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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Challenging Vlogging

Pretty busy these two days. Tomorrow once I submitted my manuscript, will be one more cross on my to do list.

Continue on my trip in Quebec.

On the 3rd day of the conference, my mood was different. So light. I was just enjoying my role as an audience watching some awesome talks by other speakers. Lovely, lovely.

The lunches were basically getting worse day by day. First day, we had a proper lunch at the restaurant. Second day, we had free style lunch in front of the lobby. Today, the lunch boxes were ready for you to just pick up and chomp.

There were three options. Saumon (salmon), jambon (ham) or vegetarian. I was attracted by the capers on the salmon, so I took it. Well, the salmon was ok. The beef was no good. The green wrap with mayonnaise tuna was probably the leftover from yesterday's lunch. -_-""" That piece of dessert in the middle was too sweet for me. I am curious to know what is the proper name for this dessert though. What I loved the most in the whole box - the raw vegetables. So fresh, sweet and crunchy!


My Tunisian friends could not eat non-halal food, so they opted for the vegetarian. Looks nice. However, I tried a bit on the soy sandwich... *sour face* They should learn the proper way to make delicious healthy soy-burger. I was a lacto-ovo vegetarian for 11 years, so I can tell you some of the vegetarian food can be super yummy. Nope, those yummy vegetarian foods do not have to be deep fried or use a lot of oil.

Tell you a little fact, I used to make very good vegetarian curry from scratch using coconut heart and dried mushroon stalks. Maybe I should recall how I make it again.

That evening, was much more exciting than the previous 3 nights. We went to a very nice place for dinner. Such a luxury. That will be in my next post.

Meanwhile, enjoy my little teaser from the dinner. ;) Especially like the flying bird effect. Beautiful flute sound. Took me more than an hour to wait for the uploading in youtube to be completed. Hehe, 1st video in my youtube. Gosh, vlogging is slow!


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