to be breathtaking. I missed this opportunity to witness it. Oh well, hopefully the next time.

Foggy condition could be quite challenging especially when the road was loaded with big trucks. There were a few times my heart was almost jumping out of me.

We reached Blacksburg safely, thanks to Mallory cautious driving.

Basically, Blacksburg has nothing much except that it is the home of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. We did a little bit of campus sightseeing before we headed to our location for a free dinner. I think the campus is beautiful and quite big, but too quiet.

We were pretty hungry by the time we headed to our free dinner.

The main and side dishes were 3 types of pasta, a salad and a baguette.

Nothing impressive. Basically these were carbohydrates to give us calories.

On the other hand, the choices of deserts were pretty impressive. There were more than 10 choices. I like this dark chocolate cup with dark chocolate mousse topped with raspberry sauce. Bittersweet of dark chocolate with a hint of sourness from the raspberry. Firm crush of the edible cup with smooth texture of dark chocolate mousse. Love it.

It was time for having a good rest as the next day I needed the concentration for something more important.

I did not join the majority of the group for a late night out. Glad I made that choice as they only came back at 1.30am.

The next morning, our free breakfast was more carbohydrate.

I was delighted to see this favorite breakfast meal of mine - biscuit with gravy. I enjoyed this so much I ate two biscuit. LOL Mmmm~~~ you sunglasses-fetish narcissist Ah Pek, don't you wish you could have a bite too? Muahahaha~~~

Then, we started our important event. The event was supposed to be the whole day, but it ended at noon, which was an unexpected pleasant outcome. ^_~

Turkey sandwich as lunch. Not too bad. I am not a fan of sandwich or sub, so this meal was just another hunger fill-up moment for me.

The extra time we had that afternoon were spent in the downtown doing some simple sightseeing.

The whole town was pretty with the sakura blooming here and there. Too bad the weather have been gloomy during our staying there.

We went to a pub for pre-party party.

I ordered 10 extra-hot chicken wing, ate six until my lips was swelling like some duck lips.

It was good though. Gulped two glasses of water to cool down the aftermeal burning sensation.

Some just enjoyed slow chatting with each others.

Some decided to have a match in playing the pool.

Big smile from the winning pair.

Sad faces from the losing pair.

Either way, they were having fun.

Later, we went to the 2nd spot for the real party.

Quite a nice place for hanging out.

The problem was, the food was nothing impressive at all (again).

It was pretty bad that one of our member decided to go out and hunt for some express chinese cooking.

On the way to Da Bao, we took some photos with this "Ninja Turtle" looking "Bird" which they call it "Hokie".

Seriously, I still think it looks more like a mutated turtle than a bird!

The longest hair member in our group. Oolala~~~ with my hair length, people have already think it is very long. Hers, very very long. When I asked how long she will be planning to let it grow, her answer was very very very long. *salute*

Two of our guys decided to challenge this alcohol. Sadly, I do not know the name. I do think the blue flames were extremely attractive.

Of course the flame had to be put out before drinking.

Hehe... this was fish fish being the "voodoo lady" of the night.

With a ring and one strand of my long dark hair, I revealed the deepest secret of the few that night. Very accurate wor~~~

It was a fun night.

However, the next morning, one of our van got a ticket because a speeding.

Our van was slightly lucky that we were not detected although we had to trail behind the front van in a speed that we knew might cause us into trouble.

It was a short trip in a small town. A good one to escape away from the work reality for a while. I slept like a baby on my sweet sweet bed that night.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Please shut your windows

I came home quite early lately. Before 7.15pm, I am already at my home sweet home. I like it when the night only comes after 8.00pm. Make me feel much lighter at heart.

Winter for me = cold cold cold = depression.

It is a good evening for laundry. Which I did.

Something was spoiling the good mood though.

On my way walking to the laundry room, I past through a room which was same floor as me. Oh my, I could hear the screaming and yelling angry sound from a few rooms away.

Turned out it was someone arguing over the phone in Mandarin. So loud. She open her windows wide, so the conversation was too clear to be heard.

7.20pm. "...这是什么意识?认为我好欺负??!!..." Oh my, she almost torn her voice. *quick quick walked past*

Then, time for me to put my clothes into the dryer.

8.00pm. "...这简直是另一层次的侮辱!!!..." Still high pitch tone screaming at the other end. *quick quick walked past again*

Need to pass through that room again for the third time. I wonder what happened now.

9.00pm. "...想怎么样??!!..." Wah~~~ still "negotiating" over the phone.

Oh my. I am not a super busybody ok~~~ But those 3 shorts sentences really triggered my Keyponess.

But I don't understand why she wants to share her unpleasant voice with people all around her. I will not be happy if she is my next door neighbour. Thank goodness she is not.

I saw the girls a few times. The only time when I was on the same bus with her, she was talking very loud on the phone in Foochow when the bus was half full of people.


Hehe... Ah Pek, you want to meet this Foo Chow 同乡 kah? Long hair, thin... but POWERFUL voice.

I am so glad I don't have to walk past that anymore tonight. I love the sound from my TV.